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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Just wow. I had to leave another testimonial. Shelly and Argus are amazing!!!!

She gave my friend a reading a few months ago and told my friend that the guy she was with was no good and it wouldn't work out. She told my friend that she was going to meet the man she would marry by her next birthday (which isn't until end of December) BUT she told her she would meet a Libra before that and to stay way from the guy. Well, she met this Libra guy today and just wooooow the more he talks to her the more creepy he sounds and she remembered what shelly told her and is staying away! Amazing!

Shelly has given me a ton of markers with events to come that have come to pass....pretty much each and every one of them....over the past 2 years regarding a person I'm involved with. Some of them were very heart breaking but she's honest and other ones were much better.

She's told me of things I'd see, conversations people would have either with me or that I'd hear about. All happened. Right now, I'm getting a flood of her markers pouring in and have been for the past few days. They just don't stop coming! And the prediction she made of events to occur was for the month of August and BAM here come all the markers outlining these events that are to take place in August just two days before! And I've confirmation of their meanings already.

I was going to make a major decision just yesterday and Shelly told me NO NO you need to wait 3 days and if you still feel that way then make the decision. She knew I wouldn't feel the same way. Here I am the next day not feeling the same way. She also told me how to handle the thing and I did it the exact way she told me to handle it rather than making the major decision and BAM.......I've already gotten some desired results from it. I"m seeing things happening now that I didn't think would cause this thing was so hurtful. But I'm seeing the beginning signs now.

I don't know why sometimes I get afraid and have doubts. I should never doubt Shelly. Just call me doubting Thomas lol. I always believe what she tells me but my mind runs away with me and then doubting Thomas comes to the surface lol!

You have to call Shelly. She won't steer you wrong. And LISTEN TO WHAT SHE TELLS YOU TO DO!!! If you don' may destroy everything or delay it big time.

I am so thankful that she's in my life. Just so very grateful. Thank you so much Shelly for your kindness, compassion, honesty, always being there for everyone when they need even when you're going through your own storms. You have enormous strength and you are a true inspiration. I look up to you a lot. You're the mother I never had. The friend I never had. The spiritual guide I never had. The angel I never knew. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and strength with me and everyone who has the privilege of hearing your voice.

Blessings be to you and yours. Namaste.


Date of Posting: 30 July 2016
Posted By: Jess
Student of the Wisdom of Shelly, USA
K. So. I may have become too dependent on Shelly to get me through life over the last almost two weeks. lol. She's always there and she's always filling me up with the strength I feel I don't have and because of her and her awesome readings, I have great hope for what is to come.

July 7th, my partner left and moved to another state. I was devastated. About 8 hours later my boss told me he had to let me go from my job. I was in a panic. 2 hours later my entire apartment flooded. What a day! So, of course, I call lovely Shelly to see what's to come. I felt my life had fallen apart at that time. A day or so before all this happened I told her that I felt I was going to lose my job. Idk why but I had that feeling and it was something I couldn't push aside. I'm pretty intuitive myself, but my own mind and fears get in the way so I don't fully trust it just yet. I've much to learn in honing that skill.

Nevertheless, she told me, no I do not see you unemployed at all. Your boss doesn't really want to let you go. She gave me a marker that meant I was going to be working for him for longer than I thought. I got that marker, and bam, he changed his mind and is keeping me. He had already sent me the two week's notice email and the whole nine. It was nuts! I thought she was for sure going to be wrong. But NOPE!!!! Shelly ain't never wrong. lol.

She doesn't tell you what you want to hear either. I've had to hear some really tough and hard to handle things but she's said it was compassion and grace and somehow she makes it easier to deal with.

I don't know what's going to happen with the relationship aspect of my life and to be honest I'm losing hope and growing very tired and weary with the current situation. I'm holding on by a thread with the last small bit that's left in me. She has always said she didn't know if the things I'm waiting for to happen would happen in time enough for me. ALWAYS she's said that. I wasn't sure why she'd say that because it takes a LOT for me to even THINK of walking away from something that I see great potential in. But at this point, I'm not sure either and I now see why she's constantly said it. I believe her when she says these certain things WILL happen, but unfortunately, I also know she's right about it not happening in time enough for me. I've just been through way too much and don't really want to continue going through this rough situation as it exhausts and drains me and I am dealing with a very selfish person at this time. I know this person will change and become better at some point, but his selfishness has made me feel very unwanted, unloved, rejected and used to be honest but he can't see that. Just gets offended when I mention how I'm feeling, rather than reassuring me or giving me any kind of comfort that none of that is the case and SHOWING ME that none of that is the case. Shelly says it's not the case and so has he, and I believe Shelly, but it sure feels like it with the things he does and the choices he makes and many things he says at this time. He has made a few changes that Shelly said he would and one major change he made that Shelly said he would.

I've got many decisions to make and much to think about and little in me left. But for this moment in time, because of Shelly, I'm still holding on by that last thread and if I'm honest, this person should be THANKING Shelly cause she's the only reason I'm still holding onto this situation. Surely this person hasn't left me much to hold onto.

