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Friday, 2nd June 2023
UK Time: 11:13:am

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if given a choice i wd write a testimonial every day..this angel deserves much more than decided to write again today..the least i cud do.....1)THE MOTHER I NEVER HAD....her advice as a mother to her child,not once getting irritated to the many questions i ask,explaining them with great patience,something only ur own wd do....2)MY ADVISER..or shud i say MY TEACHER MY COUNCILLOR...who guides me,answering every question with great care the do and donts a little kid i fire the questions.(trust me if i was in her place i wd fume)........3)THE ANGEL IN DISGUISE ..who cares so much,her insights are mindblowing,her predictions superb and the MARKERS something i look forward too..often shock me when they come outa the blues....IN GOD I TRUST FIRST THEN..I TRUST ONLY HER...I BELIEVE ONLY HER...I LISTEN ONLY TO HER.... AM HAPPY ONLY BECAUSE OF HER...AM POSITIVE AND HOPEFUL ONLY BCZ OF HER...I OWE IT ALL TO ONLY HER...MY PARENTS...MY KIDS AND SHELY ....IS THE FAMILY I HAVE ..and oops THE GUY I LOVE IS THROWN IN TOO ..hahahaha ..ARGUS HOW CAN I FORGET YOU...THANK YOU
Date of Posting: 18 July 2013
Posted By: BM
Wow Shelley!!! You hit this one right out of the ballpark LOL!!!. Just to validate your awesome accuracy, my husband and I met with our attorney yesterday. T has been sending my husband threatening texts, while he is at work. He finally blew his top yesterday and told me we were headed right to the attorney's office. We will be meeting with our attorney again on July 15th to expedite an eviction notice. Unfortunately, here is the US, it takes over 30 days to kick someone out of your home. It takes even longer if they fight it. Anyway, you were so accurate about this. I will be in touch.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2013
Posted By: Pat
via email to Shelly direct, USA
AFTER GOD i owe everything to this lady..she brought me out from a near death situation to a happy positive me..when i met her i had lost hope ,i had lost everything and the only option i had was ending my life closed in from sides,i was heartbroken and my dreams i said b4 i was reading with psychics from a year and more,that kept me going but i reached a point were all was c*** and nothing had come true...from misleading reading to wrong time frames and me messing up big time....when i met shelly i was almost finished..and at my worst situation..her one email reading brought me alive..i cant explain the happiness the hope and the positive energies i was riding on...the tears vanished,the negativity gone...CZ I TRUSTED HER,I BELIEVED HER,CZ HER READINGS WERE REAL ...she gave me many markers .quiet alot of them as my situation is a two sided case ....YES THE MARKERS CAME IN AND THE PREDICTIONS HAPPENED....mine is a very tough and complicated one till date cud give me a reading that undid the confusion and answers that made sense..SHELLY DID THAT WITH LOVE CARE AND HONESTY...THE MARKERS ARE FLOODING IN...AND MY SITUATION CHANGING SLOWLY...i know its a long tough ride...but i am following her advice every bit of the way..i do chew her brains often...i find a mother in her,sumone who guides me..and not once has she got annoyed,but always replies back with love...I MAY DELAYED THINGS I MAY HAVE SCREWED UP...BUT IF GOD GAVE ME SHELLY IN RETURN FOR THAT..TO HELL WITH THAT DELAY...CZ I FOUND AN ANGEL ON EARTH TO GUIDE ME THRU THE CRAZIEST TOUGHEST JOURNEY..THAT I CUD NVA HAVE DONE WITHOUT HER HELP.................THE OST IMPORTANT THING IS SHE IS BANG ON WITH HER INSIGHT AND EXPLAINING AND UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION WITH NO SUGAR COAT....SO BELIEVING IN HER AND KNOWING ITS THE TRUTH...IS THE KEY TO IT ALL.....LOVE U SHELLY WITH ALL MY HEART AND ARGUS THNX DUDE.... :)
Date of Posting: 02 July 2013
Posted By: BM
I just cannot tell you enough how spot on Shelly is. For two long years, Shelly has kept me particular life situation seemed like there really was no end at the light of the tunnel, but through it all Shelly's markers gave me hope and a reason to carry on...this is because i could see my life unfold exactly as Shelly had predicted, both through her readings and with her markers in time that show me i am on the right path.

the markers are particularly important for me, here is an example of how they work:
I was waiting desperately for news from somebody very special I thought I had lost, and the marker given for this was a woman with bandages over the knee on one leg, wearing dated clothes. Two weeks later, having almost given up hope of hearing, I was at a friend's house watching a seventies thriller, and this woman in the show gets out of a car with crutches and you guessed it! Yep!! A bandaged leg up to her thigh (plus the pointiest collars you have ever seen)...ecxited, I check my phone, and there it is..a facebook message from the person I was scared had gone for good.

Do not doubt Shelly, have faith in her, as she really is the real deal. I have recommended her to friends that have previously been put off by other psychic mediums, who all agree that Shelly is really like no other you will have ever had readings from before.

Shelly does not sugar coat things, she tells you everything as clear as it should be. You can trust her, and know that she will not blush at whatever you need to tell her, or judge in any way....

How about the crochet blanket one (you know a marker can also be repeated) this was a marker for a particular person to be on my doorstep (they are abroad). I go to my father's country and there is this crochet blanket on the bed!! NOOOO!!! A weird relative had left it there. Yep, I leave the country and he person is in the UK but I have missed them...then I return to the UK, and my dad gets a call mentioning the blanket, I get a text from them that they are in the UK that very day. This is not coincidence, this is a very powerful psychic at work.

There have been so many examples of this kind of marker at work. I t really helps having them, as you can then reason that if the markers are true, then so must everything else be from the reading.

Those of us who are lucky enough to have found Shelly will never need to go to anybody else, Shelly is a blessing, and without her help, I'd not be the person I am today, nor be in any fit state of mind to be able to follow my dreams.
Date of Posting: 22 June 2013
Posted By: barbie
i had to write a testimonial yet again..the least i cud do to owe this wonderful soul.....i had to ask a few follow up questions...and how well she has beautifully written...simple clear and real.....gosh i again have to write this that i have gone to soooooo many psychics the best ones and all i got was HE IS COMING BACK,HE WILL CONTACT,HE IS READY....and when i ask WHY DS HE HOLD BACK?WHY WHY WHY? I HAD A 100 QUESTIONS BOTHERING ME...I GOT A 200 ANSWERS BACK FROM PSYCHICS...but none made sense..tho i forced to believe them,i chose to believe them...but deep inside i knew they aint true....if they were true then why no i waited each day,gettin frustrated with the stupid time frames wasting away money like crazy.........this lady simply said it all...THE WAY THINGS WILL UNFOLD...WHEN...WHY....AND ITS NOT TIME YET.......REASONS SHE GAVE WERE SPOT ON....such a complicated very well explained..AND I KNOW ITS i step back and wait...i know exactly what to do...i stop all readings else where..and follow shellys advice.....IF GOD TOOK AWAY EVERYTHING FROM ME....HE SURE GAVE ME BACK EVERYTHING IN ONE ANGEL CALLED SHELLY......I CANT THANK HER ENUF FOR JUST UNDOING THE TANGLES.....THNX SHELLY AND ARGUS....
Date of Posting: 10 June 2013
Posted By: BM

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