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Saturday, 25th June 2022
UK Time: 7:41:pm

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I just had my first reading with Shelly today and I have to say that she is absolutely amazing! She read me and my situation very well and a lot of details she discussed were spot on! Based on those details and her markers, I have every faith in her abilities! It also felt like Shelly really understood me and it felt like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

What's more is that one of the markers she mentioned already occurred about an hour after the call. She mentioned that someone would be going to Hawaii or it'd be mentioned. After the call, I went on Facebook and the very first post on my newsfeed was a post from a couple on their way to their honeymoon in hawaii. Crazy thing was I mentioned this wedding on the call (no specific details, but that the wedding had occurred a few weeks ago and something that had occurred at the wedding really affected me). Another marker she mentioned also may occur pretty soon based on comments my boss had made to me a few weeks ago.

Shelly is truly gifted and such a lovely, caring woman. I can't wait to see everything unfold and speak to her again to get further insights!
Date of Posting: 14 June 2014
Posted By: SD
I had a 20mins telephone reading with Shelly. She was amazing I can't wait to have another reading with her.
Shelly have me predictions and time scales I hope they come true. Will let you know I have full faith in Shelly x
Date of Posting: 13 June 2014
Posted By: Kam
I have been having readings from Shelly for years now, the first ever reading I had from her absolutely amazed me as my dad come through and told her things about my family that no one would know, that's how genuine she is, and I,ll never ever forget it, she has helped me out and put my mind at rest so many times during the years I have known her. The latest reading I had from her was an email reading, and let me tell you she is absolutely spot on with her dates, she said I should hear from a certain someone by 6th June and yes she was right and everything she mentioned in my reading was correct, even down to her famous markers, if you or any of your family or friends want a reading this is the lady to do it, no one else comes close to her, I swear by her and always will, plus she is a lovely person and easy to talk to, love Sharon xx
Date of Posting: 07 June 2014
Posted By: sharon
Shelly is an amazing psychic, she blew me away with her reading. She gave some predictions and also information and they are starting to come through. Thank you soooo much Shelly.x
Date of Posting: 04 June 2014
Posted By: rose lewis
united kingdom
My Dear All,

I want to share with you the great experience I had today with Shelly.It Is one of my great experience of my life. For more then ten years I was looking for some answers and for some confirmations regarding life, regarding people and of course what happens after we passed away. ..My Mother died eleven years ago, she was very young. She died tragically and very quickly. Life went on and on, I became a Mother too and a lot of questions and fears were in my mind and in my soul....Today, with the great help from God and from Shelly, I found all the answers I was looking for so many years. I have all the guarantee and confirmation of the fact that the Spirits of our Family is all the time with us. They help us, they support us, they knows all the time what we are doing and how we are feeling. My Mother is with me all the time and with my family. Shelly confirmed me today all the existence after we spirits are around us and protect us...Today I found the comfort and the answers, the feeling that I can live from now on happy because the Spirit of the one we love are here with us. Thank you Shelly! I have no words to thank you! I will come again to you!

Date of Posting: 04 June 2014
Posted By: OF
I am a Doughter, a Mother, a Wife and a Friend:-), Bucharest, Romania

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