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Sunday, 24th May 2020
UK Time: 10:52:pm

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Retrograde ... good or bad?

Mercury retrograde today.... please do not GASP... some are of the opinion that the retrograde is a bad thing... me, I disagree, it is something that we should actually see as a good thing as it allows us time to think things through clearly, buys us time so we don't make knee jerk reactions (which never end well by the way)... it is a time of reflection and a time of revisiting the past; a time to identify mistakes and learn from them. I would always advise not to sign anything in a retrograde as something started in a retrograde will always be slower than it could potentially be. But on the whole, it is how you view it and what you do with it that counts. So just be aware. We have been in the shadow of this for a short while before today and survived... so its not that bad really. Retrograde is until July 20th, so please just go steady with those decisions you have to make. A good day this week for us all is Thursday some scrummy delicious energies around at that time, courtesy of Venus in Leo, we all love Venus.. so have fun ... love and hugs x

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