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Saturday, 25th June 2022
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

i always come here to read the testimonials people write for shelly and argus..i feel so happy and proud when i read them..she deserves to get testimonials from every one each time they do a reading....when i read the previous one written,i said,its time i write another...i dont wana repeat everything i already have written.,tho i wud love will keep it short....i was lost,hurt,in pain and waiting for something that i thought will never happen..hopes given to me by many psychics from 2 years,thousands wasted..i was reaching a point of a breakdown.almost on the verge of losing hope..when i was told by a friend to contact was not only her insight or predictions that changed my world ..but it was her advice that made me do things that wd lead me to that path i so longed for..her patience with me was amazing.i turn to her like a little girl ,asking for advice,crying on her shoulders and sharing my happy updates...after 3 years almost,because i followed her advice,,i finally started seeing things change.i cant believe it is happening..if she hadnt to tell me how to do it,i wd nva see this almost there...and she always pulls me back when i run a bit too fast :) yes every marker has come to pass..and the situation has been an amazing experience..she grounded me,balanced me and brought the happiness back in my life,that i never thought ill ever have..i wd love to share my story or my markers here..but i will need a mini book to do its a very complicated case..i was too confused.but her every detailed email reply just cleared it all..AS I ALWAYS WRITE...AFTER GOD..ARGUS AND SHELLY ARE TWO PEOPLE WHO I AM ALWAYS INDEBTED TO TILL THE DAY I BREATHE MY LAST.............WHEN I FINALLY GET WHAT I WANT..AM GOING TO PERSONALLY FLY ACROSS THE WORLD TO MEET THIS have no idea guys what this woman has done in my life...SHE BROUGHT MY WORLD BACK TO ME :)
Date of Posting: 03 October 2013
Posted By: BM
I am so blessed to have had readings from Shelly and Argus, both of them together are angels in their own right and are absolutely amazing. Having had so many readings over the years nothing compares to these two.

My situation has been an emotional roller coaster with an ex. In all readings Shelly and Argus continually hit the nail on the head regarding his personality and behaviour. With the help of Shelly and Argus and their markers in time I know what's ahead of me in relation to him contacting me, hidden agendas and behaviour.

I have had 3 readings with Shelly and Argus since June, and in awe at how their predictions unfold and are continually validated. Their random markers in time e.g. the number 36 - the ex will contact me, someone talking of taking a cat to the vet - he will come forward, a man in spotted pants - stick to my guns, someone talking of golf - I'm heading in the right direction, lap dancing - the ex only wants one thing s-x, someone talking of postage - ex will come forward, people's names "Helen" - the ex is trying to flirt with other women. So many different ones from the three readings have come through and continue to do so along with their meanings.

After quite a few years this relationship ended earlier this year, and he has been contacting me and coming forward only to play games since August, leading me to believe he wants to try again, but not in a relationship only as a casual thing, friends with benefits...that's not for me, I'm better than that! I have been sticking to my guns. He has continued to manipulate situations to try and seduce me. I have since found out that he has been on an online dating site, trying to flirt with other woman meanwhile trying to seduce me..keeping his options open. I don't care about him being online as we are not together but I do care about the games he's is playing with me while he is on it. I have cut all ties now, his loss not mine and have learn't you can't always be friends with an ex.

There are too many markers/predictions and meanings to write down here but what I can say is that so far the ones that have, have come through exactly how they said they would and have prepared me on how to deal with my situation and him.

I am heading in the right direction now and at this point I know (along with Shelly and Argus) I haven't heard the last of this man as the markers are still coming through but hopefully it won't be long now before he realises he has lost me for good.

Having Shelly and Argus put things in perspective and their guidance has enabled me to deal with him when he does come forward giving me the strength I need, my heart is not in pain anymore and my head is clear, I can to see him for who he is and he will never change.

I love how Shelly is so compassionate and understanding and says it how it is, there is no fluffing around and she gets straight to the point. Shelly is a beautiful angel and I am so grateful to them both for their spiritual healing and helping me to regain my strength and become the empowered woman I am now, to be able to move forward and be happy.

