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Sunday, 24th May 2020
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Dear Pisces, what a month the planets have in store for you!!!  Neptune will enter your sign on the 3rd Feb and remain in Pisces for the coming 14 years...... Neptune is coming home.... Neptune is your ruling planet, so this will exert its best qualities while in its own sign.... Neptune's greatest gift to you will be to expand your imagination and your creative side... this will encourage yuou to express yourself in a completely new way.  Suddenly the world is listening to you dear Pisces... as you will be the voice that is setting the tone... you will be in the spotlight, for when amajour planet enters a new sign, that planet begins to influence everything, not only your own personal life but also society..... Pisces are considered to be the most imaginative sign of the zodiac; your intuition is sharp and one of your greatest talents is in knowing what the public will want down the road.  A Pisces just simply knows. Use this gift to your advantage.  The full moon in Leo on the 7th Feb will bring in a big project to fullness.... within four days of this date..... romance should glitter brightly; single Pisces will enjoy heavenly Venus in Pisces during the first week of Feb; the weekend of the 4th and the 5th should be rather divine ... mmmmm ..... and those already spoken for may be tempted.... so behave yourselves otherwise you will only enter pain and upset..... but on the whole what a fantastic month for you all.  Don't be shy around making decisions, be decisive and be straightforward, don't dither and don't hold back.  Have a fantastic month and enjoy Valentine's Day.

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Dear Aquarius, Feb should be a favourite month ... it's birthday time and friends are surrounding you, to remind you how appreciated you really are.... with the Sun and Mercury in your sign you will feel at home with the planet Earth and finally things are going your way..... romantically if you have been dating it may be atime to make a big decision about your relationship.... if your in love Valentine's Day may come early for you .... as on the 7th the full moon is an absolute perfect time to get engaged or wed.... within four days of this date....... in business or legal sense a partner or enemy has to be contained ...this person will be out and about speaking forthrightly and you will finally know how you need to deal with this person.... in relationships, family ones, you need to help heal any energies that are broken, look to see how you can help; look to see the other viewpoint and look to see if you were in any part at fault, then do the right thing and help heal the conflict.  It will not be straightforward but a good time to start. ... one of your sweetest moments this month will occur over the weekend of the 25th/26th when a get together or a full blown party at home could be a sensational success...something is happening this month and it is involving your finances, there is no doubt that you have high expense (and expensive tastes) and you may be concerned about keeping finances under control (so that new outfit, please delay the purchase)... it may help to know that Mars is the cause of your high expenditure and is likely to keep this up through to June..... do your best to watch the pennies and have a great month Aquarians.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL... make a wish on your birthday, it is your most powerful day and of course, have a fantastic Valentine's Day


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Dear Capricorn, there is something happening this month that will be monumental and will have positive effects on your income for years into the future.... relief begins Feb 3rd for many years.  Since 1998 you have hosted Neptune in your second house of earned income and this is not an easy place tohost this planet but do not forget Neptune is beautiful..... associated with dreams; imagination; creativity; music... all the arts... Neptune throws a veil over reality and sometimes we need that quality.  Neptune can certainly adda romantic idealistic touch.... Neptune will be heading into your 3rd house.... which rules contracts..... and other legal documents.  Neptune in this house can be difficult because you may miss important details... so pay attention as it will be here for years so be prepared.  Enjoy the new energy Capricorn ... you may start to work on a book after the 21st Feb New Moon, or you may update your blog, but pay attention to detail;  this is a time to let your creativity flow, you may even surprise yourself as it is encouraged for you to find your creative side, be whatever it is; the weekend of the 24th and the 25th whent he Sun will be aligned with Jupiter... this will be the weekend most likely to allow you to spin a magical love memory... enjoy..... have a wonderful Valentine's Day


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Dear Saggi, recently your career has picked up speed and youhave moved ahead of the rest, your have always had this ability to achieve and stand head and shoulders above your peers without you realising it (remain humble please).  You will be getting a number of impressive offers and youmay find it a bit bewildering to be fussed over yet despite your professional popularity you have yet to find the perfect situation, so you may feel in a limbo; not sure which way to go; waiting on the right position to come along; this will keep up for a while becausethis condition is related to Mars; it has been retrograde since Jan 23rd 2012.  The full moon that will occur next month on 8th March may bring talks into their final stages... if not you will have an even better chance to see things reach a pinnacle point by June.... have patience... not a quality that Saggi's are known for... but please be patient.  Once Mars turns direct on April 13th you will see a much brighter professional picture.  In the meantime you will be working on projects that you enjoy and these assignements will inspire you to make a beautiful design change to your home or even the outside of the home... one word of warning.. Neptune is associated with water and he is here, setting up shop until 2026 so please make sure your flood insurance is in place.... remember Saggi you are a beautiful charismatic sign, you have gentle determination and you bring a wonderous feeling to others... so have a fantastic Valentine's Day....


