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Monday, 27th September 2021
UK Time: 3:46:am

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Hi Shelly, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. You recently did cleansing on a house of mine - I have had so much stress with it that I decided to sell it - but nothing was going right - it seemed to be a mass of bad energy - you could feel it as soon as you entered, but as soon as you cleansed it - the energy felt so much better and the house looked lovely - I put it up on the market on Wednesday and I had two buyers on Thursday - that was so cool - I whole heatedly recommend anyone to get their homes cleansed - I feel that if anyone doesn't feel at ease or theres so much sickness or arguments they need to get it done as a matter of importance for their health and peace - thank you so much - hugs xxxx
Date of Posting: 28 September 2015
Posted By: LJ
sent to Psychic Shelly via email, UK
I haven't left feedback in quite some time. She deserves much more than that.

The past year and a half has really been a tumultuous roller coaster! Shelly was by my side the whole time. Always there when needed. Never leaves you hanging. Just a wonderful lady.

She told me a certain person by the name of such and such would enter my life back when I first started calling her January 20, 2014. Back then I was calling about someone totally different. 3 months later that person entered my life. It's been a tough road with this person but one year ago she told me he would make a turn around starting in August. This person didn't want a relationship etc. He ended up leaving to another state this past July. I didn't think Shelly would be right about his turn around but it just so happens that she was very right. She was right about the details in between as well. She will not ever tell you what you want to hear but rather the truth!

She has said for 9 months now that September would be a big month for me. So I'm excited to see what else happens this month. Her accuracy is astounding. Her markers are amazing. Her readings are stellar. She definitely comes from the higher realms. I love her to pieces and I'm so thankful to be blessed with her presence in my life! Thank you Shelly for all that you do for me and the rest of us hurting souls. You're a bright guiding light in the darkest of darkness. Blessings and all the best be to you and yours! Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 03 September 2015
Posted By: J
Student of the Wisdom of Shelly, USA
I am long overdue in writing to express my appreciation and admiration for Shelly (and of course, Argus.) Shelly has truly kept me going through a time I felt there was no hope. Her markers are outstanding and often come in the day of the reading. Specifically, I received a marker of a crystal and a skull. I didn't think I would see these but sure enough, later that day, due to an "accident" in my scheduling, I ended up being in a shop with a crystal and a skull. Also, I was given a marker that would be the mention of gout. Today I received and email specifically mentioning someone suffering from gout. This is not a normal occurence! Please try her out, you will not regret it. Shelly is a very gifted psychic and genuinely lovely lady.
Date of Posting: 19 August 2015
Posted By: J
Shelly is absolutely amazing!! Appreciate her guidance and advice so much! she has a calming effect and can provide details to show you that everything will okay even if you are thinking otherwise! Two markers have already happened within a week!!! I'm looking forward to the other markers taking place and what comes after that :)

Thank you very much Shelly, Keep up the amazing work you do! You are a blessing to us all :) xxx
Date of Posting: 12 August 2015
Posted By: Sammy
It's been awhile since I left feedback for my favorite lady. Lots of ups and downs over the past year and a half. Like a roller coaster!

Shelly made some predictions last year about August of this year. I found it hard to believe that his person would do as she predicted. BAM! Person began turning around just like she said and right on time.

If I tried to share with everyone all the markers and predictions shelly made for me since January 2014, it would take a book! They all happened. Time frames sometimes delay but they do all happen. Still waiting on more and a major one. Not sure I can hold out but I will give it until the time frame she gave me and has stuck by since the beginning of this year. She keeps me going.

Thank you Shelly and Argus! Love to you both! Blessings xxx
Date of Posting: 08 August 2015
Posted By: Jessica
Student of Shelly, USA

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