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Thursday, 28th May 2020
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Oct Weather Report



Dear Pisces watch those finances as they will need careful handling
this month, you will have all the necessary tools at your disposal
to make those important changes to your spending, and borrowing
You will feel more motivated towards your work area, and to many demands
on your time.
watch for conflict around work or fellow co-workers, though I feel if you
work independently at your own pace all will be fine.
your communication skills are on a new level this month , and you will be
reconciled for your ability to express your self ..shine Pisces shine .

Dear Pisces the sun moves in to Scorpio on or after the 23rd of ocotber
socially you will feel more in your element and feel like kicking up your heels
Waite and watch and see what November brings on the love front ..will that heart be
beating faster ..
ROMANTIC DAYS ...8..9..23..26..28..30..31.

Dear Aquarius developments are on the way, your career will be
your main focus this month, you will feel more assertive and more
motivated towards business goals and your own financial situation
you will be meeting new people, who will in its self bring in new opportunities
you will have to bare the brunt of a lot of responsibilities around you,
making you feel bogged down, so because you don't take on to much,
or more than you can handle, take one step at at time, deal with situations
on a daily bases. some people will experiences their partners to be demanding
or in a bad mood , this will blow over .


Dear Aquarius always on the go , your best opportunities for all those
single ladies/gents will come threw work /career thanks to Venus in Scorpio
on the9th threw to the 31st of ocotber.
Those already in a relationship will enjoy spontaneity, a trip for fun bringing in romance
best days are .1.2...6..15..16..20..21..28..29

Dear Capricorn ocotber brings in a new lease of life a strong month for those creative skills
and pursuits in love.
Your ambition will be heightened this month , their will be a lot of team or group effort
were you will shine in all aspects. You will have a strong involvement with friends and
associates , your support will b rewarded as their will be opportunities for personal advancement
in the last week of the month.
Balance is needed this month will prove very hectic at times , pay attention to family
who I feel will need you mid month .


Things are looking up for single Capricorn as Jupiter is in tarsus till June 2012
get out their and socialize dear Capricorn , you are likely to find the one for you
mark ocotber the 28th in your diary go have some fun.
ROMANTIC DATES ..22..23..26...31


Dear Sagittarius you will have a strong desire to be around friends and family
be careful you don't over commit your self this month, as much as you like to be
involved and help out others, you may well forget your own need DON'T ..
for those single saggi a new love affair may come into play around the 11th
you will be working hard with reconnection, your profile will be highlighted
in the last week of ocotber. Its a time to shine your light.. don't hide your abilities.


For all those single Sagittarius a time for fun , with blind dates or on line dating
travel will be highlighted to fan the flames of existing relationships , or for some finding new love
may be an alternative .
The end of the month will be about moving forward, and lets just say the best is yet to come
Novelist will bring in a few surprises.. 26..28 great days

Dear Scorpio big conversations open up this month, with either new connections
or reaffirming old ones or existing ones .Though I still feel you will be stepping
back till mid month, a time to charge those batteries I feel , for the year ahead and building
up your energy reserves , as your career path will be forging ahead at a fast pace.
watch out for confrontation with people around the work area ,who will appear very demanding
on your time and energies .


Dear Scorpio you hit your own sign this month, so when the sun moves in to Scorpio
on the 23rd get ready for some excitement, new partnerships can be formed
promises can be made relationships can blossom, ocotber the 28th has a wow
factor enjoy
ROMANCE DAYS ..23..26..30

Dear Libra were has that balance gone, you spend all your time making everyone else
happy, but this month you can tend to your own needs, with out feeling guilty.
its time for you to push your own personal thoughts, and progress forward, you
never now their might be a few surprises this month, look at your close relationships
around the full moon on the 11th.
Be careful you don't fall out with a friend or family member as tensions are high,
but all things apart every one has struggled financially over the coming weeks,
but i feel things will improve for you in the last week of ocotber , a time to get your
finance's sorted and debts to be paid .


