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Tuesday, 22nd September 2020
UK Time: 3:12:pm

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As promised to a few of you let me share a game with you that can help you identify the guides voices and thoughts and your own. 

You should in time be able to tell the difference between the two. 

Many years ago when I was doubting all that I was seeing and hearing I said to Argus (not knowing who he was then) 'Ok if you are there, then on this journey please tell me the colour of the next car, when I cannot see around a bend and have no clear sight of anything'.  Please remember I live in rural Lincolnshire so this is relatively easily done out of holiday season.  So away I drive and the wind was certainly taken out of my sales on a 30 mile journey.  Argus popped into my head the colour, sometimes the word, sometimes the actual colour of the next vehicle I would see and every time he was right.  This went on and on and on the return journey the exact same thing happened.  Then he gave me a yellow car.  As I turned this bend I saw a bus.  I said too him, 'see you got that one wrong'... feeling rather smug... until he said 'look behind the bus'.  And yes, you have guessed it, it was a yellow car.  So try this game; it can be fun.  Please do it safely so you are not concentrating more on it than your driving or even better still do it whilst you are a passenger.  It has to be done where you cannot see the colour of the next car.  It is good practise and to this day I play it with him... probably bores him silly but I still enjoy it. 


Something similar is something that happens too me all the time.  Someone will pop into my head and I know I will hear from them or if I don't in a few hours from the thought, I contact them and sure enough it normally means they need some support, so please listen to those thoughts that are random.  They are important.

love to you all x

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