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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Sometimes in life we all feel desperate; we all feel emotional pain; we feel that there is no future and what we feel at that exact moment is how we will feel for the rest of the forseeable future; not a nice thought and this snowballs into more desperation.

How many spiritual people do you know that are classed as odd as they do not think like the rest of the populus? I should imagine many... but have you ever asked why? Why do they have inner peace?

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Time to tell you about the website and some offers and services on there... will list them
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As promised to a few of you let me share a game with you that can help you identify the guides voices and thoughts and your own. 

You should in time be able to tell the difference between the two. 

Many years ago when I was doubting all that I was seeing and hearing I said to Argus (not knowing who he was then) 'Ok if you are there, then on this journey please tell me the colour of the next car, when I cannot see around a bend and have no clear sight of anything'.  Please remember I live in rural Lincolnshire so this is relatively easily done out of holiday season.  So away I drive and the wind was certainly taken out of my sales on a 30 mile journey.  Argus popped into my head the colour, sometimes the word, sometimes the actual colour of the next vehicle I would see and every time he was right.  This went on and on and on the return journey the exact same thing happened.  Then he gave me a yellow car.  As I turned this bend I saw a bus.  I said too him, 'see you got that one wrong'... feeling rather smug... until he said 'look behind the bus'.  And yes, you have guessed it, it was a yellow car.  So try this game; it can be fun.  Please do it safely so you are not concentrating more on it than your driving or even better still do it whilst you are a passenger.  It has to be done where you cannot see the colour of the next car.  It is good practise and to this day I play it with him... probably bores him silly but I still enjoy it. 


Something similar is something that happens too me all the time.  Someone will pop into my head and I know I will hear from them or if I don't in a few hours from the thought, I contact them and sure enough it normally means they need some support, so please listen to those thoughts that are random.  They are important.

love to you all x


The planet Mars is about and YES it is going retrograde until around the middle of April. 

Those of you that tend to be a little feisty... will be more feisty and those of you that are placcid will be also be more feisty....... you may find you will be argumentative with partners; family; organisations, no one will escape the feisty energies and don't forget they can be feisty with you... so deep breathing please everyone, sleep on any issues, apply the three day rule I tell you all about and deal with any issue another day.


Here is the good news.  It will push us all forwards, a great time of progress so anything that you want doors opening for now is a great time to ask those doors to open and remember not to be feisty.  Keep your heads clear and calm the mind; make decisions wisely and with clarity and remember if you can't .. apply the three day rule.

Love to you all x



Happy Birthday Pisces, some lovely sparkling aspects in this birth month of yours from early to Mid-March, so please take these through the rest of the year. This month is mainly about work for you. What should set you apart from everyone else is your wonderful ability to write; speak; translate; decode. Your work should be highly imaginative and cause others to sit up and take notice. 12th March is a day when Jupiter and Pluto align, this heralds one of the biggest configurations of the year for you and as such this day is an important day. You may feel the energies of this day as early as 8th March and there is the chance of a generous financial offer associated with this day. The New Moon of 2012 will arrive in your salary sector on 22nd March and this is a good time to speak of a pay rise or to find other ways to increase your income. You may find that unusual work projects come your way, this is something that you relish and with Jupiter close to Venus it seems that everyone loves your work. This month does appear to be consumed with work and financial matters but there is still some room for love. If you are single it is possible that romance will not be high on your list of priorities, but Venus is in Taurus from 5th March until 3rd April, which is a wonderful blessing so you will not have to try too hard to find a partner or tread pastures new. Venus will help you. 13th - 15th March should be fantastic for you. There is a wonderful golden triangle to thank for this; it links Mars, Jupiter and Pluto and you may get outstanding news from a partner. Any papers to be signed during 12th March to 4th April please reconsider signing and make sure you have all the information before signing. 24th March a good day to make decisions; your mind will be so sharp it could cut.....

Remember Pisces; make a wish on your birthday as this is the most powerful day of the year for you.

ROMANTIC DATES: 3-5, 7-11, 12-16, 19, 30-31



Engergy cleansing and protection.  Vital to keep negative energies at bay as if negative, you feel awful and negativity encourages more negativity, but likewise... positive thoughts and positive energies encourage more of the same.

This one was taught too me many years ago and although simple it has helped me through some very dark troubled times and cleansed me of others negativity.  If you do not protect yourself against the negativity either by removing that person from your life or by this protection then it like a energy vampire, will suck the energy out of you and that is not right or fair and it eats away at you and your inner peace.

Firstly if you realise you have to move negativity before you place the protections around you otherwise you will lock in the negative energies and we don't want that now do we?

Here we go


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