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Sunday, 24th May 2020
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Dear Pisces your year will begin on a good note , December was all work and no play, stay positive dear Pisces because with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury moving through your eleventh house of hopes wishes and dreams, you will have plenty of reason to start the year smiling and to connect with friends, socializing in the first three weeks of 2012...I want you to glam your self up and get ready for a magical romantic time this will arrive in January around the full moon on the 9th, get your self out there dear Pisces, as this will be a fun filled time, again dates to look forward to January the 14th when Venus in Pisces will receive a golden beam from Jupiter the planet of good fortune you will be on such a high this will make you irresistible so enjoy ...Try and sign any paper work before January the 23rd as the planets slow down after this, and wont speed up again till around 13th of April 2012...this will be a month to get your creative juices flowing as around the 23rd of January your intuitions will be at an all time high HAPPY NEW YEAR PISCES ..
ROMANTIC DATES ....3..7..12..14..17..20..21..25..30..31
The year begins charmingly for you dear Aquarius, Venus will be in aquarius till January the 13th, so it is a fantastic month to schedule a new look for the new year.  As we approach the full moon on the 9th of January you many finalise a descion about your new fitness program for the year ahead. May be time to get to that gym membership,  sign up for those new classes you will really enjoy this new healthy choice for years to come.  As we hit January the 14th Venus will be spending time  in your home sector, this will be a sign you will be eager to improve the look and comfort of your home, you may be buying new things on sale ...Jupiter will see that you get what you want, even if you say financially you you cannot do it at this time will have excellent vibrations of increasing your income in January on the 8th when mercury and Jupiter will combine  their energies it will be a
wow factor day, you may even be signing paper work.this will be a great time to do this ..HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR AQUARIUS
ROMANTIC DATES ..1..6..8..10..11..13..14..21..22..23..24..28..29..

Dear Capricorn the year ahead brings in strong opportunities for both work and play, you will find that you you will be travelling a great deal in 2012,as I feel there could be international connections with work or a change in direction. The excelsiors which came by in July 2009
to July 2011 every six months they play a part, their job was to test the strengths of all parts of your life, including your own strength, determination and health, what is still left standing now is sturdy and able to go the distance.  You are coming to know your self well and Jupiter the planet of good fortune will continue to be highly supportive.   Jupiter is making a once in twelve year visit to your 5th house of true love, so you will be getting star billing in your love life, the new moon of the last month acted like a trigger point, so the upgrades and the goodies that Jupiter has in store for you will be on the way ...
ROMANTIC DATES .....4..5..7..8..9..12..17..20..21..24..30..31
Dear Sagittarius you career has shown an exciting progress since Mars entered your tenth house of fame and honours in mid Nov and it is not leaving any time soon, he will remain until July the 3rd 2012, this will give you plenty of time to make your mark, you will be very focused on money as the year begins, it may be that you need to write a large cheque or already have done so last month.  The new moon on the 9th of January may start you thinking about how to get more cash flow to cover all you
want to do; you will find there will be many options open to you for making money in 2012...Your earnings will be on the rise in a big way throughout 2012 with your creativity you will be on a very strong path. On January the 28th
find a person to add as a sounding board may be even to partner with for mercury (thinking) and Uranus ( genius) the latter planet is on your house of creativity this will give you the chance to come up with a blockbuster idea that astounds others ...romance will be encouraged by travel , but you need to go far, Venus will be more favourably from January 1st -14th...the 14th -8th will be a time for adding touches to your home ...
ROMANTIC DATES ....6..8..10..11..14..15..18..23..24..28..29

