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Monday, 20th March 2023
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FAQs on Readings

This section is to give you some guidance on a reading, what to expect, what role you play and for to get the most out of your reading.  On my site you will not be able to book unless you agree to the disclaimer, so please read that first and foremost and then proceed to the booking.

Firstly lets deal with your part in a reading.  Obviously you are the client and you should leave the reading with clarity and understanding of what is being said.  So, if you have any questions you want answering, just ask.  When I read sometimes I have no idea, nor can I make any sense of what is being said, but it is not up to us readers to do that, it is for you to place and under most circumstances you will place it.  One of the things that I try and avoid is at the end of the reading, you, not having the answers to your questions, so please just ask and don't be shy in asking anything.  However, I won't answer certain questions and I will tell you this an explain why should you ask those type of questions.

If I give you a validation or ask the question 'can you understand' it does build the connection if you can validate that you do understand and if you dont at that moment in time, take it, write it down and revisit the reading later, as Argus will give you a vast amount of information and at some stage you will make sense of it.

Most readers, including myself, do need your voice vibration at some level, so please dont sit in silence, give a yes or no or ask your questions.  You get more out of a reading with a two way communication than just the reader to you.  This is not to say you have to give anything away as a good reader will not need this, but please communicate with your reader.

I always suggest that you have a pen and paper ready and to write down your reading as you go along and make more comprehensive notes at the end, dating this, so you can revisit it later and you will be amazed at how many things you later make sense of.

Please dont try and test or block a reader, most of us have been tested by professionals already and if a reader senses barriers, this can block the energies and it means that you wont get the most out of your reading.  Be open to what is given, and think outside the perameters of logic and listen to the intuition that flows through.  Basically never say never.

When you go into the reading, by all means guide me to the areas you wish to focus on. Experience has shown me that many people have readings wanting to look at specific areas, but because they don't verbalise this, or indeed when I have touched on it, they havent asked me to expand on it, so the reading becomes a general reading. Please don't be shy; tell me what areas you want me to take a look at and that way you have clarity around your situation.  Remember this reading is for you, not me, so you do need to take away from it all that you need to know.  Sometimes information will come through that you dont think relevant at the time, take it please, as if it comes into a reading then it is something you need to know and may have to act on.  Nothing is given that you don't need to know or you should ignore. And the reverse side to this is that sometimes you won't be given an answer to your question as it is something that you need to live and not know and avoid.

Readings are for guidance and to put you ten steps ahead.  They are not a replacement for living life and making the most of life, so please, take the information and use it wisely.

What you will get from me is total honesty, I am clairaudient (I can hear spirit), clairsentient (I can feel spirit), I am clairvoyant (I see symbols and situations), I can also smell and taste things that spirit put on me.  I am a medium.  I am empathic, so I sense the emotions around situation.  I can remote view.  I will validate throughout the reading and answer any questions that you have, so long as they are morally and ethically correct. If spirits do not wish to answer anything as you are not meant to know, there will be honesty around this, not because I dont wish to tell you, but simply because spirits only tell us things that we need to know and information that we are meant to do something with.  They won't tell you what you want to know, as if this were the case then there would be no point in being here and learning life lessons.

Golden rules simply are:

  • Be open minded, relax and this will help the energies flow.
  • Write everything down.
  • If you have a question....ask it. Remember it is YOUR  reading not mine, so you must get out of it what you want.
  • Let me hear your voice to make our connection stronger and you get a better reading.
  • Dont be shy with me, I will not judge in any way.
  • Come into the reading with a list of things that you wish me to look at, so prepare yourself beforehand for you to get the most out of your reading.

When I read for you I will ask you to do the following:

  • Have your arms and legs unfolded and uncrossed.
  • Have your feet firmly on the floor.
  • Take a few deep breaths.

By unfolding your arms and legs you free your main chakra areas on the body and this enables me to get a better connection.  Placing your feet on the floor will ground you.  Taking deep breaths will bring positive energies into you.

If I say to you a 'significant date' (for example, can you place a significant date in March) this means a birth, death or anniversary, family or friend or that month may have another reason for significance, you started a new job etc. In spirit there is no time or space, so Argus, will indicate a number too me and we have to work it out from there.

If I say a 'marker in time', this is what Argus is well known for. It means something that you will see or hear or experience and he will give a situation or a object. Never generic. These are given to settle you down and they come to you, you dont have to find them and sometimes they are not what you would expect, so be totally open minded. Most are completely odd and I love the feedback on these. I shall give you a couple of examples.

They always stand out, and they always bring comfort to you. We once gave someone the sight of a tractor up a mountain that there is no way that it should have got there, it would look impossible for the tractor to be there. This person went to Mount Kilamanjaro and saw a tractor up there that could not have possibly driven up there.

We once gave a person the information that she would see a pine cone on a white background, sticking up like a pimple, plain as day to see. This person was in a hot, Mediterranean country. This person was walking to work and had to go another way as the pavement/road was closed. As this person walked across a patio area there was one white paving slab, with a pine cone stuck up....just as we said, like a pimple.

One that made me really happy for the person was when we gave a conversation around a loss of keys, the smell of coal tar soap and the name Gary as a person they would meet. This lovely person went to a friends house who totally unsolicited retold a story that their partner had been locked out of the house due to a loss of keys and had to sit inside their vehicle for two hours; the door knocked and a Gary walked through the door that this person had never met before and when this person went to use the bathroom there was a bar of coal tar soap in the bathroom, when the people they went to visit never had that soap and only brought it shortly previously.

So you can see, they can be odd and random, but play out at some level. Have a read of the testimonials and you will get a feel for what they are. The list goes on and on around these, and in most readings they will be given, so no matter how insane or mad they sound, take them and watch them play out. They will always come to you, you won't have to look for them or find them.

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