This will be a month for those with a close relationship or serious relationship
things may be unsettled for you all, but romance will ook up after the 13th of
ocotber, it will be a month for making de scions ...look out for the unexpected this month
ROMANCE DATES ...20..21..24..25..28..29

Dear Virgo money money , you have been worrying about money , much of
this year, October is an excellent time to take charge of those finances
you need to buckle down in a light hearted way, and put your best foot
forward and get your priorities straight .
Romance could be on the cards threw friendships, or travel in ocotber
any relationships with family or neighbours that have been unsettled
has a chance to improve, bringing in happiness and a more relaxed
Energies may be a little low so get plenty of rest as i feel that the coming
months will prove busy and very exciting.


Get ready dear Virgo for October the 9th when Venus enters Scorpio
till the 2nd of November, this will be your best time for romance
you may travel to some were new ... a night a weekend away
remember to keep that air of mystery and magical times will follow
ROMANCE DATE ..7..8..18..21..22..23..26..27..28


This month will be about getting the rite balance of self assertion and
cooperation, it will prove a great challenge this month, but come on dear Leo
you can do it ..stand strong and hold your head up high .
Around the 11th of October a chance to further your education so all systems go
you will be meeting new people who will stir you into new ways of thinking
time for a change .Financially you could be taking an idea or project to the bank
de scions need to be made , try not to stress and worry this month .


Dear Leo the spot light will be on you , enjoy the attention this month
as Mars in Leo will make you more attractive, you may feel more attractive
to every one that crosses your pathway, you may feel like a magnet
this is a great time for you , were love may just find you.
ROMANCE DATES 1..2..15..16..20..21..28..29

It will be a time to focus on work and family issues this month,
a job offer may be hard to refuse, around the11th of October
or a career matter reaches a head. Some of you may take a
friendship in a new direction, romance may blossom...
others may meet a significant person threw a friend or group
work health and fitness will be a big focus this month, pamper
your self dear cancerian, you will feel inspired and motivated
to better your self .


A little way for you to go dear cancer, but look forward to the
back end of the month, love will bloom once you reach the new moon
on the 26th of October and the 2 weeks that follow , Venus will be in
Scorpio a great spot for you.. October the 9th till November the 1st
this will see you making the most of your a tributes...may be its time
for a make over...
ROMANCE DATES ...7...8..18..26...30

October says romance, and looking at relationships purely superficial
elements of partnering are no longer tolerated , or a creative project
will be heavy on your mind, you may even consider entering a business
partnership, their will be job changes and new job opportunities
that are heading your way the end of October is highlighted
this will be quite an impulse month for you Gemini.


Love will not be easy this month , tier could be a few obsticals
take time and think about how you should respond to others
do not create challenges , love will be their so do not worry
just nothing spectacular this month..
ROMANCE DATES ...15..16..20..21..24..25..28..29

Dear Taurus watch you don't take on to much this month
as work commitments take over, are you taking on more than
you can it all hands on deck ..or not enough hands
this may lead to frustrations that will come to a head around
the 11th of October.
On a brighter note , from mid October on it is all about relationships
particle towards the end of the month, it will be a time for you to stand
up and be counted, I time were you will be taking the lead ..
you may also feel quite restless as this is a time for you to get rid
of the non essential things from your life ..


Romance will be best in late October, as Venus the love planet will be ready
and waiting to pull you with that special some one ...
ROMANCE DATES ...7..8..12..13..14..26..27..29..30

Dear Aries be aware that others will be looking for more
commitment from you this month , you may decide that your relationship
is not living up to its potential, this is going to be a serious month on the
relationship front ...are you going to be romantic or playful ..
this is something that you may choose to look at on a serious level
around mid month .
career and finances are strong this month you will be sharing with
the world your leadership skills , and making important de scions.


If you are single Mars will light up your house of true love
you will be meeting new and exciting people , so get out
their dear Aries ,as October threw to November 11th really is your
time for romance ...
ROMANCE DATES ...6..20..21..28..29
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