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Friday, 18th June 2021
UK Time: 5:47:pm

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I have had a phone reading with Shelly on 14/06/12.She is an amazing and very kindhearted Lady and an astonishing clairvoyant medium.She could tell me the NAME of the road where my gentleman lives in LONDON.Come on.....I was speechless!She could tell me his star sign and described his personality to a TEE. She gave me markers to validate things that I am sure will happen in the future.I have already recommended her to my friends and will not hesitate to come back to her for guidance in the future. I will keep you updated about her predictions too.
To conclude,Shelly is a really considerate and professional Lady but above all, she has a beautiful soul.
Date of Posting: 16 June 2012
Posted By: Betty
Been having readings with Shelly for years...and i don't know why i am surprised when validations and markers appear! Had latest reading on Tuesday eve - Shelly mentioned 2 companies by name that i would have links with. Low and behold, yesterday (Wednesday), one of the companies made an approach to me and this morning (Thursday), i was told by a colleague that the 2nd company (Shelly mentioned by name - and not a global, well-know organisation, may i add!) wanted to speak to me about some opportunities. As ever, you're a genius!! xxxx
Date of Posting: 14 June 2012
Posted By: Michelle
Outstanding validations including names of people in spirit with the dynamics of that relationship, and how it was valued n this lifetime, names of two characters in a book that I had just finished, the name of the person I was calling about and a description of his character down to a tee, markers in time that did happen and other bits of very relevant information that came out after the reading were also spot on. So combined with this superb gift along with a totally humane, but professional approach to her work, Shelly is a stand out star in the spiritual world. I am proud of how her superb skills have really helped me to deal and understand my experiences and lessons. Cannot recommend highly enough. Amazing lady and Argus of course xx
Date of Posting: 14 June 2012
Posted By: AGY
Well yet again Shelly & Argus have left me gobsmacked!!!...
Shelly mentioned two names & a location all of which were completely relevant to me regarding a conversation id had the day before with someone.
All markers have manifested apart from those due the end of the year & after taking their advice I'm well on the way to mending a broken relationship which seemed completely unrepairable to me!!!!.....
Shelly is an amazing psychic who will knock you for six. If your tired of psychics that only seem able to tell you what you already know & you want genuine answers & jaw dropping validations then this is your lady. Xxx
Date of Posting: 29 May 2012
Posted By: TC
Shelly you and Argus have done it again!! You guys gave me a marker of blue ears. Had no idea what it was and was looking for ppl with blue ears. But you've blown me away again smack bang there was an article about marvels comics creating a superhero called blue ears. It was in honor of a deaf boy who refused to wear his hearing aid which was blue because super Heros didn't wear them. Not only was it inspirational bit the marker was symbolic that Mr A man was now ready to listen. Also you blew me away when you told me that my work name tag was expiring!! I didn't even notice ! I've had many readings with many Psychics your the first reader to have had things happen exactly as you have said. You've also been a wonderful friend and have helped me learn my life lessons. You lead by example. Thankyou for Everythjng big hugs to you and Argus x
Date of Posting: 25 May 2012
Posted By: Benji

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