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Saturday, 25th June 2022
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Sun in Pisces 18th Feb 2015 to 20th March 2015

We all talk of the moon phases but there is also The Sun in Pisces from the 18th Feb 2015 until 20 March 2015. Being here means that there will be times that the good side of the aspects of Pisceans will out, such as selfless love; empathy; devotion and wisdom. But there will also be the shadow side outing at times... self pity, secrecy and being elusive. But on the whole this time is about being motivated by your instincts, but also listening to them so that you can adopt the attitude, 'what happens will happen'. Almost leaving things to fate, but listen to your gut instinct please.
love and hugs xxx

NEW MOON 18th Feb 2015

New Moon 18th February 2015. A lot will already be feeling this Moon, especially the following signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Saggitarius, Pisces, Virgo and Aquarius. The software shows the moon in Pisces, but it is just in Aquarius. New Moons are a time of us all looking forward to new beginnings and this one is no different. This one is about trying something new; being supportive, letting go of things that have haunted you in the past so the lovely fresh new energies can come in. You may find that you are impulsive and make decisions quickly so go with the flow and do not worry if you find yourself unsettled; affected sleep patterns and being impulsive when you are not normally. The energies have faded by Friday so you should feel more settled then.
Love and hugs xxx

Words from Spirit

This has been given to me ..... it has moved me to tears. I do not nor have ever done automatic writing, but was compelled to pick up the pen and this is what flowed.

As I wrap my love around you
I feel your pain
But in this pain there is gain
Our love is eternal
Unlike our mortal life it will never fade
Our souls become free
And we love for an eternity.

The road you walk you feel alone
This is an illusion
Forever around you I will be
For all of eternity

Walk your path with truth and integrity
Live your life as if I were there physically.
Make that difference to the world
As you were meant to BE

So BE my darling
Never alone
loved for eternity

Figure of 8 Energies


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Shelly x

Retrograde ... good or bad?

Mercury retrograde today.... please do not GASP... some are of the opinion that the retrograde is a bad thing... me, I disagree, it is something that we should actually see as a good thing as it allows us time to think things through clearly, buys us time so we don't make knee jerk reactions (which never end well by the way)... it is a time of reflection and a time of revisiting the past; a time to identify mistakes and learn from them. I would always advise not to sign anything in a retrograde as something started in a retrograde will always be slower than it could potentially be. But on the whole, it is how you view it and what you do with it that counts. So just be aware. We have been in the shadow of this for a short while before today and survived... so its not that bad really. Retrograde is until July 20th, so please just go steady with those decisions you have to make. A good day this week for us all is Thursday some scrummy delicious energies around at that time, courtesy of Venus in Leo, we all love Venus.. so have fun ... love and hugs x


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