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Saturday, 25th June 2022
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Trust is believing your partner when they tell you something is so.
And I do always believe what you tell me.
Trust is loving
Trust is kind
Trust is hopeful
Trust is honest.
It is exposing your vulnerabilities knowing that your openness will not be exploited.
When trust is established it leads to confidence,security and a positive expectation.
A deeper love.
Trust is not mean or hurtful.
It is not games or jokes designed to trip and trick.
It speaks with pride about it's lover.
It does not betray.
Trust and love go hand in hand.
Trust starts with the family and oneself.
Surrounding oneself with people we trust leads to relaxation and comfort. Agreement. Peace.
We then create a safe present and an even better future.

May I add the following.... Trust is about respect for one another; it is about NOT feeling vulnerable; about NOT feeling insecure; about looking at your relationships and NEVER fearing that you will be betrayed.  TRUST on every level is so important in a relationship and if you do not have trust, then you really need to look why and see if your relationships can be rebuilt.  Some can; some cannot; takes a strong person, not a weak one to try and rebuild trust.  But if you can rebuild..... well done, others can learn from you. x

December Psychic Weather Report. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE X


Dear pisces what busy bee you are, you career seems to be gathering plenty of steam, if you work for another you may have been given an important promotion, if you are self employed you may impress a client through business, no doubt the solar eclipse in your tenth house of fame and honours and achievements on the 25th of Nov was to bring you a number of exciting career offers. This is only the beginning dear Pisces thier will be lots more going through into 2012...remember the harder you work the greater the rewards from the eclipse be determined to keep you health strong as this eclipse may make you feel depleted with all that is demanded of you. The new moon is positive and you may rub shoulders with very influential people who can help you profession so you will be able to mix business wit pleasure ... have a blessed Christmas dear pieces and enjoy .....
ROMANTIC DATES .....1...4..6..7..12..13..20..21..24..25..28..29

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Eclipse (and not the movie...)


We enter a beautiful new moon on the 25th a partial solar eclipse this is fab, brings in new opportunities for you all, an eclipse can bring with
it great news ..that week or for some a month to that day later..if you have worked hard they eclipse will work for in your favour, as this is a very powerful time; for others you may well be eclipsing people or situations from your life....
a time for new starts and new beginnings and remember my motto, there is always hope and there is always a future... well one of my many  motto's...
We should utilise the positivity of the energies to help us strive forward in our own growth and personal development, in this way we can help others ... love to you all x

November Weather Reports


Dear Pisces what an exciting month you have in store, November will hold a friendly solar eclipse on the 25th of November 3 degrees in Sagittarius to fall on the very pinnacle of your chart, lightening your 10th house of careers honours and awards and achievements,this should be the movement when all your hard work you did in the past yrs elevate to new lofty heights....
Then we have the solar eclipse on the 25th of November this will open doors like never before
bringing opportunities that you never though possible will suddenly be offered to you ..
yes it gets better Uranus planet of surprising developments now also settles in your second house of earned income, this means you will see a profit from all that goes financial boost dear Pisces.
Are you ready ready for the weekend of the 26th/27th when Venus will enter your eleventh house of wishes and dreams fun and friendships .... get ready to rock and roll
Their is more good news mars enters virgo on the 10th November this is in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships ..go Pisces go


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Mercury Retrograde


Here we go again folks mercury retrograde time, on the 24th of November this is when the planet mercury will be going backwards as will all our communication skills, travel in any form delays at airport traffic lights ...delays delays at this point!
You may feel a little shaken duing this time may be even confused, some of you will think about ex partners and consider going back!! Do not make any decisions until after the retrograde on the 13th of December when you will think more you ex may also change their mind at this point between the 24th -13th so be warned
Those doing their Xmas shopping watch for those electrical items as good old mercury retrograde
can cause mechanical breakdown, your car, washing machine, Mobile phone check all you Xmas goodies... and please don't curse us for pointing these things out... other than that, have a good one....


Predictions.  Some are big some are small, but all are the same, clairvoyance is about likely outcomes and they amount to the same thing.  But why do they sometimes go astray.... why are they sometimes delayed?  Why is it that they sometimes do not come to fruition.

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