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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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December Psychic Weather Report. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE X


Dear pisces what busy bee you are, you career seems to be gathering plenty of steam, if you work for another you may have been given an important promotion, if you are self employed you may impress a client through business, no doubt the solar eclipse in your tenth house of fame and honours and achievements on the 25th of Nov was to bring you a number of exciting career offers. This is only the beginning dear Pisces thier will be lots more going through into 2012...remember the harder you work the greater the rewards from the eclipse be determined to keep you health strong as this eclipse may make you feel depleted with all that is demanded of you. The new moon is positive and you may rub shoulders with very influential people who can help you profession so you will be able to mix business wit pleasure ... have a blessed Christmas dear pieces and enjoy .....
ROMANTIC DATES .....1...4..6..7..12..13..20..21..24..25..28..29
Dear Aquarius you have one vibrant month ahead filled with many different influences, the most important one will centre your attention on the total eclipse of the moon 18 degree on the 10 of Dec. It is safe to say that change is blowing through your window you deserve a loving emotional life and the eclipse in Gemini/Sagi will help you achieve this .that romantic relationship that is right for you may be on its way. Uranus your ruling planet will turn direct
on the very same day, as the eclipse on Dec 10th this will bring in great news, because you ruler is moving forward you often feel like nothing is clicking on any score. Money continues to to be a consideration and you will needed to monitor the checks you write carefully, in the coming months....dear Aquarius have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you spend a lot of that under the mistletoe...
ROMANTIC DATES ..2..4..9..10..14..19..26..27..31
Dear Capricorn all work and no play one or two work projects you have centred your attention on lately are about to reach a final stage with the total eclipse in the 10th of December...December will be a very busy month so make a concentrated effort to stay back at home, but particularly as you get close to the 10th of Dec the eclipse will be extra strong and the demands that will vibrate will be particulary focused on your health, you may be working yourself beyond your limits, bringing on those winter colds and flu...You are fortunate in that Mars in your compatible virgo is now in your 9th house of travel and foreign lands..more so than usual. Venus and Jupiter will be cooking up all sorts of wonderful romantic surprises for you so you will be set up socially all month ...have a blessed Christmas dear Capricorn and take it easy ..
ROMANTIC DATES ....1..4..6..7..15..16..24..25..28..29
Dear Sagittarius you are now in in the process of renewing your life from the bottom up and from the inside out ... Due to a serious of eclipses that have come by in Saggi/Gemini since they started a year ago on the 21st of Dec 2010... the next one is due on the 10th of Dec in Gemini this will make you think about your closest relationships, they will be at th centre of your thinking if you are ready you may joyously get engaged, or make other plans, such as promise to become exclusive as a couple or to move in together... The job of the eclipse is to awaken you to realities that you may not have noticed or had or for some reason ignored...for the truth you see now
may be very sweet and touching that your partner truly loves you and wants to be with you forever. Watch you health under the 10th of Dec the eclipse especailly in Gemini saggi may bring attention to matters that need your focus ...have a wonderful Christmas dear Sagittarius enjoy and relax ..
ROMANTIC DATES ...3..5..10..1014..20..21..22..25..31
ps .... I am particularly interested in this one .... being a good old Saggi myself, will keep you all posted x
Dear Scorpio money matters can be very important in the first half of this month of December, you may find your self sticking to a budget I feel this will be around the eclipse around the 10th of Dec as full moons bring ends so you may finalize a venture, a business deal, or make a final agreement on a property.... The eclipse may bring dramatic news but keep in mind that anything that suddenly comes out the blue will be in your favour, if you stay alert..
you will find that friend will help you on many levels this month professionally and personally, with your ruler Mars coming in to your house of hopes wishes and dreams... Romance will be bright for you all this month but particularly if you travel over the weekend end of the 3rd and the 4th I see you staying close to home so nothing to costly at this point ... have a wonderful christmas dear Scorpio and keep out of trouble .
ROMANTIC DATES ..1.7..12..20..21..25..28..30.
Dear Libra eclipse season is here and surprising events will be popping up all over the place, as you get closer to the end of the month you are likely to be at home rather than on the road. The new moon around the 24th is set to light your sector of house, property and family, so you be hosting house guests or doing a lot of entertaining. Single Liberians who are unattached and eager to date a new some one will not be as likely to feel this at times as jarring influence of Uranus, so feel free to meet lots of new people, have confidence that some one will soon come your way ... Venus will help you once it moves into Aquarius on 20th of Dec to stay until January 14th 2012 ... one of the best days for future love will be the 21st have an entertaining Christmas dear Libra
