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Friday, 18th June 2021
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Engergy cleansing and protection.  Vital to keep negative energies at bay as if negative, you feel awful and negativity encourages more negativity, but likewise... positive thoughts and positive energies encourage more of the same.

This one was taught too me many years ago and although simple it has helped me through some very dark troubled times and cleansed me of others negativity.  If you do not protect yourself against the negativity either by removing that person from your life or by this protection then it like a energy vampire, will suck the energy out of you and that is not right or fair and it eats away at you and your inner peace.

Firstly if you realise you have to move negativity before you place the protections around you otherwise you will lock in the negative energies and we don't want that now do we?

Here we go

- shut your eyes and look for a moment at the colours you see.. normally brown if you have negativity around you. This colour should go to lilac/purple asyou do the removing of negativity (cleans your chakras as well)..

- ask the universe to send down the blue and violet light of cleansing to cleanse you and your environment of all negativity and return to mother earth to produce something positive.

- visualise that through the top of your head a blue and violet light is coming through your head and going to the tips of your toes.  Then fill your body with this light as you would fill a glass of water.

- as you do this and bring the light up through your body and your chakras you should see the colours in your closed eyes start to change to lilac.

-bring the light back through the top of your head and swirl it around your body from head to toe and back over your head all around the body.  You can also increase the area by taking it around your home and other people.

-shoot the light to the earth so positive comes from the negative.

- when you have done this then please visualise a white light of protection shooting down your head to your toes....

-bring it back up your body the same as the violet and blue light

-swirl it around yourself as above and again you can swirl it around your home and your loved ones.

-take it back through your head and when I do this the colour in front of my eyes turns to white.

-as you send the light back to the universe seal the top of your head in your mind's eye and this seals the protection in your body.


I would suggest that this be done at least once a day.

Love to you all

Shelly x


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