Psychic Shelly

Clairvoyant Medium

Wednesday, 11th December 2019
UK Time: 8:26:pm

Psychic Shelly: Clairvoyant Medium & Intuitive Reader


Hi Everyone,

For those that don't know me, I am Shelly, a psychic clairvoyant medium and intuitive reader. For those that do know me you will have seen me on an international psychic channel, and know that I am involved with some of the most well known, respected psychics, mediums and astrologers.

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Text Service

The text service is no longer available under Psychic Shelly. Any communications purporting to be from me are not and to please contact me direct and I will advise what to do next. But I no longer offer the service.

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Recent Testimonial

I had a wonderful holiday. G and I met three times. As you had predicted, he opened up as he has never done in the 25 years I have known him. He was more tender and showed his feelings in the open, not being frightened to kiss and hug me in public. He admitted not feeling well. I could go on and on telling you of the things you have told me would happen and did. I have faith that September will be a month of changes for both me and G. I can't thank you and Argus enough for yo...

Jul 11, 2010

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