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Monday, 27th September 2021
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

My situation is an ongoing one...and is going on for a good few years now. I had an update with Shelly at the end of March, and she said a certain something would happen between the 9th and 14th April. did..right now (it's the 14th) .and after I pick my jaw up from the ground I'm sure I'll take it all in!!! This thing that happened is part of the bigger picture for me, and it's a very important step towards my ultimate goal. I really don't want to put details of what it was, but it does involve a person and their intentions towards me :D As always I will continue to put feedback as and when her predictions come to pass. My road is a long one, but if you can take anything from my experience with readings. Please take Argus's advice, if he says not to contact..don't. If Shelly says to Figure of 8 then do. Because trust me if you don't..then delays occur or even the outcome may not happen. And that's no fun for anyone ;) I do trust Shelly's guidance, and even the little skeptic in me is finding it hard to not believe...that the outcome will happen. Thank you Shelly and Argus xxx
Date of Posting: 14 April 2014
Posted By: Ciara
I wanted to just say about the uniqueness of Shelly's markers. One in perticuler, I had the marker of "eenie meanie mighty mo but where the mo lands on is you" - which was the marker in time that the man in question had chosen me. I actually use this saying myself a fair but and so does my daughter but I just knew that wasn't it. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago and a lady on it says "eenie meanie mighty YOU!" Wow I was amazed, and exactly as Shelly said which at first I didn't see "where the mo lands on is you", and he has stated since that marker out of the blue that he wants to be with me. I've has so many markers and predictions come to fruition its blown me away. Xxxxx
Date of Posting: 12 April 2014
Posted By: SA
Shelly's readings are spot on. Her markers return again and again, and sometimes turn up ages after you expect them, but she is always right. Below are some recent examples:

Feeling dispondant about an on off love interest not talking to me, I began to fear the worst, when suddenly I saw a giant bumble bee, and I mean giant!! this was a cold March day, and inside the flat!!! I instantly thought 'SHELLY MARKER for giant bee inside not outside' but then dismissed it as things as I say were going from bad to worse there...the bumble bee was meant to be a marker for things feeling more natural with this guy, and more at ease...I opened the window and made sure the bugger was outside. Then, an hour or so later, I hear buzzing, loud buzzing...yep! Another bumble bee!!! I am sure I let it out I thought,, this time I sat up and noticed. I made darn sure this one was outside. i was scared my pets might get stung by accident trying to play with it.
Next day, was hoovering, and screamed!!! ARGH!!! A spider!! Except on closer inspection, was not a spider at all, but another giant bumble bee..this time squashed and dead. Once I accepted it outloud there and then to the universe as a Shelly marker, things began to seem better, and no more bumble bees appeared.
I got another marker today for things 'about to look brighter' someone you would not expect to commenting on the grand national...well, I found out one of my fb friends is opposed to it, yet she despises vegetarians for example, and I have never had her down as an animal lover. She put on a post about how it should be banned as so many horses get injured or die. this was a marker for communication from the same guy.

Shelly is excellent as predictions:
She told me there would be problems with water in my last flat, and to check the metre as it could have a false reading when I move out. I got there and there was no hot water or cold!! The water had been turned off, and gas too. I got it sorted in the end but could not move in until it was. It seemed the previous tenant had not paid bills, so everything had been capped. After I moved out and my tenancy ended, I got a yearly bill that was through the roof, including all the gas and electricity bill owed by the previous tenant who was now deceased so hard to make them pay it. If only I had remembered what Shelly had said.

Mostly though, I do listen to what she says! She has read for me since 2011, and always been like talking to a helpful friend. She genuinely cares about people, and is never aloof or belittling to your problems.

There are so many examples of her accuracy and kindness in the way she helps you to see past ego and negative thoughts, to focus on the truth of your situation. Shelly sees the whole picture.

Shelly is reliable, trustworthy, the real deal and honest. If she tells you something, believe it.

Not many like her around. Shelly is special. <3
Date of Posting: 06 April 2014
Posted By: ss
THIS ONE IS FOR JESS..well,didnt i tell u ?SHELLY MAKES MIRACLES HAPPEN..i totally relate to what u wrote about..HAVING ENUF OF PAIN AND YOU WANT has been a long journey for me too..alot of pain alot of hurt..but i still hang almost there hope to god !!! shelly told u not ignore the friend..and when u get someone else to at the time you are waiting and hurting..when u are connecting to this friend,the instand feeling of pain and hurt goes away and u feel stronger..and u feel u dont care anymore..:) if shelly has asked u not to ignore this friend..maybe this is ur turning point...u may just not want ur lover back :) you will think back tomorrow and day thank god i guess....i also reached that point where i wished and hoped i find sumone who wd take my mind of my x too :) well,shelly never saw another contacting me but yes she did see me getting stronger to make my a way am glad she never saw anyone..yet sometimes i feel wish she had :) hang in there and let the magic unfold....keep updating and let us see the happiness and joy once again in ur life :) SHELLY WILL HELP U THRU THIS..
Date of Posting: 29 March 2014
Posted By: BM
Wanted to update on some Shelly markers again.

In a February 19th reading Shelly told me of a marker in which I'd see a zipper being zipped up someone's back which was to indicate I'm on the right pathway. I've gotten that one alot of times within the last two weeks.

In a March 1st reading she told me I was going to hear something about the beejees and that meant he is starting to understand that the only way he’s going to get contact with me is by making it direct but he’s still not brave enough so he’ll do another prod or poke but this time it may be a blank text message or a blank skype message and when he does that I must give him the attention at that point. I just got that one lastnight. So far I have not gotten a prod or poke yet, however that doesn't mean that part won't happen but I noticed he changed his facebook profile to where the profile pic and his background pic are now blank. He just did that yesterday. So maybe that's it. I don't know. lol

March 14th reading she said I'm gonna hear someone talking about a really bad smell or see someone holding their nose and that was to indicate that he knows he has not been nice to me. I've gotten that one so many times since that reading but the most recent was on March 26th.

I had my first reading back on January 20th with her and she asked me who Dan, Danny or Daniel is. I didn't know. She also mentioned that same name in two more of her readings and told me to not ignore him when he comes in because I'd really like him and he would be good to me. Well, I totally forgot back in January but I had a friend named Danny that I met in a chatroom back in early 2012 but he was married at the time so we were just friends. I hadn't talked to him since November 2013 but that was a brief encounter. Before that I hadn't talked to him since early 2013/late 2012. All of a sudden I get a text message from him out of the blue yesterday (3/27/14) and he told me he had been looking all over for me for the past two weeks and that him and his wife are now separated and then began to express to me a lot of his feelings of how he felt connected to me from day one and some other things. I almost fell off my bed. We ended up talking for quite a few hours after that. So just wow.

I still have not seen the the contact markers as of yet, but I know that they will come in at some point. I'm starting not to care as much as I did before. I think we get to a point where our soul becomes so worn out and exhausted from the pain and the desire to be with someone who is treating us so nasty for no reason, that it finally just says "enough, I want peace now". I think that's the point I'm either at or nearing too very rapidly. Nevertheless, Shelly helped me through the pain in a major way and for that I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much universe for allowing my path to cross Shelly's. And thank you so much Shelly for choosing to stay in my life. Love you so much words are not enough to describe it. Love and big hugs.

Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 28 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of the Wisdom of Shelly, United States

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