I'm looking forward to more inspirational readings in the future and to the new man coming into my life early next year.

Love and hugs to you both.... xoxoxoxoxo
Date of Posting: 02 October 2013
Posted By: L
i have written may testimonials for this angel from heaven...the solid rock that makes me stand,when my life pushes me down..i trust her insight,as i have seen markers blow at me,i have seen her predictions unfolding and most of all her advise that keeps me on track...AWESOME,BRILLIANT AND FANTASTIC...and she has been there for me at me most needed hour..and that is called an angel in disguise not just a psychic who does there job..thanku shelly and guys rock my life :) bless u
Date of Posting: 06 September 2013
Posted By: BM
Shelly has been amazingly specific, even in generic questions. Her guidance has helped me a lot, and made myself open to see things more clearly. Predictions have come true before with her, and never with anyone else! She described the exact environment and occation in which something would happen in - and she was perfectly right.
Other things have been spot on too - and her markers? Specific and excellent! Try her!!!
Date of Posting: 17 August 2013
Posted By: A S
I have been in contact with Shelly for a while now, She has seen me through some tough times. I have not always believed her and at times have sought more than one second opinion, but more times than not she is spot on - The markers in time almost always come in - if you ignore them the way she tells you to. I have had work predictions; you will find a job you want in a building close to where you are now, its L shaped,has a flat roof, its tall, but has a taller building standing in front of it, you would visit other branches etc, and when you hear the name Damien and its in finance this will be it, in the next 3 weeks or three months. within the 3 weeks, the guy Damien was at another place of work, but it was a marker, it was a job i wanted, but did not get for several reasons. She also said, the current short contract I am n will most likely be extended to 6 months, It was.A marker in time fingernail or finger injury the job you are looking for will arrive, i cut my finger twice in the same week as this job, she asked if i was having an interview on Tuesday this week, I said no, she predicted that i would hear about the other job i am interested in for an interview, i have Today (tuesday) for this week, She also said i will not have to walk on egg shells in the current role i am in, she is right, its not as intense. I will also hear of a woman in a very senior position this month being "outed"of her job in September in my previous work place,that its totla chaos still in the place, and I will feel vindicated,(not sure if she is the one who created the issue we spoke of) ( still waiting for info on that front) but In another way, of all the things i was saying about some issues that occurred there,that it would still be mental even after the new structures were in place this person caused a significant amount of them.....I feel a bit vindicated by that and hopefully I will receive that final vindication we spoke of.....i also have to admit, I am not sure how she has the patience to accept me asking the SAME questions again, but she also mentioned names that come in and are significant in most cases, she has always predicted I will hear from my ex when his life goes pee tong, but i have never been convinced, but she always maintained long before it happened that it would always be too late and i would grow and change and decide he was not for me, which she always said he was not right or good enough for me, and i have come to that place with a LOOOOOT of time......the figure of 8 works, but I have had to work at that one! She has predicted in the past a flatmate move which would cause issues but i would get what i wanted in the end.... i did and it was the real estate agent who helped me get that outcome, just as she predicted...I have to say, when i go to others, they may be slightly more detailed in some area and pick up on things perhaps in ways she does not in term of personality, however, she is usually bang on, with most of HER predictions and MARKERS in time for the most part consistently come up. She always sticks to things she has said though, despite what i say, she also always talks about free will and our own choices in specific situations......however she is always encouraging, telling me look how far you have come from where i first was and what position I am in now, I first talked to Shelly when i was studying a degree and had lost a lot of faith, she said then, stick with it, it will pay off and pay you back, it has in many ways....and not to give up when i wondered why i was doing it.....she was right. I can see now, as she mentioned take the last gig as a lesson, incorporate it and move one, don't let it stop you from getting what you want, it was al smoke and mirrors, i am beginning to believe that now
Date of Posting: 13 August 2013
Posted By: Bel

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