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Monday, 27th September 2021
UK Time: 4:41:am

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

the 2nd mail shelly replied to..the answers that i desperately needed from a year,i spent 1000 of dollars... on this particular site with the top notch psychics....a few things were kinda right..but nor was i advised,nor was i shown a clear situation was very complicated..i was given wrong predictions wrong time frames..the basics were not shown.the confusion became results...I SWEAR..THIS LOVELY LADY IN ONE MAIL EXPLAINED IT ALL...GAVE SUPERB ADVICE WITH TIME FRAMES...INSIGHT THAT MADE SENSE....i read her mail a zillion times..IT WAS SO TRUE,SO PRACTICAL...SO BELIEVING...IT WAS A JOURNEY THAT I HAD TO MAKE,AND EVERY STEP WAS GUIDED BY HER..which i am sure going to follow..AM RELAXED NOW AS I KNOW HOW AND more consusions no more frustrations....AM SO HAPPY SO FULL OF POSITIVE ENERGY AFTER I CONTACTED HER....again i write,whoever reads this...DONT WASTE UR MONEY ELSE WHERE....SHE IS THE ONE .....(hugs) shellie
Date of Posting: 18 May 2013
Posted By: BM
a friend suggested our timings were not coordinating...and my case a very complicated one..we settled for an email reading....i must say,i have gone to many psychics,spent thousands of dollars..but not fully satisfied with the result,as in it always left me confused and wondering....i got different insights that confused me more...FINALLY i got the courage to do a reading with shelly...AND SHE WAS BRILLIANT...SO WELL EXPLAINED,SUCH FANTASTIC INSIGHT...SIMPLE CLEAR AND SHE COVERED IT ALL....ALL,THAT MADE PERFECT SENSE....NO CONFUSION AT ALL....i had two issues that i addressed to her,a bit scared about the answer,as i heard she was BANG ON ACCURATE....AND YES SHE WAS...SO CARING,SO CONCENTRATE, A STRANGER TO ME,YET FELT LIKE MY OWN WHO UNDERSTOOD WERE I WAS COMING FROM.....WISH I HAD FOUND HER EARLIER........who ever is reading this....JUST GO FOR IT...YOU ANSWERS,YOUR CONFUSIONS WILL ALL BE PUT TO REST BY THIS WONDERFUL LADY...from the ADVICE.topped with the INSIGHTS that made sense.......thank u shelly for taking out time for me from ur super tight schedule (hugs)
Date of Posting: 16 May 2013
Posted By: BM

Well Shelly & Argus are right again (don't know why it still surprises me!!!). I have has many readings with Shelly and her predictions and markers do come in. We have been talking about a relationship issues, Shelly has always told me I would have a choice to make, at the beginning I couldn't see that and didn't really pay attention to it, she said I would be one with power (he left me) again I couldn't see it. Time and time again contact comes in not with me initiating it and now I am the one that is strong.

In a reading a few months ago she gave me the name of a bloke and said it would be feb/ march time, sure enough in April (slightly late but it was early April) I met guy of that name. We hit it off. In most recent reading... Shelly gave me the Marker of the name "Ridley" I assumed Newton and Ridley the brewery in Corrie.... And said wen this came in he was thinking of contacting me.... A few days after the reading I am at work signing some documents wen I look at the name of the person... Surname Ridley... (Lightbulb moment) then spot on next day I get text from this guy!!

Shelly you and Argus never fail to astound... You deliver everything in a caring way and are always supportive.... And she will not just tell you what you want to hear!!!

I will back in touch soon! For next instalment lol

Thank you as always xxxx
Date of Posting: 11 May 2013
Posted By: F
Hi Shelley!

I had to update you on the markers, one was a when someone moans about a washing machine, he is more healed and will contact you.
One of the girls I live with was moaning the other day that she can never use the washing machine as its always full of other peoples clothes. Since that day, hes calling every day for an hour and texting too.

The other was, when someone speaks of a holiday abroad in July, you will realise he is more serious than you thought.
He called last night and said he is going away in July for 2 weeks and will miss my birthday.
When hes back he wants to take me to a really nice restaurant as he wants to make it all up to me for how he treated me before.
I was stunned as hes never made any future plans before or tried to make it up to me.

Thank you!!! S x x x x
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Date of Posting: 30 April 2013
Posted By: S
client of Shelly, UK
Should of written this testimonial weeeeks ago!!!

Shelly has proved herself time & time again as the best psychic I know, her predictions are second to none & I will only go to her now for a reading.

Iv said it before but I will reiterate, she tells you the truth & not the version you want to hear sometimes BUT the truth nevertheless... Its always delivered with tact & diplomacy & with great advice & positivity.

Iv been let down many times & had my hopes dashed by other (so called) psychics that have got my hopes up only to have them come crashing down when the prediction times come & go with NO joy!!!

Iv learnt to have patience through Shelly & know that she is ALWAYS right providing you heed the advice & don't sweat on it, live your life in the meantime don't dwell just trust. Rome wasn't built in a day & sometimes a quick fix to our problems are only tempory! So softly softly catchy monkey haha.... Trust her & you will not go wrong.

A funny little marker happened a few weeks ago literally hours after my reading. Shelly said be careful of a big metal bin, its broken!!! ... Well Iv lived in the same flat for 39years & never ever had a problem with the bin chute on my landing UNTIL that day, as I pulled the handle thankfully I quickly stepped back & in that instant low & behold this great big metal bin chute dropped out the wall & just missed my foot... It was that loud that even several neighbours come out to see what had happened!!!!

Othe predictions have been spot on ie: when to expect contact from someone & what they will even actually say!!! She's told me of random places my partner had been & was going even before I knew (nothing bad I might add lol) ... She has helped to save my relationship & my sanity ;-)

So to sum it up Shelly truly is the best there is a one of a kind incredibly talented gifted lady!!!!!! X
Date of Posting: 24 April 2013
Posted By: Tracey

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