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Friday, 18th June 2021
UK Time: 6:35:pm

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Shelly gave me the most meaningful reading in my life.Absolute accuracy, honesty delivered in a warm and empathic manner. She couldn't have known in advance what I wished to discuss but my oh my, she delivered such depth and factual information on a current situation that I can truthfully say that Shelly is a genuine psychic. One in millions. No wonder people wait so long to talk with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough to those seeking direction, truth with a lady who has that gift. Amazing.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2010
Posted By: M .
I want to say that Shelly and Argus have given me so many validations and so many predictions that come true that I think I take it for granted..and I know that sounds insane but I have been reading with her for over 2 years and she and Argus consistently amaze me but yet it always comes true!! One instance of this random, yet dead on prediction, is she told me that Mariah Carey, the singer, would be announced pregnant about the time a certain occurence would happen in my relationship...and I just read that she is pregnant!!! And the occurence has happened with my man..Now, come on!!! I know that Shelly has a lot of clientele, but I honestly do not know how she has a free moment! I know I would consume her day, if I could afford it!! Waiting for the last bit to finish up in my relationship, only with Shelly's help could I have survived, I might add! The time lines and predictions that they have made that have come to pass are too many to type. I can not imagine NOT having Shelly there for me! Thank you for giving of yourself the way you do! Lots of love Shelly!! XX
Date of Posting: 14 November 2010
Posted By: Debbie L
Shelly, since my reading on Thursday I have such a feeling of peace!! I am usually climbing the walls wondering what will happen. I can't believe the difference. Thank you for fitting me in at such short notice.

Take care of yourself
Date of Posting: 07 November 2010
Posted By: Seaview Seaview
wow wow is aLL I CAN SAY BOUT SHELLYS FIRST two readings iv had amazingly spot on bout my man and situation pne of her predictions has already happened and im sure the others will happen shes mazingly gifted reader and her guide argus make a fab team.thanx shelly will be updating you as things unfold as u said woohoo xxxxxx
Date of Posting: 18 October 2010
Posted By: harvinder m
i would just like to tell you all how special this lady is...kind.. caring .. honest .. to name just a few and one fantastic another marker in all her testimonals from will not be disapointed..validation after validation..this lady has been my rock this year...and i would never have believed how my life has turned around ..just like she said..thank you for all your words of hope when i thought there was never ever going to be any...she knows which bit i am waiting for..and the patience is needed..but i am not good at that haha.. this is only the start of the road back ..but i am smiling again ...thank you from the bottom of my heart jayne xx
Date of Posting: 15 October 2010
Posted By: jayne c

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