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November Weather Reports


Dear Pisces what an exciting month you have in store, November will hold a friendly solar eclipse on the 25th of November 3 degrees in Sagittarius to fall on the very pinnacle of your chart, lightening your 10th house of careers honours and awards and achievements,this should be the movement when all your hard work you did in the past yrs elevate to new lofty heights....
Then we have the solar eclipse on the 25th of November this will open doors like never before
bringing opportunities that you never though possible will suddenly be offered to you ..
yes it gets better Uranus planet of surprising developments now also settles in your second house of earned income, this means you will see a profit from all that goes financial boost dear Pisces.
Are you ready ready for the weekend of the 26th/27th when Venus will enter your eleventh house of wishes and dreams fun and friendships .... get ready to rock and roll
Their is more good news mars enters virgo on the 10th November this is in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships ..go Pisces go



As the month starts you may be pleasantly surprised the attention and praise V.I.P s
will pay you, you have waited all year for this, professional opportunities wil be arriving at your door, and ones that are surfacing will be simply dazzling.
Your home will need quick attention as we hit the full moon on the 10th, things are looking up dear Aquarius...all the news should be happy and upbeat, you may conclude negotiations on a lease, sale or purchase at this point , or make a final choice of contractors for that renovation...all this will be possible with good luck Jupiter in your house of home. Watch out for November the 26th/27 as theses will be wonderful days for news
related to home and family and property. Jupiter will send glimmering beams to Venus to help you get out standing news at this point in your life ....
Their will no reason to stress out about money for you have generouse Jupiter rand Pluto supporting your every move .. Mars will work with Jupiter and Pluto to create the most generous and heavenly of all aspects the golden triangle linking money/home and a very powerful coming into your life. A big month dear Aquarius enjoy .
ROMANTIC DATES ....11...13..19..22..23..25..26th/27th



Dear Capricorn last month was heavy duty , for Saturn was quite prominent in most aspects in October, as we move into November you will see that your finanacial picture is not as bad as you thought. Your expenses will begin to calm down once Mars leaves your house of credit on November the 10th , and from then on you will be able to get a better grip on things. more good news the 22nd/23rd should give you good financial news, once mars enters virgo on the 10th of November this will stay till 3rd of July 2012 this will light up you ninth house of big dreams and wide horizons. A wonderful intellectual and stimulating part of your chart encompasses, learning study and philosophical thoughts and travel.... when it comes to love you can expect a bewitching moment at the frost moon on the 10th of this month it will bring love to a great height
again more good news love will occur once venus enters Capricorn on November the 26th
ROMANTIC DATES .....2..3..5..9..10..15..16..18.19...TO BEST DATES 26TH AND 27TH
This will be a delicious month for all Sagittarius and one of your favourites for 2011 you have been working hard and finally you have come to the point, when your talents will be recognised. their wil be many different shifts in the heavens in November, but one that will affect you the most will be the new moon, the solar eclipse 3 degrees
in Sagittarius on the 25th., the friendly eclipse that will allow you to drive your life in precisely
the rite direction you want. Once Mars moves into your house of achievement and fame sector on the 10th your career will take off like a whirling frie cracker. In matters of love venus will be Sagittarius from the 2nd to 25th making the best time for single Sagittarius, for your charm will be hitting an all time high. The biggest new will resurface after the eclipse on the 25th , when all your goals will be in sight .. wow what a month Sagittarius aim high and enjoy this fabulous month.

ROMANTICDATES .....2..3..11...13..16..17..22..23..25..29/30

Dear Scorpio are you ready for a fantastic month ahead
you should have some of the most beautiful things going on in your chart..your 2 rulers Pluto and Mars, are working on your behalf..lucky you as this will give you the ability to side step difficulties , when other signs have had to deal with them.  You will be the most popular this month, and find yourself in high demand.  In November it is time for you to take large and small steps forward achieving your goals and dreams, as you enter November, there will be no mountain to high no river to wide..think big dear Scorpio the universe is listening. Once Mars moved into virgo on the 10th through to the 3rd of July a delicious social scene will begin to unfold, every part of your life
will begin to improve..romance ..professional ..and financial. On a romantic level things maybe geting delightful and serious for Scorpios who have been dating a long time , and feel ready to tie the knot...the full moon on the 10th will bring in a relationship fullness.

ROMANTIC DATES ....5..9..10..14..15..16..26.27

Dear Libra you are going to be busy busy this month
working your charm is going to be effortless this month ,
you have come threw some difficult months, but November
will represent a vast improvement over the challenging times you have faced ... One of the most pressing issues has been finances, but this month your prospects for seeing more money shine brightly, you may get news of a pay raise, or find a new sauce of income in early November look forward to the 10th of this month for some happy financial news.  A question involving your home appears to gather steam, but despite your fears
to the contrary you will soon be able to restore things , if not this month certainly by late Dec/early Jan.  You may be busy packing for a trip once the solar eclipse arrives on the 25th with four happy planets in Sagittarius all fire signs that blend beautifully with the Libra element, so you should be looking forward to a wonderful out look, even love should improve in November with the 3rd and the 27th being stand out dates ...

