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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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How to let go (in addition to the figure of 8)

Hold out your hands and tighten your fists like you’re holding onto something. Imagine your man/woman is standing right in front of you and that you’re holding onto him/her with your clenched fists. You have his/her shirt in your hands. Don’t let go.
What do you imagine it’s like for him/her? What’s he/she thinking, what’s he/she doing? Is he/she squirming, trying to get away?
Does that sound familiar?
Now what does it feel like for you? How does it feel to be grabbing onto his shirt like that? Tension in your stomach?
Now look at your hands. It feels like you’re grabbing on, right, but look at where your knuckles are, the part of your hand that’s closest to him.

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Raw Hearts take heed x



Venus enters Scorpio early today and will be around until November the 2nd 2011
it is a time for intense passion, and you will find this could be your main focus in the coming weeks,
with Venus in Scorpio.
You will find that eye to eye contact , that friendly smile will not be enough, you will be crying
out for contact with some one special, the feeling will be extreme and intense during this time
power ..passion.. electricity.. will be running high threw you may find that relationships
could be no1 on your priority list as we move froward threw October.
some of you may experiences feeling of vulnerability or giving up your own power to others
Venus trine chiron this will bring about a chance to heal our personal relationships as many
of you will be more open to commitments, it will be a good time to learn from each other ,
a strong time to build trust in relationships and see the potential in one another .
Remember we more easily see beauty in human weakness and less inclined to see fault !
or may be we chose not to see...
So in essence... its another of those that you should ride the wave and not worry too much x

Oct Weather Report



Dear Pisces watch those finances as they will need careful handling
this month, you will have all the necessary tools at your disposal
to make those important changes to your spending, and borrowing
You will feel more motivated towards your work area, and to many demands
on your time.
watch for conflict around work or fellow co-workers, though I feel if you
work independently at your own pace all will be fine.
your communication skills are on a new level this month , and you will be
reconciled for your ability to express your self ..shine Pisces shine .

Dear Pisces the sun moves in to Scorpio on or after the 23rd of ocotber
socially you will feel more in your element and feel like kicking up your heels
Waite and watch and see what November brings on the love front ..will that heart be
beating faster ..
ROMANTIC DAYS ...8..9..23..26..28..30..31.

Dear Aquarius developments are on the way, your career will be
your main focus this month, you will feel more assertive and more
motivated towards business goals and your own financial situation
you will be meeting new people, who will in its self bring in new opportunities
you will have to bare the brunt of a lot of responsibilities around you,
making you feel bogged down, so because you don't take on to much,
or more than you can handle, take one step at at time, deal with situations
on a daily bases. some people will experiences their partners to be demanding
or in a bad mood , this will blow over .


Dear Aquarius always on the go , your best opportunities for all those
single ladies/gents will come threw work /career thanks to Venus in Scorpio
on the9th threw to the 31st of ocotber.
Those already in a relationship will enjoy spontaneity, a trip for fun bringing in romance
best days are .1.2...6..15..16..20..21..28..29

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