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Thursday, 28th May 2020
UK Time: 2:18:pm

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I have had lots of readings with fab shelly and argus in the last year or so and she has helped me enormousley with my realtionship, in fact I sometimes marvel at her patience as I am sadly lacking in it!but we are hopefully getting there now and she continues to pick me up,dust me off and put me back on track,i am always amazed at her validations, my last being sheperds pie! a very important one as it is a standing joke only between me and my man, and others too numerous to mention,thankyou xx
Date of Posting: 02 September 2009
Posted By: Alison
I have been having readings with Shelly for nearly a year and everytime they are 100% accurate. her predictions are always spot on too. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. She doesnt waste time and money talking about herself. SHE IS THE BEST!!
Date of Posting: 01 July 2009
Posted By: S
WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! Thank you Shelly and Argus, I am astounded by what you give. You have been reading for me for some time now and everything you have given has happened, just now waiting for the big one. I will wait as long as it takes as I understand it is about divine timing.....your validations are really random and weird, but all true. Your markers in time amaze me as they happen, and they settle me down. Shelly is very calming and down to earth, with a great sense of humour. xx
Date of Posting: 19 June 2009
Posted By: M
I think Shelly is amazing with her ability to give accurate readings with the help of the wonderful Argus! I have been speaking to Shelly (and Argus) for over a year now and EVERYTHING they predicted has come true. They have been 100% accurate with details right down to the exact date of everything. I will never bother with another psychic again, I have a really good connection with Shelly and I dread to think where I would be if it wasnt for her caring nature and amazing advice! x
Date of Posting: 17 June 2009
Posted By: Amy
Shelly and Argus are such a gifted team. Shelly is exceptional. Every word, past present, and future has been acurate and mind blowing. Once you have a reading with Shelly, you WILL want to come back. Thanks Shelly and Argus for keeping me going. So much love Maxie xx
Date of Posting: 18 May 2009
Posted By: Maxine

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