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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Taurus Time Overview

Taurus Time Overview

In this month of the Taurus, the theme should really be words, mean it, action, result.

Taurus is all about our lifestyle; the material needs; what we need to function and survive on all aspects.  Material, physical and financial.  We need to feel stability in our lives to feel comfortable so this time of the Taurus is about looking at all of this and making good on our intentions/needs and wishes.

We must ask what we wish for; but we must then also accept it.  Not work against it.  Silly example but no point in saying you wish to diet and lose some weight whilst eating a large chocolate bar!!  It is identify what it is that you want to happen in your life, mean it and take the action needed. Do not work against yourself.

The time of the Taurus is all about bringing into your life not just what you need, but also what you truly desire.  The time of the Taurus can make this manifestation start.  You won’t wake up and suddenly it all be there, but the seeds will be planted so that they can be watered and grow.  This is the beauty of the time of the Taurus.  Dreams can be met and fulfilled. Needs can be met and fulfilled. Desires can be manifested. 

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