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Friday, 2nd June 2023
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I TOTALLY AGREE with the other client..UPDATES ARE GREAT TO WRITE..but if i start to write about shelly..she will need to extend her testimonial section :) i just came here today to tell u guys that SHE IS THE ONLY PSYCHIC WHO I TRUST WITH MY LIFE....I WAS WAITING FOR A VERY IMPORTANT INSIGHT AND MY NEXT MOVE DEPENDED ON THIS...she has always always been right,her advise as a family member to me and she has always been there,no matter what hour or time,when i needed her...not to mention I HAVE GOT EVERY MARKER..if ever things have delayed or screwed up ITS MY OWN DOINGS AND NOT LISTENING TO HER...LOVE U SHELLY AND THANX ARGUS BIG GUY :) MIRACLES HAPPEN TO PEOPLE....AND MINE HAPPENED WHEN I MET SHELLY :)
Date of Posting: 01 May 2014
Posted By: BM
I love this part of the process...the update! :) Ok so as promised when ever any predictions come in, I will post. And they did this! I had two readings one in Feb and one end of March, from which I was given two markers. One marker being I'd see an old fashioned pram and this was to signify I'd see him more often, that he'd make the effort to see me when I wouldn't normally expect it, and the second marker was a telephone engineer fixing wires. Well, the pram I saw a few days ago and then the telephone guy I saw yesterday. The telephone guy was especially special for me, (as was the pram) as I had just come to my desk where I work in my house and I happened to look out the window and bam there he was in my neighbors back garden up her telephone pole! So that was a 'hair on the back of my neck' moment for sure! This marker was to signify that all was ok. Then about an hour later he text to say he wanted to see me, and we met and it was lovely, then an hour later he wanted to see me again, which he did!! So both markers played out as they were supposed to. Later that night I saw the pram marker...again! so fingers crossed he'll make another attempt to see me ;) I soooooo want another reading lolol Thank you Argos and Shelly xxx
Date of Posting: 24 April 2014
Posted By: Ciara
Ok. Just want to give a LONG update on Shelly markers. Still waiting for big one which is actual direct contact.

JANUARY 20TH 2014 Markers given: The name Angelo = Ex is thinking of me - Got this February 8, 9, 25. March 29. April 1, 11, twice on the 12th, 14, 15, and twice on the 20th.

FEBRUARY 19TH 2014 Markers given: Gonna see someone pulling a zipper up the back = on the right pathway (seen the zipper being pulled up on the back March 18th . I have been seeing that zipper up the back almost daily until April 1st.)

Man messing with mustache unconsciously = on the right pathway - friend was doing that February 29th and son was doing that in march and another friend was doing that in april.

Danny, Dan or Daniel (this marker was given in 3 different readings starting January 20th up through March 2014) = right pathway - This guy came into my life March 27th 2014.

MARCH 1ST 2014 Markers given: News of contact with a michelle and she’s either picking her teeth or I see someone picking their teeth at the same time I see or hear from a michelle = Ex really starts thinking has he really blown it here. - March 1st my friend asked for floss to pick his teeth and then march 4th I got an email from michelle and march 11th in the late night I saw someone picking his teeth on tv and then the morning of the 12th I got an email from attorney named michelle)

March 16th important date = stay positive no matter what happens - I had a breakdown and couldn’t stop crying that day and the 17th as well.

Pen runs out = Nathan has come to the end of prods and pokes and the negative energy that he can give and he realizes that hasn’t worked so he’s going to change his tactics - Got this one March 4th and have not had any negative pokes or prods since then.

Someone talks about meeting a pro footballer = Ex wants the contact and he is thinking about how he can make that contact - this one happened march 5th my friend told me he met the Cleveland browns and earlier in that same day ex was signed into paltalk under his regular nick name instead of an alias for the first time in months.

Going to hear something regarding the Bee Gees = he is starting to understand that the only way he’s going to get contact with me is by making it direct but he’s still not brave enough so he’ll do another prod or poke but this time it may be a blank text message or a blank skype message. - Got this the evening of march 27th, seen someone post a youtube video of one of their songs and the next day he made his facebook profile blank by taking down his profile and background pics also got it again april 12th minus the blank part lol.

MARCH 14TH 2014 Markers given: Someone talking about a really bad smell or see someone holding their nose = he knows he hasn’t been nice to me. - Got this one March 17,18,19, 29th. Seen that april 2nd, 16, 17, 21st.

Now the following marker has been repeating daily for a few weeks now!
Elephant with huge ears = Ex is watching me and listening out for me (most likely via facebook and the paltalk chat program) - First got this one on March 18, 20, 22, 23, 31st. April 2, 8, 9,10, 11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 and today 23rd.

