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Thursday, 6th May 2021
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Who is Psychic?

Answer.... Everyone.  We all have the ability, we all have that sixth sense, that inner feeling, that 'gut instinct', but not all use it to predict the future or indeed know how to act in the present.  There are many hurdles to overcome and a lot of soul searching to be done, but haven't you noticed how most psychics are not overrun with fear, doubt, ego or arrogance?  This is because in order to be a good psychic coming from a place of integrity you will have gone through several soul searching life lessons; you have to learn these lessons in order to be of any assistance to anyone else.  Have you ever met a giving person who has been self centred and selfish all their lives? But you can recognise one who is compassionate as it is through those hardships they have learnt compassion.

So are you psychic?  Yes each and every one will be to a degree.  Ever thought of someone and next minute they have telephoned or you have passed them in the street?  Ever just 'known' the outcome of a situation?

This is your own sixth sense screaming at you and it takes years and years to develop.  Some of those years you will not be even aware you are developing but you will be.  It is a case of once you recognise it then go with it. But be very aware, once it is opened up, like most things in development, you cannot shut it down, so make sure you are ready for it.


What I intend to do on this page is to show you little ways you can develop what you have; what the differences are between psychics and other people who work in the psychic world.  What tools of the trade they use and why, how and how do you know what resonates with you. 


Each persons development is individual and specific to themselves.  There is no time limit on developing, in fact a wise psychic once told me that he was constantly developing and he was right.  We never know it all, and another very wise man who is a well known astrologer, tv presenter and friend once advised me when I asked for his advice when my own career took off were simply these words ...'listen to your guide but above all, remain humble in your gift.  There are too many in this world that think they are the best of the best, they are too competitive and you must come from a place of integrity'.  Very wise words. 


Posts on development will follow shortly and will only be available to registered users.  Please remember this site is subject to copyright

New Service


Here I will post information and tools for your own psychic development.  Will notify on my Facebook Pager when new articles are posted.  This takes time to build so your patience is very much appreciated.

Love and hugs

Shelly x

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Jan 12, 2017

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