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Thursday, 29th July 2021
UK Time: 9:41:am

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

I can only keep this short because I only had the reading on Tuesday 28th August...I just thought I`d let people know that two of the markers that Shelly gave me have already presented themselves....One was a `hen party` ...well I went to a colleagues leaving do last night (31st) it was at a local pub, just as I was getting in to a car for a lift home a `hen party` crossed the road! I just couldn`t believe it, I just wasn`t expecting this marker to happen quite so soon....the other was `wind turbine`....this afternoon (1st September) I tuned into top of the pops on catch up tv for last Sunday because I was bored..I couldn`t believe it...a disused wind turbine was mentioned! Well what can I say...I didn`t ever imagine these markers would materialise so quickly but I`m gobsmacked that they actually have...I know Shelly doesn`t like to take the credit and that its ARGUS that gives her the info but she is the channel thats been chosen to give out information, my only regret is that I didn`t ask her to clarify something that I`m now wondering if you ever have a reading from Shelly, make sure YOU ASK her anything you are not sure about....I thought I would be dumbstruck with nerves during my reading but Shelly is so easy to talk to that I realise I was worrying about nothing...GOD BLESS.xx
Date of Posting: 01 September 2012
Posted By: Linda J
Thankyou for my reading shelly, I know you do millions of readings and I can't expect you to remember this but....

Tonite you asked me if I knew an 'Amanda', 'not really I said, only a friend of the friend who picked me up from airport' well...i have just got some texts from my man whilst facebooking and indeed he made his way down tonight from the north,
My friend Amanda from a group on facebook needed help again in interpereting (I have helped her in the past and wanted to shed positive light on her reading if I possibly could )
Anyway, we finished messaging and I thought 'Durr! that Amanda!!

The name Amanda was a marker for contact from my man!

Just want you to know just how spot on you are...heres another as well, you gave me a marker ages ago for a crochet blanket being a marker for my man being on my doorstep..there was one on my chair when I got to Europe, weirder still it belonged to my aunt and not one I'd ever seen before...and yesterday my aunt called my dad accusing me of stuffing it in my suitcase (as if) she found it later though!! The crochet blanket was doubly weird as it told me he was on my doorstep (london) even though I was in Europe, and then the marker appeared again when I landed back in Gatwick. So he was in London and the UK when I saw the crochet blanket

There are so many examples of the markers and the things you say to me to validate, you are amazing, thankyou for all your kindness, you give me the strength to believe in myself.
Date of Posting: 28 August 2012
Posted By: barb
via email to , UK
I have had several readings with Shelly and her guide, Argus, over the past couple of years. Shelly is always empathetic and always professional. I think of Shelly as one of my human guides here on Earth. I turn to her for guidance and she always provides me with a clearer road map to navigate the challenges of life. In my most recent reading with Shelly, two of my guides revealed themselves to her. One was an elderly Chinese man who is more than 3000 years old. He was an herbal medicine man, among other things, in his last earthly life. I am told that we often reflect our guides and I felt a direct connection when this guide revealed himself. Shelly doesn't even know this about me, but I have always gravitated towards Asian cultures and have often been fascinated with ancient Chinese tradition, especially traditional Chinese medicine. Incidentally, I am also working towards entry into medical school in the US. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to become a doctor.

A second and new in-coming guide also revealed himself to Argus during my last reading with Shelly. What was most extraordinary about this revelation is that the guide gave his first and last names to Argus. The new guide is an Englishman who last lived during the Victorian Era. I was able to research him via a google search. He was a prominent educator and an alumnus of Oxford University who served most of his career in British India. From my understanding, the relationship that exists between a guide(s) and an individual is so personal that often times guides choose not to reveal their identity. I was astounded when Shelly and Argus were able to provide me such detailed information about my guides, especially the latter guide as I was able to confirm his identity with an internet search. He has been sent to me to enhance my concentration skills and help me get to the next level in my medical education. My two guides seem to work in synergy--one encouraging my intellect and logic as a healer while to other helps me to be more focused and centered--all important qualities for a medical student and aspiring doctor.

My readings with Shelly have lead me to a better understanding and a profound appreciation of the spiritual world and the concept of a spiritual continuum. I've also been able to develop and trust my own intuition. After each reading with Shelly, I feel a stronger connection to her and I sense my spirit growing stronger, my mind and my heart opening up. My readings with Shelly give me greater clarity and more than anything else, they bring me peace. I can not recommend her highly enough. She has enhanced my life in profound ways.

Date of Posting: 05 July 2012
Posted By: Mo L
Aspiring Physician, Father and Son, U.S.A
Well i dont know how Shelley does it but she is spot on yet again, she said i would have a job by the 28th which gave me faith as i had a job interview on Saturday 23rd, which lasted 3hrs, and low and behold i got a call this morning telling me i had got it. She is just absolutely amazing at what she does and her markers are unique and brilliant, you never think at the time that you,ll ever see any of them as some are very far fetched and i do laugh at some of them, but they do all come true in the end. I just have to wait now to hear off a certain someone, who i really do know i will see again soon. Shelley is an amazing person and she is easy to get along with, nothing shocks her and she puts you at ease, oh and she has a good sense of humour as well.
Love from Sharon xx
Date of Posting: 26 June 2012
Posted By: sharon

Just wanted to share a testimonial about Shelly and Argus. I have been receiving readings from Shelly for a few years. I must say more recently she blew me away with something that i never thought would be true. She told me i would receive an invite to go to a celebration to Melbourne from a Male, a brother - toward the end of June, this indeed occured. I would when i travelled to a wedding to Qld, receive a phone call from an ex on a Thursday night. My thoughts were, never in a million years would this person call me! I also never told her i was flying up there on a Thursday night. Shelly described a freind, a discussion and a late night! Indeed, it was correct, i was blown away, i should nto be surprised, she has validated, provided markers in time and predicted things i never thought would be correct. However, this time was particularly different as this person is so very stubborn, it came in a way i least expected it, in fact i forgot about it, until it presented funny! She also predicted something that has taken some 4 years to evolve, not all has presented itself, however she always maintained the situation would present itself and the decision would be mine in the end. It takes time for the markers to appear sometimes, although i have learned, NOT to look for them, as this simply interfere's and also causes me to feel more anxious about things, if i let go and trust that they will appear when they are meant to, then all is well! and i am therefore empowered, which is what shelly ultimately wants for you anyway! Thanks shelly and Argus for sharing your gifts with all of us!
Date of Posting: 18 June 2012
Posted By: Belle

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