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Thursday, 1st December 2022
UK Time: 5:36:am


DVD Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I hope you like the dvd introduction below. Visions are currently working on a short film so you can see me in action but this introduction I love. Visions presented me with several to opt for but this one meant a lot to me as without them knowing, the hands that show at the beginning is how Argus guides me, and has led me through my life, holding my hand and gently leading, never letting me go, never letting me falter. Yes, like every person on this planet I have been hurt, but he has been there, guiding and leading me through that hurt.

The nature part of the film is terrific. I am a strong believer that we have lost touch with nature and our planet. Let's take it to its most basis terms, we are only here because of our planet, and how we take it for granted. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around hugging trees...although it has been known....but we have lost touch with our planet. Our planet provides us with the resources for our basic existence and without it we simply in the human body form, would not exist.

So in two minutes of a short introduction, there are huge messages for us all to learn from, it is not simply entertainment, and I hope you now understand why this introduction to the film is very special to me, I would love your feedback.

lots of love
Shelly xxx

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