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Thursday, 18th August 2022
UK Time: 8:17:am

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Emotional Freedom Therapy

I am happy to say that I now have another string to my bow. 

As with the Reiki qualification I have also been working towards my EFT qualification.  I am have now attained the Foundation Certificate and the Practitioners Certificate in EFT.

This is another service available to all.  Locally hands on from me and internationally, or not so local, I have devised a strategy for you to benefit from this service.  Prices are available on request.

I've been getting readings from Shelly for a few years and she and Argus have never let me down in terms of guidance and help, and it seems her leap to EFT Therapist was a natural progression. And as such, it was a natural progression for me too to have a go at this new specialty Shelly has to offer, as during our readings in the past, her messages to me have indicated I deal with things in a certain way, but I've never really been able to fully handle certain situations, as I have blocks within myself. She is already very authentic in her psychic stuff, so I was already assured she is as an EFT therapist too. . I'm very open to all sorts of ways to help me cope with life in general, and I had a session of EFT with Shelly. I felt extremely comfortable with Shelly, though not very comfortable with myself, as opening up to my innermost feelings isn't easy for me, however Shelly guided me through the process, and made me feel very at ease. How can tapping various parts of your body and repeating a mantra work towards releasing emotions, I hear you say..I asked the same thing....and to be honest, I haven't a clue how it just did! I did feel a lot 'lighter' after our session, but not only that, a little more clearer, as if some of the fog had lifted. A large part for me is with abandonment issues, and learning to deal with that, and not have it affect my present r'ships, isn't easy, but I have to say EFT has something in it, and I'd highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it. If you want to take control of your life, and release the shackles that hold you back...EFT is the way...and Shelly is the woman! Thank you Shelly...for all that you do for are truly an earth angel x

Please inbox me to arrange. 

Love and hugs

Shelly x

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