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Dear Scorpio, this month starts out on an important professional note thanks to the full moon in Leo on the 7th and will bring a career matter to a culmination this will be time of great news; you may get that offer you have been dreaming of but never thought you would get; there could be a massive project that you may be finishing... this year when it comes to your private, romantic and social lives, the planets are having a little fun with you; asking you to try out characteristics that do not come naturally to you; as a Scorpio you tend to be reserved, you tend to avoid parties mainly because of the small talk; until July you will be asked to behave like your Aquarius friends, mix and mingle... as you DO NEED to be open to new people, new ideas and new experiences.  The new moon on the 21st Feb will bring in four planets to make an introduction, Jupiter will be perfectly positioned to make things happen... so hang on dear Scorpio, hold onto your hat; life is about to become more exciting than you ever thought possible.... Valentine's Day for you... have a great one but don't let that sting in your tail get the better of you.


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Dear Libra, in life we strive for balance, with hard work sprinkled liberally with moments of pleasure; your present situation is being heavily influenced by the rare once in 29 year visit of Saturn the task master, whose job it is to help you find and also develop your inner strenght and character.  It will present you a set of challenges.... Saturns period can be difficult, because of Saturns methods of tough love, but thankfully it only visits us two or maybe three times in a life time (thank goodness we hear you all say).... Saturn has veen visiting Libra since 2009, with only a brief break when Saturn retrograded out of Libra, back into Virgo fromthe 7th April to the 21st July.  Saturn is set to make you stand on your own two feet, Saturn works on removing all support so that you develop independance; this means maybe a career move, to bring in a better financial future etc etc; in the meantime Feb with bring in a lovely interlude which will mark a real change from the low key tone you have been accustomed to.  The new moon of the 23rd Jan will bring in social and romantic opportunies as you enter Feb.... have a wonderful Valentine's Day


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Dear Virgo, you have had Mars in Virgo for several months, since mid Nov and you have enjoyed having the control over events, that only energetic Mars in your sign can provide.  Feb will begin in a low key way, that may be good news for a quiet routine will allow you to follow along your own agenda, without feeling that something will come along and blow you off course;  as the cold winds blow, snuggle up and relax more.  The full moon in your twelfth house of solitude on Feb 7th will allow you to accomplish much; you have the need to think and make stratergies about what you would like to do in the months ahead. In the meantime rest and focus on your mind, body and spirit.... Neptune will enter your solar partnership sector on the 3rd Feb to stay in there until Jan 2026.... this is a long time to think and decide how to best use it..... things willpick up speed after the new moon arrives around the 21st of Feb and at that time, your desire to forma  close relationship will take shape... this new moon may find you discussing an engagement or a wedding.... or the formation of an important buisness.  It is about partnerships.... be romantic on Feb 14th and have a great day


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LEO FEB 2012


Dear Leo, this is a BIG MONTH because Neptune the planet of dreams and inspiration will make an monumental move into your eighth house of other people's money on 3rd Feb.... turning to your financial prospects, which will shine brightly.  Mercury governs your earned income and will be unusually active during the week of Feb 13th - 18th.... you will have the opportunity to make money during that time..... the firstday to watchwill be the 13th, a day when you will receive mixed messages that will be sent from Mercury .... the second date to watch is the 16th Feb, a really wonderful golden day for money and career talks.... the 16th will be when Jupiter will contact Mercury, this will bring in a good work reputation and experiences directly linked to your earnings.  Some great news for your private life as well; with the sun and Mercury lighting your commitment and marriage house... you will be mulling over the idea of accepting or even giving a marriage proposal soon, if you are not dating and do not wish to, please use this energy to formulate a strong business partnership.  You may have made your mind up about an important love relationship by the time the full moon arrives in Leo... Feb 7th...... this could be a landmark moment for you.  Saturn is edging closer to your home sector so please address your living arrangements by May... NO LATER... as once Saturn enters in October your options are limited and you will not have the opportunities that you do now.  DO NOT DELAY.... have a great Valentine's Day