ROMANTIC DATES.....9..10..11..14..23..26..27..31
Dear Virgo as the year comes to a close, you might have to assume that you will have to think about is the up coming holidays, their wil be much more fun and excitement... just around the corner, you will have decisions to make
as I feel their will be massive changes in your life ... the next eclipse on Dec 10th will be a total eclipse of the moon of Gemini this may see a female/male you work with or a client saying goodbye... your long-term outlook or career is simply sensational... The new moon on the 24th of Dec may be your favourite time of the month, this will light up your house of true love opening the door to impossible now breath taking romance, you will have quite a powerful allure at this time, for Pluto wil be orbiting close to both the moon and the sun. So both male and female Virgos will enjoy a great deal of attention so enjoy the gift of Christmas dear Virgo and have an exciting time
ROMANTIC DATES ...2..4..6..7.15..16..20..21...24..25..28..29
Dear Leo life is about to become very very exciting, romance may be just around the corner, eclipse forces us to see things in a new light and help us renew the area of our lives that they focus upon, eclipse are strong indication of change and they come in pairs so the next one will be on the 10th of Dec 18 degree in Gemini, you friendship house will be highlighted and although this eclipse has mixed aspects I feel in the end you will benefit from what happens... you will feel more assertive as Saturn will make you say what it is on your mind in a very articulate way... New Years Eve brings in the Aries moon a fellow fire sign like you dear Leo it will bring in fun and adventure so i feel you will be on a high... so happy Christmas dear Leo enjoy this month, as I feel you will be sorting your life out ready for 2012 ....
 ROMANTIC DATES ..3..4..9..10..14..19..23..31
Dear Gemini what a month for you, December holds a great deal a total eclipse of the moon of Gemini on Dec 10th ... eclipses are forceful indicaters of change this one will be capable of changing your life style, your career a romantic relationship, and the way you view yourself, this will be an important time for you it would be best not to travel in or around the eclipse as some times an eclipse can lower your resistance and bring in colds and flu...
this has been a year of high spending for you and probably been thinking of ways to bring in more cash... Hang on in there as there may be good news around the new moon on the 24th of Dec bonus time dear Gemini or a big pay out... so reminiscent we expect to see a whole new you in January 2012 .. have a wonderful Christmas Gemini
ROMANTIC DATES ...3..9..10..14...20...21..31
Dear Cancer the total eclipse that arrives on the 10th of Dec indicates that if a secret has been with held from you, it would suddenly come out in the dear Cancerian the eclispe has been in your sign over the last
2 years and this made you life stressful, the new series of eclipse will be in Gemini and Sagittarius, this will be a different energy and fareasier for you to adjust to. December will be a big month for family gatherings, but this time your sister or brother will take centre stage, rather than your parents, this will be due to the eclipse, in a sibling sign of Gemini. In your career Uranus will be turn direct on the same day as the eclipse on the 10th so may bring happy developments. Uranus brings in fame and this will be significant... have a wonderful month Cancer and a Happy Christmas ...
ROMANTIC DATES ...1..3..4..7..19..22..24..25..29..30
Dear Taurus you like the feeling of money in the bank, food in the pantry what does generally not pleasure you is hearing that a source of income is about to phase out... Do not worry don't be blue with the eclipse in Gemini it looks as though you can find not one but 2 pipelines of money immediately or in time... Jupiter will move forwards on the 25th of December the planet of good luck and financial bounty so rest easy dear Taurus Christmas fairy will arrive. Romantically with Mars slowing down its orbits in preparation for retrograde in late January 2012 you may suddenly feel unsure about your feelings for a romantic partner you have been currently dating, do not worry sit back for after the Mercury retrograde on the 13th of Dec turns direct clarity will return... special days for romance will be 21st and 22nd of decemeber..have a blessed Christmas dear Taurus and look forward to 2012 ..
ROMANTIC DATES ...3...4..6..7..16..21..22..24..29
 Dear Aries are you ready for the month of December you could be delaying with delays and a general feeling of been held back. Work will be a main focus giving you many projects to do, one area of your life that you won't be patient on! It involves waiting for money that is owed to you, the good news is that it looks like checks are on the way ... The full moon brings a a total lunar excelsiors on December the 10th this will trigger news about a contract to sign. The very best of news will arrive around the 24th of Dec new moon, new exciting career opportunities, I'm sure some where you will still find the time in this busy month for fun and excitement... have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the fun

ROMANTIC DATES .....3..4 ..10...14..27..29 NEW YRS EVE MOON IS IN ARIES

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