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Thursday, 29th July 2021
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Hiya shelly,i have to leave you this.My heart is in my mouth as i write this,you are such an amazing person and you have the most amazing most incredible gift ive ever known,infact i think you are an earth angel!:) You told me id hear or see something about a dalmation,i was looking at a pair of tracksuit bottoms online and i always read others reviews on the products b4 i buy,1 women said they were realy nice on but their grey and when they get wet you look like a dalmation!!!!I am so gratefull to have found you,words can not describe how much your geniune but true guidance has meant to me.Love lots shelly/argus and thanks so very much and i will be back.xxxxx
Date of Posting: 14 May 2010
Posted By: marie na
I would like to give another feedback to Shelly and Argus - I have had about three readings, where Shelly and Argus gave a marker in time that when I see a bird eating fish and chips I should contact J within 7 days. I did see a bird eating chips on my way to work, there was no fish but when I saw it, my heart skipped a beat and had a strong sense that I should initiate contact, so I did, however after a couple of days I fond out that J no longer have the same mobile number so I took all the courage I had to email him. Another marker was given that I would hear from this person when/after seeing window cleaners, I have had seen window cleaners but didnt hear from that person, I guess he missed his timings. Last Monday and this evening whilst watching a documentary, there was a window cleaner. I got home, checked my email and I was surprised to see an email from J. Also the timing that Shelly gave me hearing from this man between 8th and 17th May is spot-on. Fingers crossed that things go better now. I'm definitely going to book another reading for guidance.

Love lots

Date of Posting: 13 May 2010
Posted By: kat s
Shelly this is just an update on the last reading i had with you, you said that 'Robin' was significant and when i saw one or heard of one then i would have good news on the job front within 48hrs, well i thought to myself at the time i,ve only ever seen them on xmas cards and as i dont have a garden it seemed impossible, but as you always say look further afield and you know what, my mum phoned me and in the conversation she mentioned 'Robyn' which is my nephews girlfriends name, just out of the blue and as you probably already know i got the offer of a job just as you had told me,i couldn't be happier, thankyou so very much
love Sharon xxxxxxxx
Date of Posting: 12 May 2010
Posted By: sharon crook
I've had many readings with Shelly and she is just amazing, i dont know how she and Argus do it, she puts me back on track everytime i speak to her, i cannot reccommend her highly enough, she is easy to speak to as well and the things she tells you make sense, all that is apart from her validations which at the time seem odd and funny with what she says, but i can guarantee you they do come true and you give a little laugh knowing yet again she's spot on with her predictions, i havn't had a bad reading yet, i had a reading again yesterday and as usual i felt happier after speaking to her and felt things were finally going my way, i'll be back on here letting you know how things turned out which i have every confidence in, there is no better person to get a reading off, i was so lucky finding Shelly all them years ago, and wont use anyone else, as they dont match up to her and Argus.
love Sharon xxx
Date of Posting: 04 May 2010
Posted By: sharon crook
Well, I have done it,I think I have the best ever prediction yet and the funniest,I have a brother in law who is a farmer, and he is not in the least bit intrested in horses,in fact he refuses to have them on the place, so when shelly told me that there would be a donkey on the farm I said absolutley no way, I have been there today and my neice was showing me the 25 pet lambs which they have at the moment, she struggled to pick one up because he was so big and fetched him to me saying this is our huge lamb so we have called him 'Donkey', so they do actually have a donkey on the farm..beat that one if you can!! xx
Date of Posting: 03 May 2010
Posted By: Alison M

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