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Friday, 18th June 2021
UK Time: 5:04:pm

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Back in May Shelly predicted that I would meet M a tuesday, and she could feel i definite change in my hair.

I put this into the box of predictions that never materialised, especially because despite my thinking of M I thought I would NEVER see him again (he used to live 200 miles from me, and actually moved to USA, I'm in DK, so the chance for us meeting ever again seemed very slim)

against the odds I met him a few weeks ago, just a few days after I had dyed my hair from blonde to blue, very bright blue. Him and his mom. I didn't notice him at all before he waved at me, and then he just mysteriously quickly left, and his mom followed him. I was otherwise prepared to have that polite chit-chatter that one usually do, but he seemed to not being able to get away quickly enough! In another earlier reading Shelly would say he would take me by surprise and leave me bemused of why he called. Well it wasn't exactly a phone conversation as I had interpretted it, but I am a little puzzled why he would wave just to run off quickly again, so at that point she was right!!

I was a little confused about date and time so when I came home, and I started thinkingt of shelly's reading ages ago where she told me about my change in hair, and I thought I should check if it really was tuesday that day. Guess what? It was!

Live and let go, and you will notice amazing things unfold even many months after.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2013
Posted By: A S
I have had readings for over two years with Shelly, but here, I would like to tell you about how markers can come months and years later, and be repeated.

Two years ago, i got a marker for a leak coming from a neighbour, and that the neighbour would be telling me about this leak, this was a marker in time for a particular situation to be resolved and for things to be at a proper level between myself and a particular person...two years on, I get an out of the blue email from this person, with news shocking enough to safely say, things have changed to a whole new level, a few hours later, a handwritten note through the door, saying they have a leak coming from my flat into their bathroom!!!

Leading up to this shocking news, I had other markers, one was for a distorted photo of the mona lisa, this was to tell me this person was on the way to me, i get his as a repeat marker every visit. i got a crochet blanket marker by watching an episode of a seventies show, and dismissed it, five mins later, in a totally different scene, a crochet blanket and matching cushion, then another one, all in the same programme!!! this marker is to say 'they are on my doorstep' and they were.

I waited a year for someone to say somebody was a 'loose cannon' as well, this meant the person I asked about in my reading had finally made a decision about what to do with an important situation.

so, what i m saying here, is if YOU had a shelly reading, or know someone who did, and markers did not materialise, you may just have to WAIT for them to happen. Do NOT look for them, the universe decides when things are meant to be, do not force things, but stay alert, and BELIEVE them when you see them, not like me, who now has to deal with the shock of her life!!!!

God Bless you all, and remember to stay positive xx
Date of Posting: 12 November 2013
Posted By: Barbara
Wow. Shelly is amazing. I have had couple of readings with her, but me being an impatient person I wanted to see the results immediately... Anyway 12 weeks on from my reading in August her markers are coming in when I am least expecting it.. One of her markers came into today which to be honest I did not think it would. Her advice is spot on just like her markers and validations, thank you Shelly for giving me the advice that you have..just by letting it be and forgetting about it like you said things are slowly coming through. Thank you for the wonderful advice and understanding of my situation.. Xx
Date of Posting: 05 November 2013
Posted By: N
Date of Posting: 21 October 2013
Posted By: BM
I left a testimonial in August, it had a " wait and see" but doubt it.......on the topic of vindication and getting it from the horses mouth, that i would run across the very person who was " implicated" by others in a situation; this is when i would understand the situation. The timing she gave then was two months. Its two months, vindication came last week, combined with other information related to decisions i was opposed to that are now being reversed...she, did it again. Another prediction, a person who was around at the time of this event, - I said the name - Shelly said, you will probably get a call from this person,. My thoughts, what, it's nothing to do with them, never; Shelly added - they will be digging for information; today, a random call from this person........3 months later, there were other markers that did emerge and in line with all that she mentioned about this subject........
Date of Posting: 17 October 2013
Posted By: B A

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