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Monday, 27th September 2021
UK Time: 4:53:am

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I had an email reading just days ago.
Today at work the first marker was said . The name amelia. how strange and so soon after shelleys email. thankyou shelley you are a beautiful lady, kind and honest. x
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: julie f
This lady is amazing not for getting Argus.!! i have had many reading with Shelly ... her markers blow me away with all the comfort they give me ..some come straight away others are further down the line, she has told me things and i thought yeah rite that's not going to happen .. names spot on had every one ..including he had three children and had come from abroad ..all the names have crossed my path way...and one case this summer when i have thought mm Shelly your are wrong he is with some one !! well this lovely lady proved me wrong he was single and yes rite again Shelly.. this last yr has been a journey ...but Shelly and Argus have been by my side ..and i look forward to the next part her guidness kind caring manner .. Shelly will not tell you want you want to hear so please listen to her is a journey and threw your dark days she will hold your hand and get you to the other side ..speak soon lovely lady ..many many thanks please if you need help this lady is the real deal
Date of Posting: 07 November 2012
Posted By: C
via email to Psychic Shelly
Shelly Shelly Shelly, yet again, everything you told me earlier this month has happened, you said you could see me working in the bakery dept., in the supermarket i work by the end of the month, well I started in there today and you also asked me if there were any birthdays towards the end of October to early November, I told you that the 25th was my grandsons and the 30th was my eldest sons, so you told me between those dates I would hear off that certain someone, well I didn't hear off him I actually saw him in the supermarket where I work, but what is amazing is if I hadn't been working in the bakery I wouldn't have seen him, I knew I would hear off him today as you have always been absolutely spot on with the dates you give me, but to see him was a bonus, we chatted for around 15mins it was like we had never parted all those months ago, it was just small talk but I couldn't be happier, I'll be speaking to you again very soon, you are just amazing,

Lots of love Sharon xxxx
Date of Posting: 27 October 2012
Posted By: Sharon
Well what can i say, she does it again with Argus! This is something i know she could not have known and could have gone a different way. She told me i would not be moving, that my lease would be broken with the current person i am living with. However, the landlord would agree to arrange a new agreement with myself and a person i had already asked to move in. It was something i thought could go anyway. She advised me in the meeting to be honest, remain calm, expect the other person to lie and be very clear about the issues where and when necessary. The agreement would be done separately and she even told me why and how it would be decided. Gave me three distinct markers in time, one appeared in the most unusual place, i thought a true very white blond not a "bottle" blonde as she explained would have her hair in bunches, this was when the agreement would be confirmed. It was the same week.Shelly advised that my old Fm would be gone by the middle of November, this was consistent and also over a month before it happened, and a lot happened in between then and today when the lease was confirmed. Shelly predicted the outcome, i learned to become relaxed, i was a bit nervous about the request for more information as Real estate here can be an unknown. I have learned a bit lesson for myself to be more positive and trust in the whole thing. I did feel a lot more comfortable and had thought no matter what happened i would be ok. Shelly kept saying stick to your guns and don't give in, this is what the other person is trying to the end she and Argus yet again were right. Markers were spot on and the predicted out come too, although i thought it could have gone either way! this lady is the business, if there was a larger they could make that was this good, the brewers would more than a mint!
Date of Posting: 27 October 2012
Posted By: belle
I won a 3 question e mail reading from this wonderful lady I can honestly say l was shocked she was spot on with everything Nobody could possibly have told me some of the things she came up with even down to house numbers and names A lot of the things also gave me so much hope for the future l will recommend Shelly to anyone who wants a reading Thank you again Shelly and l mean this from the bottom of my heart xx
Date of Posting: 23 October 2012
Posted By: Hilary C
United Kingdom

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