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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Predictions.  Some are big some are small, but all are the same, clairvoyance is about likely outcomes and they amount to the same thing.  But why do they sometimes go astray.... why are they sometimes delayed?  Why is it that they sometimes do not come to fruition.

This is where I need you to listen carefully and take responsibility for your own actions, words and thoughts.  When in a reading and a reader gives you clairvoyance, it means that that is the likely outcome on the path you are on.  What it doesn't mean is that it is set in stone, as you have freewill to change anything in your life and your freewill can override everything.  No one, should take that freewill away.

When clairvoyance does not come to fruition, then you need to be looking at the why?  Have you interfered? Have you constantly thought about the situation, thus pushing your energies to it? Have you constantly tried to prod and poke the situation via contact, games, third parties? None of these helps, all delay and eventually the sell by date will be reached and the energy fades out.

Let me give you an extreme example.  Just say there is that one special person who you wish to be connected to and you become a bit of an intense energy around them to the point they avoid you.... you know what I mean , the txts, the emails, the phone calls, its all a bit too much and no one in their right mind would want to embrace this energy.

Pushing your energies at something does not help.  When you sit there thinking and willing them to come forward, (this incidentally goes against their freewill) contstantly analizing a situation, questioning everything, becoming jealous if they see someone else, none of this helps, it just tortures your mind and puts you into a mind path of just thinking about this.  Break that pattern and retrain your mind to get out of this torture chamber.  That figure of 8 I always talk about is ideal for this.  There are so many people who come back too me and say how it helps, so please if I give it in a reading please use it for your own benefit.

Stop the analizing, this does not help, you are not in the other persons head so you cannot possibly know how they think and indeed they may react differently to a situation to how you would, so your thoughts are not theirs and you will always need to see the other persons viewpoint.

Sell by dates.  Everything has this from the goods in the grocery shop to the electrical item in the electrical shop to us.  It is not right or fair that any of us be kept in a negative situation and you have all felt it at some point that you wanted something and it didn't happen, so eventually you move on; you heal, when you look back you then realise that it would never have worked and what you have now is so much better.  One of the worst things to then say is that you wasted so much time on waiting around and holding yourself in that situation.  It is simple.  You be open to the future and what may happen, but you move on anyway, healing and making the most of your life and those around you.  It will make you happier and make you heal quicker. 


Diving timing.. but I prefer objective space.  This is when everything is balanced and you can make decisions based on reality and not hurt. If this timing is never met, it means that the sell by date has been reached but also life lessons by one, both or all have not been learnt.  One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to learn from your mistakes and do not repeat past patterns of behavour.  Often we do and if they didn't work before, what on earth makes you think they will work in the future?  Please learn from your mistakes. Simple example is that if you stick your finger in a fire and it hurts... you wouldn't do it again. So please avoid those situations that cause you pain, they are painful as they are wrong and they are painful as they are not balanced.  If you are vulnerable in a relationship this is not balanced.  The balance needs to be there for the relationship to prosper.

Hope this helps and don't forget the interference from third parties... always destructive but if in a reading the outcome remains that you have an opportunity, if you let the third party interfere even in your head then you have the power to change the outcome.

All very deep thoughts for you take on board, but please ultimately remember that you must be accountable and responsible for yourself, your thoughts and your energies.  No one but yourself can be blamed if you have interfered, pushed, prodded or poked.  Sometimes it is better to leave the situation alone and simply live it.  Having many readings is not the answer, you are then not living in reality but in the future or the past and no one can live in that space for long.  Look at your here and now and move forward and let the universe decide when the time is right, when that objective space is met, that is not your decision, the one thing you have no control over, so please let energies go and wait for the rest to come in.

Love to you all x

ps may I remind you that this is all copyrighted too me so may not be used anywhere else without my express permission ... other sites have been using my words x

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