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Friday, 18th June 2021
UK Time: 4:58:pm

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Hi Shelly,
Just wanted to let you know that everything you told me before Xmas has happened ie Make three placements before xmas and the 23rd December would be linked to this. Yes I made the placments on the 23rd December.

Waiting for the other markers you gave me to happen which I am confident they will, I have spoken to many clairvoyants over a number of years and have to say that yo are the most accurate, amazing geniune psyhic I have ever come across and I would recommend you to anybody.

Once again a big thank you to you and Argus

Much love
Date of Posting: 28 December 2011
Posted By: MCC
Just needed to share my most recent marker with you.... In my last reading you mentioned Roland Rat, which was very random!! Anyway, last night, Roland Rat appeared in the most random of places and i have been laughing ever since!! Genius!!!

You are awesome!!!
Date of Posting: 29 October 2011
Posted By: michelle
Shelly was amazingly acurate, when she tuuned into my situation, her words made perfect sense to me. More importantly for me, the reading she gave stopped me giving up on a very important relationship. She showed me what lies ahead for me and already some of the things she predicted have started to happen.
Shelly is highly recommended and a very special lady. x
Date of Posting: 11 October 2011
Posted By: ginny o
39 year old Libra from London, London
Things were a bit quiet for a while but this month everything seems to be slowly happening the way you said it would, just waiting for the big outcome now! Have a few more markers to look out for, Thankyou so much to you and argus, you are both great! x
Date of Posting: 16 August 2011
Posted By: Paula
Hi Shelly,
Firstly just to tell I am just so happy with my reading. I have had two of the markers you gave to me happen already. It is the strangest thing, you said I would see a man in lipstick and at the time I was thinking I don't think so, then yesterday my colleague was showing me pictures of last years christmas party and all of a sudden I am looking at a picture of a man dressed up as a woman wearing bright lipstick - it was amazing. That is just one example. Anyway I know you don't need me telling you this it is just I am so happy with you. I am hoping to book another reading with you
Date of Posting: 20 July 2011
Posted By: E J
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