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Friday, 18th June 2021
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Been meaning to write a testimonial for awhile as so many of Shelly's markers have been flooding in lately. Rest assured that Shelly will tell you what she is picking up rather than some fairy tale. In our recent readings, she has been bang on with with my POI is thinking and feeling. I know this because he will tell me in almost the exact same way Shelly has put it after the fact. You can trust this talented lady and Argus to guide you in the right direction!

A few markers of late I had to comment on:

1. Seeing flippers or webbed legs / feet on a human being: This was to be a sign that my POI is putting more effort into our relationship. Sure enough, this week, I was watching a television show where professional makeup artists did creature makeup on an actor to create webbed feet and flippers. When I saw this, it was on the same day that I noticed my POI putting some real effort into our relationship!

2. Seeing bandaged or wrapped legs, either like a mummy or beauty treatment: On this same show, make up artists were dressing a model as a kind of beautified mummy, specifically with wrapping all up the legs. This floored me. The marker was to be a sign of more romance blooming in the relationship. Well, again, on the same day, I noticed POI looking at me with a kind of infatuated, tender gaze. I would say that's a good start!

Thank you Shelly and Argus for all that you do and for always being there!

God bless.
Date of Posting: 10 February 2017
Posted By: J
Another beautiful detailed and non-judgemental reading from this amazing lady. I have flitted back and for regarding a certain situation to the point where I must have made Shelly dizzy but never once has she picked me on it or judged me. I have had marker after marker show themselves followed by the predictions. I will always follow her advice because it comes from love and a higher place. Thank you again, my beautiful friend, lots of love to you, as always x
Date of Posting: 28 January 2017
Posted By: Judi
Yeah so wooooooooooooow. For three years Shelly was telling me that I was going to hear and get certain things that I wanted from the man in question. She also told me I'd be married by the time I was 47. I'm going to be 39 on the 26th of this month. I had some seriously rough times believing that I would ever even HEAR the things she told me I would from this man.

Well, last night, January 11, 2017.......this man proposed to me in a strange way! We are now engaged. I'm very very shocked cause I didn't see that one coming. Shelly did, but I certainly did not! This proposal came shortly after I got her markers about him wanting to start new and another one that meant him and I would have new beginnings.

I'm waiting on some other stuff but I already know it's going to happen cause obviously, no matter the timing, what she says ends up happening. She wasn't sure if I would be able to hang in there throughout all of the things that happened. When I felt like walking away, she knew I was feeling that way. She would only tell me what she saw and then tell me it's my free will choice if I wanted to wait and hang in there or not. With my lack of patience, we both weren't sure what I was gonna do LOL.

I am just in some serious shock. I'm happy about it but still in shock. 95% of everything Shelly has ever told me would happen, has indeed happened over the past 3 years. I love her to pieces. Even if things don't happen right away or even within a timeframe given........please understand timing is Divinely Orchestrated and seriously.......we can and do delay them with our own behaviors and even thoughts. Thoughts are energy and we can feel each other's energies. We can even be smothered by another person's energy alone even if they aren't with us. If someone doesn't really understand how things work spiritually speaking then they won't fully understand why letting go energetically is so very very important.

Thank you so much Shelly. I respect, admire and love you to pieces. You are the most generous person and so compassionate, caring and REAL! You are so honest and real. I love it. Good thing I don't live next door to'd be in trouble LOL. Thank you for everything. May the brightest blessings and all good things forever come your way. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 12 January 2017
Posted By: Jess
Student of the Wisdom of Shelly, USA
Hello all.
I don't where to start.
I have left testimonials before and feel I really should leave another one today and because I want to !!
For a year or so Shelly use to read for me on a regular basis regarding a certain man while Shelly was reading on us she kept saying about Andrew and Andy.
In June 2015 I had given up hope on the situation and stopped having readings as it felt the complete oppersite
was happening, around the same time as I stopping having my readings with Shelly, I stopped talking to my ex completely for 5 months no contact nothing.
Then I met this guy called Andy to cut a long story short he was a complete pain in the bottom Time went on and I had given up looking for my markers and then I noticed that they started coming in again or maybe I was more observant again around the September time I just ignored them then in October 2015 I went back to my part time job and bumped into my ex I say bumped I had let him know o was going back but had no reply. From then on more markers came and went one of them was a willow ornament I had no idea what they were until Shelly had given me the marker 6 months before and I got one from a friend Xmas 2015.
This past year everything Shelly said would happen happened the meetings and how things would play out.I went back to a old reader who promised me lots of things that never materialised and even said the man I am seeing now will go out of the picture.
Often through out the year I thought of Shelly and Argus and all the things they told me but I didn't contact Shelly I even mentioned it to my old psychic who would say another bloke will do something but it would be the one Shelly told me.
Less than two weeks ago the guy I am seeing went funny through a argument and I freaked out and kept thinking what if my other psychic was right, so I contacted Shelly, I was

so worried but she welcomed me back like I hadn't been away.<
I didn't tell Shelly this but when she called me Angel in a e-mail I actually cried it's so comforting.
Shelly has been amazing the Last few weeks and my markers are coming
Also as the markers are coming in things are changing and things are getting better again between me and the man.
It's really strange this time round but because of everything that happened as predicted over that last year I know that I can totally and utterly trust Shelly when she says pull back or let him crack on and yes I been trying to do the figure of 8 although bit hard when someone on your mind every second so constantly doing the figure of 8 makes you dizzy.
Sounds bad to say it before because I was so frustrated I didn't listen about the pulling back and I created so many arguments because I was to poke and prod the situation.
But it's true the energies have to change
I won't speak to soon but I can see him coming closer again
Someone pointed out a Madeleine cake today it's French apparently
Nick* I had e mail from a Nick today
Golf swing* 3 people
In two days spoke about golf
Zebra* someone had a zebra Xmas card ( really?! That's just weird)
One of them I don't want to say on here but it cracked me up when I read and heard it!
I won't go on but I just want to thank Shelly and Argus for calming me down and being so right and also for your simply kindness Shelly.
This woman is a Angel and I hand on heart want to say to anyone trust in Shelly, but live your life don't focus your energies on something it does delay it and I only knew that from the 5 month break and yes I lived and woke up and survived ( now have to tell my self that when the man is in a mood.
Things play out in there own time too, and to be fair it took me a 18 months / a year to really look at every thing and to acknowledge completely Shelly was right.

Merry Christmas all and happy new year xxx

Lots of love L xxx
Date of Posting: 22 December 2016
Posted By: Louise
Shelly is absolutely amazing. Not just because of her gift, but who she is as a person. If you're needing help or guidance on a situation let Shelly help you. She will be the light shining through on your cloudy days. I started emailing Shelly about 5 months ago, and I feel like she deserves a 100x star review/ testimonial. She's been helping me through a tough emotional situation. And she's given me plenty of markers, some (most) I've seen / heard. I don't believe in coincidences so when those markers happen, I'm aware of what they mean based off of what Shelly has told me. Nothing has progressed really in my situation, but that is 100% okay, I keep thinking about it and focusing on it which means my energy is going to it even if it's not intentional I'm the one pushing things away. Shelly advises doing the Psychic figure of 8 to keep the energies back and let things go naturally. So I'm going to do that! Reading everyone else's testimonials I know that what Shelly sees will happen, it just takes time. And I know in my heart things will happen how they are meant to be. And Shelly has really put things into perspective for me!
Date of Posting: 07 September 2016
Posted By: A.B.
United States

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