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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Trust is believing your partner when they tell you something is so.
And I do always believe what you tell me.
Trust is loving
Trust is kind
Trust is hopeful
Trust is honest.
It is exposing your vulnerabilities knowing that your openness will not be exploited.
When trust is established it leads to confidence,security and a positive expectation.
A deeper love.
Trust is not mean or hurtful.
It is not games or jokes designed to trip and trick.
It speaks with pride about it's lover.
It does not betray.
Trust and love go hand in hand.
Trust starts with the family and oneself.
Surrounding oneself with people we trust leads to relaxation and comfort. Agreement. Peace.
We then create a safe present and an even better future.

May I add the following.... Trust is about respect for one another; it is about NOT feeling vulnerable; about NOT feeling insecure; about looking at your relationships and NEVER fearing that you will be betrayed.  TRUST on every level is so important in a relationship and if you do not have trust, then you really need to look why and see if your relationships can be rebuilt.  Some can; some cannot; takes a strong person, not a weak one to try and rebuild trust.  But if you can rebuild..... well done, others can learn from you. x

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