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Thursday, 29th July 2021
UK Time: 8:17:am

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I have previously had readings with Shelly and Argus and have got to know how validations do not always appear straight away and can happen over time. I had a reading last night and was totally "blown away" with the validations that came through to settle me down and show me that I am on the right track with a certain man. I am not talking of one validation but many, for example : changes at work on the 3rd attempt (I have applied for 2 previous promotions with no success and I am applying for a 3rd), Shelly saw my Mum decorating (she has just finished her spare bedroom), connections around passports (I have just booked a break away for Decemeber and a friend has sent off for their 1st passport), there were many others, far too many to mention here. I must also say, this was when Shelly was not at her best either, due to certain circumstances, imagine what she would be like firing on all cylinders!

All I will say, if you need any re-aasuring, need clarification over any situation, then please please try Shelly. I can assure you, you will NOT be dissapointed!
Date of Posting: 14 October 2010
Posted By: Mark .
I have been having readings from Shelly for the last two years and she always has been spot on. The last one was amazing she brought my nan through who told Shelly to say Elizabeth Mary which is my first and second name. I never use my second name as I hate it and my first name is abrievated to Liz. My nan named several relatives which I didnt know but when checking with my mum they were all correct. Im now waiting for the markers on the rest of the reading to come through now which in the past the markers of pineapple and bags of spanners have come true..Thanks Shelly you are a star...
Date of Posting: 20 September 2010
Posted By: Liz R
hi shelly...thank you so much for the reading today.this is not the first one i have had with her..she is a very caring lady and blows you away with everything she tells you....the bananas were so spot on as until this week had not bought any for ages..the gemini connection moon was in gemini wed/thurs last week 'S' communicated with me for the first time in ages on weds only one line but its a start..also he did wall message me fri for my his other friend coincidently shares hers on the same day lol..but he did do mine first..i will keep you posted on the other things that are coming up......this lady is very special.. she gave me hope when i felt there was none especially earlier in the year when things were so desperate..she told me that in september things would be so much better..september felt a million miles away at the time..shellys words kept me going ...and she has been so right..and i thank her from the bottom of my heart.. if anyone else feels the same as i did call shelly .and.argus and they will help you all the way.and put you back on the right path.lots of love..jayne xxxx ps its never long before i take a wrong turning haha but i know i can soon be back on track with shelly xxx
Date of Posting: 05 September 2010
Posted By: jayne c
I had a wonderful reading with Shelley earlier this year..she made me weep with her insight and understanding. What has been incredible since then has been Argus's markers in time..he gave me as one, a hedgehog.....and wow have I been seeing bookmarks..on greeting cards...on sunscreens..childrens characters..on TV!!! I asked Shelley recently if this was to help me keep the faith in the predicted outcome..she said yes...I went out directly and saw a live hedgehog..I smiled as conformation that Argus is quite something and does not leave you alone in your worry. Susan
Date of Posting: 28 August 2010
Posted By: Susan N
choreographer, Northants
Shelly was able to repeat a very embarrasing conversation between me and my bfriend. There was no way she could have known and totally freaked me out!
Been meaning to leave feedback for ur Reading about 4 weeks ago. You saw one of us eating cheese with fresh bread well coincidently we both separately had this for lunch the next day at work. Neither of us eat cheese sandwiches that often. Then you saw him getting a new phone in around 3 weeks. His dad was in middle of getting a phone and I'm getting a new phone which is due within 4 weeks of the Reading!
Also u saw mr skinny legs getting in touch within 3 weeks which he did. And that my bfriend would make promises he couldn't keep around that time. Well you were right! I'm now just waiting for the big prediction that he will introduce me to his family and propose!
Date of Posting: 22 August 2010
Posted By: S B

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