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Tuesday, 26th October 2021
UK Time: 11:36:pm

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Just letting Shelly and all know I have had many "markers in time" and many bit that she and Argus have predicted come to pass. I live in the US and it amazes me how she can give such odd markers; ie, a train wreck, locally and an eighteen wheeler jack-knifing. Well, the next day after this reading..i logged onto the internet and my local news said that an eighteen wheeler with logs on it had collided with a train! And she is always so spot on with time situation is very difficult and is dragging out but all is coming to light slowly. Shelly keeps me sane during it all. She is able to pick up on the emotions of the other person and make statements just as he does, in an American slang, non the! I love it when that happens :) Thank you Shelly for everything! xxx
Date of Posting: 22 January 2011
Posted By: Debbie L
Shelly has constantly given me validations, markers in time and facts that could not be known to others. Always delivered in a caring, warm and empathetic way. She is unique, highly talented and truly gifted. Thank you my friend for sharing such a profound gift with me.
Date of Posting: 15 January 2011
Posted By: Mark Mark
Shelly made contact with my Nan who died nearly 20 years ago.Some of the names she came up with didnt make sense however when asking my mum she knew everyone. The main thing is my nan said through shelly that my father who is a disbeliever, she was going to knock his glasses off his nose and I would get to hear about it. I told my mum this would happen and we forgot about it for a couple of weeks. My mum starting to tell me that she and my dad were having to go and get my dads glasses fixed as they had come off his nose and broken. I suddenly reminded my mum of my nans words through Shelly..she was amazed.Wow Wow Wow. Shelly through Argos this time prediced somebody from my home town would make contact with me. I told Shelly at that time no way would I ever date anybody through my home town ever again as I had left 12 years ago. Early November on one of Argos marker dates Andy who I dated 16 years ago made contact via Facebook and we had a two month romance.The other prediction for my love life with another particular man has started to unfold. Wow Wow Wow Which again Shelly predicted. If you are unsure about Shelly trust me she is one of the best Ive had readings with several of tv readers on the psychic tv channel and some of these have been absoloutely rubbish and untrue predictions. It was on that partucular tv channel I found Shelly three years ago.Shelly has never let me down in three years and of course it never makes sense at the time but watch it unfold. Im pleased to say Shelly never judges you and talks to you as a friend..Im pleased to call Shelly my friend and what would I do without her and Argos.
Date of Posting: 01 January 2011
Posted By: Liz R
via email to Shelly
HI Shells

I thought I would let you know of some of the things you have said in the last couple of weeks and the markers that have appeared:

>Tying shoe laces - marker that everything gonna be alright - a few days later I watched my friend's boyfriend tying his shoe laces and thought of what you said
>Snow on car as marker that things has started to unfold - had to wipe snow off car a few days later - not just ice but a thick layer of snow - and not seen as much snow since!
>Nausea - marker that there would be feeling immense pressure - I felt really nauseous on the way home that day after the reading!
>Wiper blade - that thinga would unfold by Xmas - my friend who I am staying with had just had her car serviced and wanted to make sure her wipers were changed!
>Time piece - legal matter that will give me hope - reference made to incorrect time on watch on eastenders that I was catching up on
>Ear ache - my friend's grandson was up most of the night before with complaining of an
earache and I had my reading the following afternoon.
>Open/gas fires - marker that emotions are flowing - my friend loves her real fire and just as we started our reading yesterday her boyfriend said he had bought her some more fire lighters!
> Aztec - communication on way - the scissors I picked up at work that I read the word aztec on - i could not believe my eyes !!

All in all quite a few validations would you say!!
Date of Posting: 14 December 2010
Posted By: D H
I was introduced to Shelly by a friend 2 yrs ago. Prior to my reading I was always a little bit scepitcal but when I had spoken to Shelly I was just amazed at how accurate and specific she was. In the past when I have been read for by other psychics their predictions have always been vague and ambiguous. Shelly has been able to give me specific dates and times, validations and names that there is no way she could have known. She told me I wore a ring that was given to me by a lady who had something wrong with her leg and something wrong with her fingers. I wear my grans engagement ring everyday, its the only ring I wear. She had severe arthritis to her fingers and had her leg amputated shortly before she died. Shelly once told me to phone my friend Nicki as soon as I got off the phone to her as she was having some sort of a medical test and needed me. I have 2 friends called Nicki, I made a phone call to the Nicki I see on a daily basis and she was fine. An hour later my other friend Nicki phoned me in tears, she had just done a pregnancy test and she was in pieces as she had a positive result in a far from ideal situation. I could sit here typing for ages telling you about all the accurate validations and people I have encountered that Shelly said I would, but I guess the best way is just to see for yourself how good Shelly is. Shelly has been an emotional rock for me in the last few years, I still speak to her regularly and have recommended many friends and family to her. Thank you Selly for everything and I'm sure I'll speak to you again soon
HB Lancs x
Date of Posting: 12 December 2010
Posted By: H C

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