ROMANTIC DATES...2..3..11..16..17..22..23.26..27..30th

Your time is comping dear Virgo, after having come through a very hard time from 2007-2010 the universe is about to grant you a wish .. Travel will be in the air if you can get away flying to a new direction will nourish
your soul.  You appear to be thinking big, and profit potential of those ideas are strong luxury all the way Virgo..if you have business to conduct the first 10days of
November are the best to achieve great results .. The eclipse on nov 25th will bring family matters or domestic matters in to focus this will be a great time to settle things.. be careful not to make any firm commitments while we are in the mercury retrograde 4th of nov -13th of dec..mercury rules your sign making this planet a double impact to you.. Nether less the eclipse will bring in good news and interesting discussions that you may find
exciting..hold your self back Virgo, till mid decemeber, you have time so do not rush as one opportunity disappears another will follow this month near the 22nd November
Romance the last week 25th-30th of November will be a tender time for you when Mars in Virgo will corporate with good future Jupiter

ROMANCE DATES ...5..9...10..14..15..26...27



Dear leo your charm is considerable this month, Mars enters virgo on the 10th and will stay for 8 months ... I feel you will like this trend, this will be a time when you will really make your mark.... the full moon on the 10th will bring sensational career and news, so if you have been looking for work over these past weeks or months, look no further this should be your big moment ...
you may be planing on renovating your home or even talk of selling, but remember do all this early in the month, well in advance of the mercury retrograde 24th -13th of dec. November 25th the eclipse can bring in shocking news, but i don't feel this for you dear Leo, it feels bright in every aspect.  This could be a time for the seriously attached to be given marriage proposals or to discuss pregnancy or the care of a child.. I may say put the champagne on ice..dear Leo as their may be more than one celebration at xmas.  Watch out for the spontaneous travel from the planet Uranus 22nd to 23red ..and the 25th
will be an outstanding day for love ...

ROMANTIC DATES ...2..3..7..8..1...13..16..17..22...23..24...25

Dear cancer you work relationships will improve in November but avoid over loading your plate with huge responsibilities you have been dealing with plenty of pressure in the last 2yrs due to the presence of the eclipse in your sign and grand cardinal cross... this has seen you worrying about covering your mortgage or rent time are changing cancer, your career is under going change
the friendly solar eclipse on the 25th brings shifts in your work area no need to worry dear cancer the changes will benefit you over time and with Uranus in perfect angle to the sun on nov 23rd your ability to impress your bosses and to rise through the ranks will be strong.... you will be in the mood for love with four tender planets filing your
fifth house, early November, should bring thrilling opportunities to find you one true love... if your single the new snow moon on the 10th will see you being invited to parties.....go cancer go

ROMANTIC DATES ..4..5..9..10...15...19...23...26..29

Dear Gemini frustrations on the home front...would you like to redecorate, buy or sell!... mars the energy planet will light up those areas...brilliantly..starting November
the 10th..this will continue 3rd July 2012.... you health dear Gemini, take it slow and as you approach the
full moon on the 10th....plan a lazy weekend 12/13th .you have had a demanding year so far, so pamper your self ..
your ruling planet mercury will go retrograde on the 24th Nov till 13th of Dec, so don't make any big descions just yet.... you big moment of the moth will come around the solar eclipse on the25th of Nov  is time to announce you future intentions with someone close... a big high on the romantic front will be around the 26th-27th chances are you will be getting close to making your intentions known

ROMANTIC DATES ...2...3..7..8..12..13..16..17..22..23..26..27..

Dear Taurus are you ready for an exciting month.  The 10th will bring heightend emotions and personal revaluations, November will be a happy month.  Good future Jupiter is now in Taurus a once in a 12yr advantage
any seeds you plant now have the potential to grow into tall oak trees.  On the 10th of Nov Mars wil move into Virgo a fellow earth sign a potentially riveting 8 months of romance..Nov 16th-27th a time when you should get your self out..then a chance meeting can really
turn your life up side down.  One of the biggest moments will be the solar eclipse of Nov  you may here news about receiving a large chunk of money .... a generous gift bank loan or insurance pay out... wow what a great month Taurus...

ROMANTIC DATES ....2...3..4..9..10..11..15..16...26..27

Dear Aries your sites will be set high in November, you will be combining practical matters and make fanciful ones this month, you will be making enormous progress on the work front.  November wil be a month for taking a break from recent pressures you have accomplished a great deal..enjoy November softer influences.  Money has been a pressing concern, but good financial news may be
just around the corner ... Jupiter (good fortune) and Pluto..will be a rare harmony during the first half of the month, so you may get an opportunity to raise your the full moon on the 10th.  This could be the best month to shine this year. Love will take a back seat this month to other considerations, but don't worry dear Aries you will have several sweet moments at the start of the month the the 3rd when Uranus will
play puck to Venus ... Venus in Sagittarius will boost your social life from Nov 2nd to 25th

ROMANTIC DATES ....2..6..7..12..13..16..17..23..30

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