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Thursday, 29th July 2021
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Hi everyone.....I just had my first e-mail reading with Shelly and I was blown away on how accurate she is.

She told me things about me and my ''loves'' situation that was so very true... amazing she has such a gift to see the truth.

She is the ''real'' deal she is honest and accurate .... try a reading with her you will not be disappointed ..I am so blessed to have contacted Shelly she has gave me answers and hope....I can not thank her enough....Love you Shelly
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Carolyn
just a simple person just like you, Connecticut U.S.A
i always come here to read peoples testimonials ,that makes me feel so happy..JESS I READ YOURS case is very similar in parts to which jess wrote below..YES EVEN I HAD REACHED A POINT OF NO HOPE,JUST EVERYTHING GOING AGAINST ME AND ME FIGHTING TO HOLD ON..AND AN IMPOSSIBLE SCENARIO,BUT SHELLY SAW IT was her support and help/guidance that gave me the strength to hang in...FROM A DESPERATE FRUSTRATED DEPRESSED ME...SHELLY BROUGHT ME TODAY TO A STRONG JESS wrote below..I WISH THE OTHER COULD COME NOW ( the other person) I WISHED THAT my significant other was taking his own sweet time .the pain and hurt,the waiting and longing was just draining me,was so fed up that I WISHED SOMEONE CUD COME IN TO SOOTHE ME..but yet i didnt wana move on...luckily shelly never said i will meet someone :) like many others said i wud..i knew deep inside THAT I CUDNT AND I WONT...wish i cud write about my markers too..but boy !!! that wud take a whole lot of space,as i have many markers,AND ALL HAVE COME IN...but this one particular marker that shelly gave I WILL SEE A RED SKY,LIKE REALLY RED OR DEEP ORANGE...this was one marker that i have seen like a zillion times in the past few weeks...every where i look i see a wall paper,a photography..tho other markers also have repeated a couple of times...but this one i see everyday ...THIS TESTIMONIAL MAY MAKE NO SENSE TO THE PEOPLE WHO READ..i just felt like writing ..JESS HANG IN THERE..BELIEVE IN SHELLY...YOU STORY CANT BE AS TOUGH AND COMPLICATED AS MINE....IF I CUD STAND THRU IT WITH SHELLY,S HELP....SO CAN YOU :)
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: BM
I just have to write this coming from my heart. I've been on a tough, deep spiritual path for the past 5 years. It has been extremely painful in every way imaginable. I found Shelly January 20th 2014. I never had a spiritual mentor in my life. I'm self taught and self learned. But even a teacher needs a mentor at times. And I sure did. I've never had one. Shelly has been a tremendous mentor for me. I've been an obsessed mess really since about February 26th. Can't tell you all how many emails I sent to her and she was sooo kind to respond and she didn't have too. She's not in this for the money. She really really does care about people. She comes from an extremely high spiritual place. If nothing else, I'm so thankful that my life path has crossed hers. I've been going through a very heart breaking time with my soul mate who left me 6 months ago but the energy is still very very strong. A spiritual connection that I've never experienced before in my life. It has torn me to pieces. It is currently manifesting into the physical within my body to where I feel so sick, heart problems etc. Nevertheless, Shelly's responses via her emails to me have helped me so much to let go. Tonight I feel peaceful about letting go for once. I'm now focusing on me and my life. No more giving my energy to him and focusing on him. I've made a schedule and set small goals to accomplish just like she suggested I do, and you know what? I already feel better having done just that. Many of her markers have come to pass. In fact, most have, just haven't yet received the contact. Most likely my own fault putting too much energy into this situation and him as well. I'm now ready to release the pain and let things happen as they will when it's the right time for it all to come to pass. But I want to express just how much love I have in my heart for Shelly. I am forever grateful to be in her energetic presence. Blessings be to you Shelly. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of Wisdom, United States
This testimonial is for my March 1st reading with Shelly. More off the wall Shelly markers came to pass and I have to share. Still a couple that have not yet happened but I have to share the ones that have. I have had one of her newer ones repeat itself twice now and that one is news of contact with a michelle (i didn't know any michelle's personally) and she's either picking her teeth or i see someone else picking their teeth and then get contact from a michelle. March 4th my friend was at my house and asked for a toothpick or floss to pick the food out of his teeth and two days later i get an email from a michelle. Late at night on March 11th I had the tv on and glanced up to see a man on there picking the bugs out of his teeth and the next morning on the 12th i woke up to an email from michelle once again and I got another email from michelle today. That marker was suppose to indicate that my ex starts to think "ok have i blown it, has my own temper, anger, hurt and ego really blown it". Next marker she said someone talks about meeting a pro football player or wanting too or i meet one. March 5th my ex logged into a chat program for the first time in months under his regular name. A few hours later my friend and I were having a chat March 5th about stress on the job and he tells me he worked for mbna bank and ran private group meetings there and has met lots of celebrities