Dear Scorpio a very special month is coming up for you
this month coming up will bring you many options ,to make you ahead on new projects and relationships, especially the first 3 weeks of January. Travel will be highlighted in a big way this could be a romantic trip with a partner to a restful hide away far up in the mountains, I feel December was a very busy month and you were unable to travel, due to work or family commitments or deadlines that required you to finish what you started.  You will get a second chance to make this trip watch what happens around the full moon on the 9th give or take 5 days of this date, the full moon may also light up your foreign travel house I feel with your third house and ninth house of publishing emphasised this month you may get more involved with social media, or up date your blog or website.  January offers a unusual benefits during the first 3 weeks of in that all planets will be moving direct, this will create a large window of opportunity grab it ..and look out for the 14th of January for romance .
ROMANTIC DATES .....7..8..12..14..17..20..21..23..27
Dear Libra wow a very busy month for you, this month
there will be lots of news on just about EVERY level, family, career, money and plenty of romance, your home is a priority and I feel this will be top of your agenda for January, perhaps the recent holidays have made you realise this.  Life isn't just about career and paying the bills, it is about love and closeness and the strengthing bonds of family, because in the end these are the things that have had so much going on and a lot of change bought to you by the eclipse, your career is about to change, it is a time to de clutter your life dear Libra ...
I encourage you to act quickly to get plans in place, for two major planets will soon go retrograde, from January the 23rd to April the 21st any strenuous activity such as moving house renovating your kitchen or repairing the roof.  Romance is highly recommended on Saturday the 21st January on this day the sun and Uranus will send shimmering signals to one another and this time attached Libra will benefit..
ROMANTIC DATES ...6..10..11.14..15..21..23..24
Dear Virgo this is your time to take a breather, it takes you longer than most signs to relax, but this month I feel rapid progress Especially during the first 3 weeks of January, when I feel you will start a new schedule, your love life will be buzzing, this will be a great time for you to get out and socialize a bit more, meeting new people making plans, Mars is now in Virgo and planning to spend time in your sign for a long time usually seven weeks but this time a whole 8 months.... the universe is giving you the nod to take the lead in all your endeavours.  The new moon on the 24th of January will mark a turning point, for this is where your work load will increase and you will have to get back into the industrial mode .. in January love will be brilliant in the very early part of the month, thanks
to last months new moon on the 24th of December .. January the 14th to the 8th of Feb may be the ideal time to take a vacation if you the 8th of Jan as I see this as been a potentially excellent day for many reasons ...
ROMANTIC DATES ...2..5..10..12..13..14..17..20..21...25..28..29..30
Dear Leo the year begins with strong energy and heightened intelligence for work and health, new fitness routines will be put in place, the full moon on January the 9th will put a strong emphasis on your psychophysical state if you feel the need to talk about troubling problems or fears you can go for help and because this is a full moon, it would not likely take endless months or years of meetings to get to the core of your problems, and to generate possible solutions.  Putting all that a side you appear to have a lot of work on your desk this month with many bits and Pisces to oversee....along with some what demanding clients or a boss to please....I feel you will step up and do a great job despite any pressure you have and by may you will have your dream promotion.  in the mean time January 8th -12-28th will bring in good news about money enjoy relationships you may be ready to make a commitment to the one you love
ROMANTIC DATES ....1..5..6..10..12..13..14..18..19..23..24..28

Dear cancer what can I say, relationships will take top billing this month and you will be at you most accommodating and attentive; this month will see you focusing on your partner, if you are married or in an established relationship, you know who it is that your heart desires the new moon that occurred on the 24th of December, lit your seventh house of partners, and will be strong as you enter January, this will see you making good progress throughout the month, Jupiter the great planet of happiness and good Fortune played a dominate roll at the new moon, so you should feel optimistic about moving forward with plans .. The full moon in cancer on the 9th of January will bring a matter that is clearly important
to you too fruition within 4 days of this date, as luck would have it Mars would happen to be beautifully oriented to this full moon, this could be a time when you decide to sign papers and it will be a good time to do so...the full moon will also be a good time to design  a new website; an advertising campaign, or focus on a work props all or some form of written work.
ROMANTIC DATES ....12..13..14..17..20..21..25..31
Dear Gemini it is time for reassessing you goals and formulating new ones as we start the month, financial matters will take your time to get them sorted out, for their will be a decision to make and paper work to fill there may be cheques to write or to be a Gemini you are not very materialistic you prefer to talk about various ideas and concepts instead of thinking about money matters, the part of you chart that the new moon hit last month was your 8th house of other peoples money, this house rules divorce and other financial settlements, court settlements, child support , payouts gifts or even prizes bonuses and commission its a win win dear Gemini as you will find your self in a strong financial position in January... more exciting news special attention to January 21st one of the happiest days of the month, the sun will have moved to Aquarius by this time and will receive electric exciting vibrations from Uranus, a group or community event a quick trip would hit the spot, friends both old and new will bring you a
wonderful stimulating experiencing....
ROMANTIC DATES...1..5..6..8..12..13..14..21..23..24..28
Dear Taurus if you didn't get away for the holidays you may have chance to sneak off on a short trip over the weekend of the 7th-8th or 14th and 15th you will need to go soon for as January progresses you will be to busy as career opportunities will be bursting open and projects will stack up on your desk... The new moon that arrived will be divine for Taurus in the sign of Capricorn on the 24th of December  2011 this will urge you to spread your wings, so perhaps you were already at the airport last week if not the universe is rolling out the red carpet leading you to the tarmac January the 12th, Mars and the sun will be in the ideal sync to another signal that spending any time away would refresh you in a way that would allow you to return with fresh ideas and a new perspective ...Taureans born around the 7th of May will find January' s full moon on the 9th very beneficial, think about contract and agreements at this beautiful full moon, it wil be a good time to sign paper will blossom as Mars will be in your compatible Virgo now, turning your 5th house of new love making it easier than ever before, you will get attention from all area as Venus will be in Pisces this will bring in new invitations enjoy dear Taurus ...
ROMANTIC DATES ...3...4..7..8..12..14..20..21..28..30
Dear Aries January 2012 will see you in a far more optimistic mood than you have ever been in a while, the first three weeks of January every planet will be moving at direct speed, you are going to see three weeks of strong positive energy.  You may want to use this time to initiate
something of importance the sooner you get started the better...January the 9ths full moon, your house situation may be a family member will need attention, if you need to make a decision about a department or a house this can be settled quickly if you feel good about the decision you make, then I feel this will be a good time when you need to make decisions in your life in a big way ...all Arians need to protect thier health as having saturn opposed to
the sun has a draining aspect, you will need to get more sleep and eat healthy at this point..,the new moon on the 23rd will bring sparkle to your social life seeing you connecting with old friends and new ones ..
ROMANTIC DATES ...1..5..7..12..21..22.24..28..29
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