So, thank you Shelly for keeping me somewhat grounded and for all that you've taught me over this past 2 years. I have learned much and you really have been my guiding light. I'll forever love you. Blessings be with you and yours. <3
Date of Posting: 13 July 2016
Posted By: Jess
Student of Life, USA
I haven't left feedback for Shelly in a long while now. I keep watching things unfold the way she says. She's amazing at reading. She can read me like a book When I'm fed up with a thing and ready to walk away, she sees it. She's also given me reality checks when I need them. She's the most unbias reader I've come across. Most readers will tell you what you want to hear to keep you holding on and coming back to pay them. Shelly doesn't do that. She's honest with what she's seeing and feeling during the time of the reading and will tell you how it is in a very compassionate way. She's also hilarious.

I've been talking to shelly since January 2014 and pretty much every single thing she's said and all her markers have happened exactly the way she said it would. Things have played out just like she said. There's been times when she's felt my complete frustration to the point where I was ready to walk away. I'd later decide to stick it out but she knew when it was danger time for me to call it quits. She's told me how this situation would play out and so far, over the last two years, it's gone exactly how she said it would.

I'd like to comment on a few things. With readings, we all really do have free will. There are fated events that are destined to take place no matter the timing. Then there are things we do with free will that can delay that for years even. Some people want to get mad or frustrated when a thing doesn't happen right away or anytime soon. I have also gotten frustrated over the same. However, over time I've practiced the art of detachment. Energetic detachment. The result of doing so is things happen a lot faster. Shelly tells us to do that. If we strangle the energy and choke the life out of it, then it dies and nothing happens anytime soon. When a reader predicts something will happen during a specific time frame, please understand that WE can effect that.

Example: Say you called about someone that you broke up with or were having relationship issues with and shelly tells you there's going to be contact and things are going to go smoothly in 4 weeks from now and then it doesn't happen in 4 weeks...........that doesn't mean it's not going to happen at means we did something to effect it, such as trying to force something to happen, cause an argument, tell the other person exactly how we're feeling and thinking......that stuff can push the other person away and you will then get the opposite result of what you were hoping for in the first place and then you have to start from square one again. So whatever shelly said would happen.........may happen a year later rather than 4 weeks because of our own free will to effect something. If we just sit back, listen to what is said and don't interfere......stuff happens faster. Also, understand that everything is orchestrated by the Divine in this life and it is within the timing that the Divine aka God sees fit.

If a thing is meant to will be......even if it happens in 10 years from now outside of our own wishful timing. I love Shelly and her markers. She's not gonna tell you something will work out if it's not going to work out. She'd be the first person to tell you to get the hell out of there! Like I said before........she's been EXTREMELY accurate with my situation for a little over two years now. There's been a lot of rough times in my situation and a lot of unwanted delays but I admit......I was pushy and was trying to force things to happen the way I wanted in the timing I wanted. When I let go of it all.......things started running smoother and started to go the way I wanted. It's not all the way there yet......but I know it's going to get there if I can just maintain my composure lol.

Thank you Shelly for keeping it real, telling me how I am and what I need to change within myself and being there for me whenever I've needed. Wish I lived next door to you. I'd be your favorite stalker :p

Blessings be with you and yours. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 15 June 2016
Posted By: Jess
Student of Life, USA
Not my first nor my last positive testimonial for Shelly and Argus... Been read for since 2012? I think, about various subjects, not to mention vaaaarious men in my life. They see situations in almost scary detaila; scary cause of how accurate they are.

I asked about this guy S i used to date 2 years ago. Shelly told me contact wouldn't form the way I hoped, and I would learn that my feelings for him were for nostalgic reasons rather than reality, and my marker was someone talking about their sexuality which was gay; when this came in I would learn me and S don't have much in common anymore. Here's the irony though! S told me he was in a gay relationship after me and talked about how it was like. Now I can't say with certainty that was the marker, but he said that among other things which made me feel like we had grown far apart. Shelly also let me know contact would be hit and miss. One moment we can talk for hours about almost anything, but the next none of us are interested. I could see the outcome shelly predicted, about how our contact will slowly fade into nothing from now on, is very likely to be true.
Even more sad is it how contact was initiated with this man to help myself from my hurt feelings by N, that Shelly has also read me for a couple times. Also no happy love story from him, but nothing which is a huge surprise for me!

VutShelly gives no fairytales, only full honest truth, so make sure youre ready to hear it, she provides you with excellent advice that'll help you move further towards your goal!

Ty Shelly $ Argus!!
Date of Posting: 14 May 2016
Posted By: AAS
I can't say enough about this special lady. Shelly and Argus are a formidable team, they are non-judgemental, honest and incredibly loving. I have had several readings and I have had marker after marker show themselves followed by the prediction. Thank you Shelly for being my friend xx
Date of Posting: 07 April 2016
Posted By: Judi

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