Sweet potatoes had some potatoes and they were sweet or making potato pudding = the energy is starting to get lighter - heard this one april 6th and seen sweet potatoes on a menu on facebook april 16th.

Gonna hear a quote out of the bible = going on the right pathway and our spiritual connection is very strong - I heard the first bible quote on March 14th, 17th, 24th. April 1st, 13th, 14th…I keep seeing bible quotes on facebook almost daily.

Crochet multicolored blanket slung on the back of a couch = more positive energies coming in - I seen this one on the big bang theory slung on the back of a couch and it was multicolored evening of March 18th also seen that one the evening of march 26th on a tv show called hoarders march 28th seen this crochet again on a tv show called in the middle april 3rd.

John or Jonathan and some help being asked for either john needs help or someone asks john for help = Ex is in a much worse space than what I realize - I got a friend request from someone named Jonathan on my spiritual networks page and his first post was of him asking for help to save a forest and that happened on March 19th and march 21st seen someone asking john for help on tv.

Now the following one is so odd but yet amazing! she gave a warning that someone would get their medication mixed up either him or someone else and I will hear about it. A few days ago my ex had posted on his facebook about how he had been sick as a dog for an entire week and then he took some codeine in which he was allergic too and suffered anaphylaxsis and had to go the emergency room and almost died. I was so sad to hear about this or rather see him saying this but wow she was amazing. Never thought I'd see that one come to pass but it did April 20th.

MARCH 21 2014 Markers given: Hear or see something about a rodeo = Ex is making progress in calming down and becoming more reasonable - seen a commercial where someone was riding one of those machine bulls march 26th or 27th.

When I see a triangle prism = his anger is gone - I seen a triangle prism on a photo april 13th.

Going to see a bride or hear something about someone getting married and I should try to find out a date if I can = Ex and I will have communication that can lead to reconciliation - I was reading an affidavit from a client in which he stated he will be getting married to his fiancé in june 2014.

MARCH 23 2014 Markers given: Gonna see ballroom dancing = Ex is ready to make the contact with me and start talking to me again - seen latin ballroom dancing on a movie april 3rd …seen it again on another movie april 13th…seen a facebook post with swing dancing and rumba april 16th ….. seen ballroom dancing april 20th.

Gonna see a potato with an eye/hole on it or a potato shaped rudely or funny and very unique about the shape = Ex has really started to look at himself and see why his relationships keep failing - seen a pic of a mr potato head with a hole where the male genital should be and it was taken out with mrs potato head holding it so it just left the hole there and I seen that on fb lol (sorry for the graphics haha)

The word Darwin = contact coming in - friend of mine mentioned the word "Darwinian" on the evening of april 2nd but no direct contact, however, april 3rd in the evening is when I received a strange message on paltalk from someone under an alias nick name. Seen the name Darwin on a facebook post at 3:51pm April 9th and I got contact under one of his alias nick names called butternutz1 and he was rude april 11th. Seen the word Darwin again evening of april 12th. Son was telling me about painters that were quitting at his job and one’s name was Darwin april 14th ……… seen the name Darwin on facebook again april 17th …… april 18th someone mentioned the term Darwinian in the paltalk room and then said the name Darwin on the mic.....i have not yet received any direct contact as of yet.....just the alias ones.

MARCH 28 2014 Markers given: Gonna see a map of Australia = Ex is ready to make a move and he realizes that his life is better with me in it than out of it - seen this one april 11th ……seen Australia on a map april 16th …. Seen Australia on a map again april 21st.

Trimming or cutting my hair = Ex is thinking do I don’t i…….i will see some pics posted on his facebook too and it will be a prod and a poke - Ex put my favorite pic of him up on april 1st…..I trimmed hair april 2nd and trimmed my son’s hair april 12th and I trimmed my own hair again april 13th….he also changed his profile pic again april 5th to something negative.

Gonna see a line of girls in a beauty competition = Ex realizes that I was never false, was always truthful with him and that I always held him up and he misses me - I was watching a movie dumb and dumber and at the ending was a bus full of bikini models going for a competition and this happened around 11:55pm march 29th. I woke up at 2:42am on march 30th and seen a commercial with a line up of miss America contestants. Also on march 30th around 1:45 pm I saw another clip of bikini models competition lined up where one fell down……he then changed his profile pic april 1st to my favorite pic of him ….. seen models lined up and falling down in their shoes april 20th.

Smiley faced moon = direct contact coming - someone posted paltalk emoticon which was a smiley faced moon april 14th……..same person posted it again april 15th. Still waiting for direct contact. He's a whimp isn't he? LOL.

News of or contact with Jordan and Thomas or Tom = between the two I will get some prod or poke but after Thomas I will get some form of direct contact - Had contact with Jordan april 11th and I think I got that prod april 13th when he came into paltalk under that other alias and was a bit rude….. he also came into paltalk under his regular nick name and stayed on for 7 hours on april 19th and he also changed his profile pic to one of him looking sad on april 20th but then took it down………I got contact from someone named Thomas april 22nd....fingers crossed this guy steps up and speaks for the love of GOD!