and he started listing them off and the cleveland browns football team was part of his list of those he met! I NEVER thought that would come to pass cause what are the chances? That marker was to indicate that my ex wants the contact with me and he is thinking about how he can make that contact, and later on that same evening I get a friend's request from a strange person on facebook but I accepted it and that person has no profile pic, no posts, no likes, no nothing and I am the only friend on it's list. Then that person posted a random quote on my facebook page that said "A good quote about lying:'I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you' by Friedrich Nietzsche" and then another random post a couple days later containing a link to a show about how people get scammed on the internet with regards to love. So, the energy was very strong that day with signs matching the marker she gave for that one. Wish the contact would happen. I really really really wish it would. Some part of me feels like it won't and that it's just done, the other part of me still has this small 1% chance of hope but the more time that goes by the more I feel it's just not going to happen and the more separated I feel. Shelly and her markers are the only things that keep a small bit of faith going within me. Thank you for that Shelly. Blessings be with you.
Date of Posting: 14 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
United States
This is from my February 19th reading with Shelly. First I'd like to say that she is so sweet and compassionate and she is not in this for the money. I sometimes send her emails because I am so distraught over my ex and have been for almost 6 months now. I don't think I've ever experienced such a painful breakup besides once before and it took me a year and a half to get over that one. This one I really am having a hard time getting over too as I keep feeling like it's not done nor do I want it to be but man my soul is so tired now and I feel like throwing in the towel at this point in which I just might do. A lot of her markers happened. I haven't had any direct contact from him as of yet, not even sure I ever will but that's another marker from a more recent reading that I hope comes to pass sooner than later but I've lost a lot of faith (not in Shelly) just in everything in general. I'm even starting to have heart problems with palpitations etc at this point. That's how much pain there is still even after almost 6 months. But I wanted to talk about the markers. They are so off the wall but here goes: She told me I'd find a button on the floor or an item of clothing that was missing a button, well January 26th I had found a button on the floor and then two days after this Feb 19th reading I found two button type things that looked like they belonged to a belt on the laundry room floor. She said that means the woman he was talking too was no longer in the picture in that manner. She told me there would be talk of a book being borrowed or lent, well my friend and I were talkin about how she quit smoking and I told her I wished I could so she told me to try reading a certain book and she sent me the audio version of it over skype on February 28th and then we talked about a reiki book on march 6th and i sent her pdf version of the book that day and then today 3/13/14 I just sent that same pdf book to another friend of mine, so I don't know if that counts for that marker but it seems pretty close and that marker was suppose to mean he was ready to revisit things with me. She said March contact may be hit or miss but around the 22nd and after more strength for that comes in. So far contact has been a total miss as I have not had any just yet. She said I'd see a man messing with his mustache unconsciously and I did see my friend doing it February 29th and that meant I was on the right pathway. She said I'd see a zipper down on the back of dress and I did see that on TV and that meant I was on the right pathway. She also said there would be talk of someone using a new shampoo or that I would start using a new one, I already started using a new one before the reading and that meant I was on the right pathway. She keeps seeing some man named Dan, Danny or Daniel in each and every reading coming in but hasn't yet as I've not been ready. She told me not to ignore him when he does come in. I'll say I could really use for him to come in at this time. I'm tired now. :( I also keep getting another marker of shelly's that has repeated itself 5 times so far and that is the name angelo. I almost dread seeing it again because the last two times I have seen it, negative reactions seem to happen from him, like I get deleted off skype or I find him flirting with some chick on facebook. Good to know he's thinking of me while doing those things :( Anyway, Shelly is the only one I trust just because her off the wall markers keep happening and I have never had anyone else give me markers much less make any predictions that have happened for me over the last 6 months. In fact, Shelly is the ONLY ONE that told me since January that I wouldn't hear from him until March. Not only that but she has much wisdom and I know that I'm probably the one procrastinating the actual contact to happen cause I keep hanging on so tightly but like I've just lost positive faith because it seems only negative things keep happening after the markers and it makes me so sad. So I'm gonna keep reading with her and hopefully more positive things will come. I miss him dearly. :( Hang tight for testimonial number two.
Date of Posting: 13 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Big Sighs, United States

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