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Wednesday, 27th October 2021
UK Time: 12:42:am

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Shelly, thank you & Argus so much for the incredible readings, your generosity with your time, your kindness and your indispensable insight.

For clients and prospective clients, thus far, I have had a few email readings and a phone reading from Shelly. After carefully looking through her testimonials, I decided to give her a try as I am very much in need of guidance on how to proceed at a crossroads in my life. I could not be more thrilled for having made this decision. If you are on the fence about reading with Shelly, try at least a one question email reading. Her prices are very reasonable and for about the price of a movie ticket, you will receive clarity that comes once in a blue moon.

As a spiritualist myself who has read with many psychics, I was astounded at the info Shelly provided. Her markers in time are especially helpful and make her reads unparalleled in terms of providing useful information. Often we tend to overthink a read, wondering "what if I do this? Oh no, I did this, did I just mess things up? Am I still on the right path?" With Shelly's markers, you have a concrete sign for both timing and whether you've deviated off course or stayed on target.

So far, almost all of her markers in time have come in right away with receipt of the reading - sometimes while I am waiting for it! I did not expect this as the situations the markers indicate seem as though they would be likely to happen further in the future. In the reading today, I had the marker “triangle within a triangle, over and over again." I thought you might mean fractal and didn’t expect to see such a symbol for awhile but sure enough, less than 20 minutes later when searching for something else, I stumbled on a youtube video showing triangles within triangles. This was amazing.

We all have difficult waters to navigate but I am excited and blessed to have found Shelly and Argus to assist in the task. Many many blessings to you both - really cannot say enough about them - they are for real. Shelly is a beautiful, compassionate, old soul who has been through a lot, we are lucky to have her here to share her gift.

Date of Posting: 21 October 2014
Posted By: J
Shelly is amazing at what she does. Once you read with Shelly, you will not need to read with anyone else. I felt I should share a bit of my experience as it helps to understand what kind of work Shelly does.
She stated I would have lunch with someone whom I had not seen in 6 months (we usually go out for drinks or dinner), I did, she also said I would see this person around a birthday, death or anniversary in Oct, I saw him the day after his birthday in Oct. She also said I would have the Marker of Phantom of the Opera, meaning I would hear from him, she was right. I had my ipod on random on his birthday, the song came on, not Masquerade, not Think of Me, not Music of the Night: The Phantom of the Opera, of 2000 songs that was the one.
She knew the type of cancer a friend’s mother had. She said a friend couldn’t accept an invitation to something which was correct. She knew I would get a job offer and when
Shelly is honest, professional and compassionate, she gives what she does her all and I greatly respect that. From predictions, to validations to names that are associated with our subject matter- she gets it every time! She connects and connects well. She has been so correct in her detailed description of people and events and has predicted many things that seemed unlikely. Her timings have been great too. She is my guide on Earth; she is a healer and has an amazing connection to spirit and energy. She genuinely wants the best for her clients. She also never becomes annoyed with repetitive questions and doesn’t judge. She helps you to navigate through the rough waters and forewarns of obstacles that could arise. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you Shelly for your sincerity, guidance and patience, you are one of the best whom I have ever met.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2014
Posted By: Van
sent to Shelly direct, London
OMG!!! For the past few months Shelly has been saying that my ex would contact me but I never believed a word. All the markers came and went without any event happening. I always asked Shelly why is this?? I got the same answer practise the figure 8.
I never did because deep down my heart I don't think I believed in this figure 8. However one day I thought what have I got to lose, it's not as if I'm getting any luck with my ex contacting me. I practised the figure 8 for about 2 weeks OMG my ex contacted me. I was shocked!! One phone call after Shelly your figure 8 works.
Sorry for doubting you please forgive me.
Please guys don't make the same mistake as me. If you want results practise the figure 8 and believe Shelly when she gives you a reading.
Shelly you're the best! Why didn't you come into my life before.

I'm booking another reading with Shelly.

Thank you so much Shelly.

K xx
Date of Posting: 11 October 2014
Posted By: K
Kam, Birmingham
My story is a long one, but I've promised to leave testimonials as and when they happen on this long issue I've had! I've had many markers to indicate 'they' are having problems, arguing all the time and their r'ship is falling apart. Including a slipped tile on a roof (my roof is leaking and it did big time over this weekend) also talk about a rented property, I had that during the week too, and this was to indicate huge rows between them two, you know the kind where you bang doors and don't talk to each other. I learned this weekend...they are arguing ALL THE TIME and sometimes go for days without talking to one another. So the markers are playing out to the outcome. Shelly told me they would have the mother of all rows between September 5th and October 5th and they unfriended each other on FB in this time frame, they are back friends on there now...but breakups take time, and I'm not panicking over the friend thing on FB. Thank you Shelly and Argos, for keeping me sane! Well...almost ;) hehe x
Date of Posting: 06 October 2014
Posted By: C
Hi, I had a email reading with Shelly few weeks ago. I asked Shelly a question on a ongoing situation which I have been having for months.
In the email reading Shelly mentioned something that only me and my ex discussed. I was shocked thinking how the hell did Shelly know this!! Well Shelly is the real deal. Wow, wow, wow!
I'm still shocked! If you haven't had a reading with Shelly get one now, what are you waiting for?? If you are the lucky ones who have had a reading with wonderful Shelly then you know what I am talking about.
I have seen nearly all the markers come to light. Every time I'm feeling low Shelly is the one who lifts me up again.

Shelly you are truly wonderful. How you know the secret between me and my ex only you know.
Sending you lots of hugs and kisses
Kam xxxxxxxx
Date of Posting: 29 September 2014
Posted By: Kam
Kam, Birmingham

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