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Saturday, 25th June 2022
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Neptune has arrived....... 3rd Feb 2012.  It has just left Aquarius and will be settling into Pisces for the next 14 years.... this will mean a more creative and imaginative atmosphere in your daily living.  It will affect you all in the weeks to come in different ways... for a lot it will mean a big work change and at a time where you all get your finances sorted.  For some, those financial difficulties have been around for a while, and it will change so be sensible with your pennies to help this change.... Neptune will bring in a great feel for you all, so give Neptune a chance to settle into the driving seat and watch out for the va va voom in the months and years to come.

love to you all x




Dear Pisces, what a month the planets have in store for you!!!  Neptune will enter your sign on the 3rd Feb and remain in Pisces for the coming 14 years...... Neptune is coming home.... Neptune is your ruling planet, so this will exert its best qualities while in its own sign.... Neptune's greatest gift to you will be to expand your imagination and your creative side... this will encourage yuou to express yourself in a completely new way.  Suddenly the world is listening to you dear Pisces... as you will be the voice that is setting the tone... you will be in the spotlight, for when amajour planet enters a new sign, that planet begins to influence everything, not only your own personal life but also society..... Pisces are considered to be the most imaginative sign of the zodiac; your intuition is sharp and one of your greatest talents is in knowing what the public will want down the road.  A Pisces just simply knows. Use this gift to your advantage.  The full moon in Leo on the 7th Feb will bring in a big project to fullness.... within four days of this date..... romance should glitter brightly; single Pisces will enjoy heavenly Venus in Pisces during the first week of Feb; the weekend of the 4th and the 5th should be rather divine ... mmmmm ..... and those already spoken for may be tempted.... so behave yourselves otherwise you will only enter pain and upset..... but on the whole what a fantastic month for you all.  Don't be shy around making decisions, be decisive and be straightforward, don't dither and don't hold back.  Have a fantastic month and enjoy Valentine's Day.

Romantic Dates:  4..5..17..18..21..22..24..26..28




What a week!!!

Monday the 23rd of January new moon in Aquarius ..what a week!!!! New starts, new beginnings; we also hit the Chinese new year on the 23rd ..the year of the dragon all about power and will be a year were you all should achieve something and get things done .. remember Mars goes retrograde this will not stop things but will allow things to go in slow motion giving you time to prepare and to fully decide what you really want ..until around mid April when the flood gates will reopen. x



Dear Pisces your year will begin on a good note , December was all work and no play, stay positive dear Pisces because with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury moving through your eleventh house of hopes wishes and dreams, you will have plenty of reason to start the year smiling and to connect with friends, socializing in the first three weeks of 2012...I want you to glam your self up and get ready for a magical romantic time this will arrive in January around the full moon on the 9th, get your self out there dear Pisces, as this will be a fun filled time, again dates to look forward to January the 14th when Venus in Pisces will receive a golden beam from Jupiter the planet of good fortune you will be on such a high this will make you irresistible so enjoy ...Try and sign any paper work before January the 23rd as the planets slow down after this, and wont speed up again till around 13th of April 2012...this will be a month to get your creative juices flowing as around the 23rd of January your intuitions will be at an all time high HAPPY NEW YEAR PISCES ..
ROMANTIC DATES ....3..7..12..14..17..20..21..25..30..31



Meditation does not have to be grand or long or intense, here is a simple one to calm you, to enable you to focus on yourself and your guides.  it is one that can be used anywhere, but be warned if you are like me and are lying down when you get to step 6 you will be fast asleep!


Firstly imagine in your minds eye an open space that you connect to, be it a beach or a park or a place of natural beauty.  There is always ten steps down to this wonderous place.  You stand with bare feet at the top of the tenth step, feel the wind in your hair, the sand or grass etc etc in your feet; the birds and wildlife associated with the place around you etc etc.  Stand awhile and enjoy the beauty of nature... take a step down to step nine.... repeat what you have already done.  Do this all the way down to the bottom step and in my case I step onto a beach... stand for a few minutes and feel the sun on your face, feel the heat of the universe; feel the love of nature and the power of it; listen to the water in the background; take a walk, what do you see?  I always see a big black rock that I go and sit on.... there you can meet your guide let them hold your hand and talk.... sometimes they appear as an orange glow... this is normal.... it is the reiki glow of orange.... then when you have calmed enough walk back up the stairs, feeling everything as you go. 


You should be all lovely and calm by now and feeling refreshed and cleansed.

Love to you all x


May myself, my family, my colleagues and team wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2012.  My only resolution will be not to make past mistakes; to learn from my own experiences and to continue listening to my guides.  Love to you all x

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