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Thursday, 18th August 2022
UK Time: 6:50:am

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Mercury Retrograde


Here we go again folks mercury retrograde time, on the 24th of November this is when the planet mercury will be going backwards as will all our communication skills, travel in any form delays at airport traffic lights ...delays delays at this point!
You may feel a little shaken duing this time may be even confused, some of you will think about ex partners and consider going back!! Do not make any decisions until after the retrograde on the 13th of December when you will think more you ex may also change their mind at this point between the 24th -13th so be warned
Those doing their Xmas shopping watch for those electrical items as good old mercury retrograde
can cause mechanical breakdown, your car, washing machine, Mobile phone check all you Xmas goodies... and please don't curse us for pointing these things out... other than that, have a good one....
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