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Monday, 27th September 2021
UK Time: 4:05:am

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Hi, I had to write because I think I´ve just seen my first marker. I was told I would hear somebody talking about Hansel and Gretal. When I hear this, this is my marker in time that they are about to break and fall down. I so hope this is the case because I have been waiting so long for things to start happening and seeing this gives me hope as I was losing faith. The thing I want most in the world is for my husband to return home.
Date of Posting: 06 January 2014
Posted By: Claire
people may think am many testimonials.well,shelly needs her due,people need to read i just cudnt keep away...the shock and excitement of a very weird crazy marker i had to share....2 days back in an email reading shelly gave me a marker that i will be invited/given a ticket to see a film event..its a golden opportunity it will be right in front of me...i read that and wondered,but it was beyond my imagination so i just let it be...last night my family comes home and says a certain sumone has 4 passes for the award night of a film you want to go? u will be sitting amid the filmstars...I WAS ZAPPED..i cudnt sleep the entire night..IT WAS ONE TOUGH OUT OF THE ORDINARY MARKER...AND BEHOLD IT WAS SHOWN....YOU ALWAYS AMAZE ME SHELLY/ARGUS..and yes guys she has been the rock in the toughest journey of my life...thank you
Date of Posting: 05 January 2014
Posted By: BM
i just left a review a few days back.but had to share again..tho the road is a bit rocky right now...But the markers shelly gave me for the ON THE RIGHT PATH are poring in crazy..and this kinda keeping me grounded and at peace a bit....also she had given me a marker of a parachute jump..this is the marker when the concerned person misses my contact..and when ever there is no contact i start seeing this marker on tv,in books,on facebook..its amazing :) ok guys that was the bit i had to share
Date of Posting: 02 January 2014
Posted By: BM
talking of markers and shellys insight/predictions....i have already written many times b4....that they have come to pass..but i again wanted to write a testimonial about the markers that were very important for me..these markers were the major changing situation ones...she had given me marker of seeing a cactus,hearing of a pregnancy,seeing a slide where kids play..though i have many other markers too....this in particular i wanted to share it here..

i was on a holiday and as i passed thru the forest,a nephew points out to a cactus,i always wondered where am i going to see a cactus....then while driving a lady mentions about sumone who is pregnant...and then we stop at a hotel and waiting in the car and i see slides and kids playing....on this trip of mine i saw many markers of shelly...these markers are of great importance to keeping my fingers crossed and awaiting for things to unfold ..thnx shelly and argus
Date of Posting: 31 December 2013
Posted By: BM
I just wanted to leave a very quick testimonial and although it may be short (events are still playing out) I really felt I needed to share. We had a reading on 2nd Dec 2013 and you said after I heard the name Simon a certain something would happen. Well a little over a week ago I was minding my own business reading and listening to tv at the same time, when on the tv someone started yelling Simon. And on Wednesday night this week, the event you said would happen my utter shock. So thank you lovely, it's only one little piece of a very large puzzle...but such an incredibly important piece. x
Date of Posting: 20 December 2013
Posted By: Ciara

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