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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Geopathic Stress

Not many have heard of this, but all that have had it done on their homes and business premises feel a difference.

It is something that I am qualified in doing.

Every property/home/building will have a build up of negativity over the years.  The easiest way to describe this is if you have ever gone somewhere totally stressed out or upset.... then come away feeling nice and relaxed.  You will have left your negativity there.

Mother Earth turns negativity into positivity but this takes her time to do this.  She is the only thing big enough to take all the negativity that we generate.

This negativity sits under the soil as Mother Earth turns it into positivity.  If however we dig, mine, frack etc this disturbs those veins of negativity that she is transforming and it comes to the surface.

Geopathic Stress Cleansing identifies these veins of negativity within buidlings and removes them.

A client recently sent me this in relation to the Geopathic Stress cleansing I did on her house;

Hi Shelly, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. You recently did cleansing on a house of mine - I have had so much stress with it that I decided to sell it - but nothing was going right - it seemed to be a mass of bad energy - you could feel it as soon as you entered, but as soon as you cleansed it - the energy felt so much better and the house looked lovely - I put it up on the market on Wednesday and I had two buyers on Thursday - that was so cool - I whole heartedly recommend anyone to get their homes cleansed - I feel that if anyone doesn't feel at ease or theres so much sickness or arguments they need to get it done as a matter of importance for their health and peace - thank you so much - hugs xxxx

Posted by Lily

October 2015

If you're interested please see the tab on the website for details or inbox me from the contact page.

It is something that I do on my own home regularly; it is something that I would not hesitate to do when selling or buying, or going through a hard time. 

Love and hugs

Shelly xxx


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