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Tuesday, 22nd September 2020
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This is run off from my last testimonial, so something may repeat but as this situation unfolds, which it is, I'm in shock. These are things she told me a year and a half ago! Shelly is amazing!

A little back story, not too much though, I live in one state and this person left me to go relocate to another state for the 5th time. He'd been back and forth for 5 years between states trying to move to the other one, but not on his own, it was always on the dime of someone else. Usually it would only last a few months but this time it's lasted a year and half so far. His family was helping him out all the way up until September of this year and that help stopped. He had been stringing me along for all these years and in the beginning of December of 2019 I found out that he had moved in with another woman. He had also changed his phone number etc. He'd been grooming this woman for over a year over there. I was absolutely shattered. He's done a lot to me but I never thought he'd do THAT. I don't know why I put that past him but I did. Anyway, it appears that this woman is all he has left over there. But, that did it for me. That was it. The end. Never again. I say, good luck bro! Now, on to the markers.

1. As I said previously, she gave me a marker that was to mean this person realizes he's really stuck at the location he's at and has burnt his bridges in so many places and realizes he's got nothing. This was a marker she gave me in June of 2018. I didn't get it until about two weeks ago, but then, I got it AGAIN last week! He indeed HAS burnt all his bridges and it seems he just has that one bridge left, unless, of course, he grooms another female. But, eventually, universe will take them all away. It's called, karma.

2. Regarding this other woman he's with, she gave me a marker of a really really RARE name that I think I've only heard like once in my lifetime and that would indicate his new woman suspects him of talking to someone else, which he did to me so many times along with his ex wife. Did the same to her. Anyway, I got that one back on January 15th and AGAIN January 22nd. What are the chances?

3. Way back in July of 2019 she said something happens with him in December. Yes, she saw that far out. She said it was major but didn't know exactly what it was (now I know why she wasn't given that information) and that whatever it was, it was going to be something that left him sitting there in disbelief and that it would be one of the last things he had that would be taken away from him. She continued to tell me that he'd be stripped back to bare bones because he hasn't learned one damn thing in all these years. Well, the huge thing that happened in December was me finding out that he moved in with the other woman, changed his number, added her to his FB (things I begged him to do for 6 years that he'd never do for me). That was THE ABSOLUTE END for me. End of that story. I had always been there for him no matter what he did to me. But this? No no. He went way too far this time around. Anyway, I confronted him about in December, to which, he didn't have one ounce of remorse, no apology, and in fact, was quite arrogant about it. I wished him well with his new girlfriend and told him I never wanted anything to do with him again in my life. It's sort of sad because we were friends for 3 years before all of this. I've known him since 2011. Even the friendship is gone now. Friends don't do friends like that either. So the thing that she said would be one of the last things he had left that he would lose in December........was ME!

It's really amazing how this all played out. It's also very heart wrenching. I'm much better now and healing up nicely but I wish I'd never crossed paths with that guy. It's been nothing but a nightmare that I finally woke up from.

So, moral of the story is, if something isn't happening within your time frame or whatever, just wait, because it'll happen. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen for reasons that we may not see or understand in the interim. Thank you Shelly and Argus! Your so wonderful and a true blessing!
Date of Posting: 23 January 2020
Posted By: Just Me
Student of Life, USA
I myself am a psychic but I cannot read for myself & Shelly is the only reader I trust. She is accurate & compassionate & I wanted to leave a testimonial so others know how good she is & try a reading if they have doubts. I give her 11/10 & want to thank her for all the support & accurate readings she has given me. Thank you Shelly & Argus for your help & guidance. You are a very special lady Shelly. Words do not express. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 20 January 2020
Posted By: Chloe
I have had an ongoing situation for the last 6 years. It hasn't been fun and it's been rather heart wrenching the way that it has turned out.

I wanted to give a marker update. Back in June of 2018 I had called about my then boyfriend, if one could even call him that. He had left to relocate to another state for the 5th time to be near his kids, even though I've never believed that was the real reason and him being there the last year and a half has proven my intuition because he hardly sees them even though he's been there. I've always believed it was because he wanted to be close to his ex wife, who I believe he never let go of and there are reasons why but I won't go into detail.

Anyway, I was told back in June of 2018 that he'd go off the radar for awhile and then pop back up in January of 2019 wanting to reconcile. I didn't like that but that's exactly what happened.

She had given me another marker regarding his situation there in that state also back in June of 2018. An entire year and a half later, I FINALLY GOT IT and it was big one for me. It has to do with some realizations so I don't know if I will be able to validate it because I will never speak to my ex again due to something recent he did. However, that marker also had to do with him losing one of the last things he had left.......and I guess that thing was ME. It's amazing how these things come right on time when they are supposed to. So, if you didn't get a marker and it's been a few months or whatever, just wait. You will get it when it's time.

Thanks Shelly for all you do for me and for others. I love you dearly <3
Date of Posting: 06 January 2020
Posted By: Jess
A Growing Soul, USA
Shelly is awesome! She was recommended to me many years ago & I still come back, year after year as to be quite frank she is the only psychic I trust. Sometimes I doubt her predictions but then another marker appears & BANG - once again, she & Argus are correct. I had a reading 3 weeks ago & literally, I have had about 20 markers come in!!! Thank you Shelly for helping me through many dark times & also through bright times too. If you are contemplating a reading with Shelly - do it. She does not sugar coat - she tells you straight but with kindness & great compassion. #ShellyRocks!
Date of Posting: 30 September 2019
Posted By: Jennifer A
This is long overdue praise and thanks to Shelly and Argus for a string of amazing markers and predicitions. Despite the fact that I have been reading with her for years, Shelly never fails to surprise and delight with the specificity and accuracy of her markers. To give an example, she described what my POI was thinking, giving verifcation of these inner thoughts by a marker, "Egon" - either I had heard or would be hearing this name. It is an unusual name and surprised even Shelly. When she said it, however, I was already thinking it in my head, having recently binge-watched a TV show with a character named Egon, the name repeated over and over again. Egon was specific enough but my POI himself verified what Shelly said he was thinking days later. If you have found this page, you have found an amazing, genuine psychic and incredible person. Thanks for your insight and always being there, Shelly and Argus!
Date of Posting: 17 August 2019
Posted By: I.W

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