APRIL 1 2014 Markers given: Gonna see a military fort = Ex realizes that him being this negative is not actually getting him anywhere - fort hood military base shooting. Seen the fort on the news april 3rd.

Tony or Anthony = Nathan is realizing he can’t carry on like this and that he’s the one stopping things from moving forward and that I have tried to do the right thing and he’s the one that has rejected me - april 2nd someone named Antonio sent me a msg and also april 23rd.

Gonna see a husky dog = Ex values my loyalty - seen a husky in a video april 2nd and again in the evening time on an add on facebook. Seen an add with a husky april 7th. Seen a video of a husky april 14th. Seen a husky again april 16th ….. seen a husky again april 17th ……. Seen huskies again april 20th ……..seen another husky april 22nd.

Someone comes to my apartment who smells of aftershave = Ex will be a bit easier on me son's friend came over april 1st in the evening and had strong smelling cologne or aftershave or whatever it was. Woke up april 7th to the smell of my son’s aftershave/cologne. Smelled son’s aftershave again April 10th ……. my friend came over and put some of my son’s cologne on and it had a strong smell ….. son's friend had strong aftershave/cologne on april 21st.

APRIL 4 2014 Markers given: Someone talkin about measuring their feet or I see someone checking the size of their foot like what shoe size or taking a tape measure to their foot = yes ex will make a contact and it will come in when I least expect it (seen a commercial april 12th of doctor scholls foot inserts and a computer was measuring the feet and coming up with calculation numbers for foot arch sizes.

Someone will talk about monopoly = I will start to get an apology from ex - seen a commercial on tv about monopoly for xbox april 12th …. Seen a post on facebook of my friend talking about how she was playing monopoly with her son april 18th. No apology received just yet but that marker tells me it is coming at some point.

A man jerry talks to me = on the right pathway - my friend jerry on facebook sent me a message april 4th.

Someone named William will talk to me = contact from ex coming - a client named William sent me an email on the evening of april 21st.

APRIL 13 2014 Markers given: See a plowed field = will have new beginnings with ex - possibly seen this one on a facebook pic april 16th …… I seen a pic of someone standing in a plowed field april 17th …….. seen a plowed field on forest gump april 17th ……. Seen a plowed field on a youtube video april 19th ……. Seen more plowed fields april 20th …….seen horses plowing a field april 21st.

She also kept telling me back on April 4th or April 13th that he had not been working. I got confirmation of that when I seen the post regarding the meds he almost died from and the reason he hadn't been working was due to his illness. He hadn't worked in at least a week, perhaps even two weeks! Now she DID tell me that when I'd get direct contact he would have returned to work at that time. Fingers crossed!

SO!!!!!! That's my update on markers for now. Fingers crossed this guy speaks soon. In the meantime I'm trying to just let go of even wanting it. Sort of hard but I'm trying. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZING MISS SHELLY!!!!!!! Love you lots!!!!!!! Namaste.
Date of Posting: 24 April 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of Wisdom, United States
My situation is an ongoing one...and is going on for a good few years now. I had an update with Shelly at the end of March, and she said a certain something would happen between the 9th and 14th April. did..right now (it's the 14th) .and after I pick my jaw up from the ground I'm sure I'll take it all in!!! This thing that happened is part of the bigger picture for me, and it's a very important step towards my ultimate goal. I really don't want to put details of what it was, but it does involve a person and their intentions towards me :D As always I will continue to put feedback as and when her predictions come to pass. My road is a long one, but if you can take anything from my experience with readings. Please take Argus's advice, if he says not to contact..don't. If Shelly says to Figure of 8 then do. Because trust me if you don't..then delays occur or even the outcome may not happen. And that's no fun for anyone ;) I do trust Shelly's guidance, and even the little skeptic in me is finding it hard to not believe...that the outcome will happen. Thank you Shelly and Argus xxx
Date of Posting: 14 April 2014
Posted By: Ciara
I wanted to just say about the uniqueness of Shelly's markers. One in perticuler, I had the marker of "eenie meanie mighty mo but where the mo lands on is you" - which was the marker in time that the man in question had chosen me. I actually use this saying myself a fair but and so does my daughter but I just knew that wasn't it. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago and a lady on it says "eenie meanie mighty YOU!" Wow I was amazed, and exactly as Shelly said which at first I didn't see "where the mo lands on is you", and he has stated since that marker out of the blue that he wants to be with me. I've has so many markers and predictions come to fruition its blown me away. Xxxxx
Date of Posting: 12 April 2014
Posted By: SA

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