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Dear Cancer, you will have financial matters to finish as Feb opens so you will be getting out your cheque book and settling your accounts no later than the 7th plus four days..... polishing off all your obligations will allow you to feel calm and in control.  Neptune will move out of Aquarius and into your fellow water sign Pisces on 3rd Feb to stay until 2026.  Neptune will encourage your imagination, but the most immediate change will be Neptune out of your financial eighth house the place Neptune has occupied since 1998, never to return again in your life time..... that may have caused you financial confusion over the years, so onward and upwards from here.  With Neptune gone you can get a grip of your finances and manage them like you have never done before.  On the 7th Feb Saturn retrogrades and remains in that weak condition until 25th June.... a home or family situation that is causing concern, will take your attention, support needed to a family member.  At this stage your career and work are distracting you from love and relationships but if you stay organised you can have a romantic Valentine's the 25th and 26th of Feb when fortune may come knocking.... Jupiter and the Sun will work on your behalf and bring in a weekend that will be sheer perfection... enjoy and happy Feb 14th


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Dear Gemini, what an exciting month on so many levels; at first you may decide to head to the airports and travel far and wide; you seem to be getting ready to go and fly to distant lands; if you haven't done so last month around the 7th you may be taking a short trip.... this full moon is likely to be a good one.... your career is about to bring a very exciting, gradual long term change and the sweetest part is that it is a change that you won't see coming, so a lovely surprise.  All this excitement is due to the arrival of Neptune in Pisces, where it will reside in your house of fame and honours for 14 years, as from 3rd Feb almost immediately you will find that your face may be on TV; internet; etc etc.  You have never had Neptune in this part of your chart before as it has not been in Pisces in your lifetime.  But here Neptune remains until  2026 and this month it may give you a big hint of what is to come.... watch to see developments when the Sun and Neptune meet on the 19th and the new moon on the 21st as from then on this could be the most important moment of the year for you to have an amazing professional progress..... romantically and socially your friends adore you and will be eager to meet to catch up on all your good news.  There is much hope for Valentine's Day... have a great one ...


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Dear Taurus, last months new moon of the 23rd is still powerful as you enter Feb, so if you hope to change positions you would need to start the process now; if you are self employed you need to be out and about pitching new business, for the new moon of last month which recently energised your tenth house of fame was in Aquarius;  because Aquarius rules friends one may have a powerful and beneficial bearing on your career progress so a time to decide what direction you wish to go in..... Feb will be a great month for this.... This month will be special in that on Feb 3rd Neptune will move out of your career sector and into your friendship sector for the first time in your life.  Once there Neptune will stay until 2026.  Neptune moving here will have two effects; first with Neptune leaving your career sector you may be able to move forward easily and clarify your goals.... secondly with Neptune in a more beneficial place in your friendship house, you may find you gravitate towards creative types of people, which means you should appreciate the arts more in the future..... romantically if you are trying a blind date or dating site you should find that Feb 9th is a good meeting date.  Enjoy your Valentine's Day Taurus


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Dear Aries you have certainly been working hard and since last November Mars has been spending a great deal of time in your work sector.  Last month however, it started to go retrograde, something that Mars rarely does, it has been two years since the last time, so late last month you may have faced a setback.  By now you should know what it is but it is likely you had little control over it so please be philosophical about it and remember you cannot go through life controlling things; fortunately Mars will not be retrograde for long, only up until April 13th, two months away, but you can accomplish a lot in that time.  The best romantic news is that Venus will tour Aries from Feb 8th until March 5th.  Venus has the power to make you a love magnet, take full advantage of this energy and treat yourself to a makeover, new clothes maybe, new hairstyle or maybe both.  Valentine's Day brings the moon into Saggitarius, a perfect placement for you. With Mercury nearing, a lovely signal to Jupiter, your rapport with your partner or with someone new will be especially bubbly.  By all means plan to go out on this special evening, whether you have a special someone or not, as if you stay home alone, you definately will not meet anyone.  In your career please be patient as things will slow from Feb 7th until June 25th causing you to experience a number of temporary career delays and or obstacles.  You may need to redo a project or may change your mind about your career course and go through a period of reassessment.  You do have the time to get things right.  Rather than dread this time, embrace it as a chance to go back over things and make good the mistakes you made to ensure you are on the right path.  July 3 new moon will come brimming with career opportunities and you can expect a reward, so keep your motivation high to reap these rewards.  Have a happy Valentine's Day


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Compiled by Caron M and Shelly ... love to you all x







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